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Santoshi Maa 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Paulmi saying Santoshi will hate her life, and no one will like to become Devi Santoshi’s devotee. Kaka and Sharmili see Dhairya and Trishna. They are worried for Santoshi. Kaka says it was good chance to bring Dhairya’s truth out, we have to think something. Sharmili sees Gaumata hiding and seeing them. She says Kaka, we should not plan infront of her, she will tell Trishna. Kaka says its bad to hide and hear others’ conversation. Gaumata thinks how to tell them I want to help Santoshi, I m glad they they are thinking for Santoshi.

Trishna says don’t know who did this. Dhairya says even I m surprised how chairs disappeared. Santoshi asks till when should I be like this. Trishna calls Gaumata and asks about the chains. Gaumata does not know. Trishna says

tell me fast, I will reward you. Gaumata thinks to win her trust and nods. She thinks I will win her trust and give her hand and feet prints to Santoshi Maa, to find about her. Trishna tells Dhairya that this girl did this, I hired her and saved you. Dhairya thanks her. She says Madhu has given this info to Sarla. Dhairya says I will not leave her today. Santoshi worries and says Dhairya will not leave Madhu today. She asks Gaumata to go and see.

Madhu says I made video and plan failed. Dhairya says you are upset as your plan failed. Madhu asks which plan. Trishna says you made video by mobile. Madhu acts innocent. Dhairya confronts her and asks her to show her mobile. Santoshi worries for Madhu. Devi Paulmi says more problems will come and laughs. Madhu says I m saying truth, I did not do anything. He asks her to give phone. Madhu thinks to throw mobile. Trishna takes mobile and asks her to give it to her, check person before fight, else you have to become loser. Dhairya checks video and gets shocked. Madhu runs. Dhairya says catch her. He stops Madhu and aims gun at her. Gaumata tells Santoshi to do something, Dhairya aimed gun at Madhu. Santoshi asks her to free her from the chains.

Devi Paulmi says Gaumata can’t do anything and laughs. Madhu apologizes. Trishna asks Dhairya not to waste time and hurry up. Santoshi says if Dhairya shoots Madhu, he will regret all his life. Madhu says forgive me once. Santoshi calls out Dhairya. Madhu asks Santoshi to save her, see what is Dhairya doing. Santoshi shouts to Kaka and Sharmili. Trishna provokes Dhairya. Kaka and Sharmili come and get shocked. Kaka asks him to put gun down. Dhairya asks Kaka not to say anything.

Trishna smiles and throws the pebbles on the ground. Madhu moves back and slips. She falls down the stairs. Trishna smiles. Santoshi, Gaumata, Kaka and Sharmili get shocked. Kaka asks Madhu to open eyes. Dhairya smiles. He asks Kaka not to say anything. Kaka slaps him and calls him shameless. Dhairya pushes Kaka aside. Kaka calls him devil. Dhairya says I will kill you too.

Santoshi tries to open the chains. She uses pinks and opens the lock. She runs downstairs to see Madhu. Kaka says we have to take Madhu to hospital. Devi Paulmi says Gaumata could not do anything, while Trishna did her work well, Santoshi may take Madhu to hospital, but her problems will not end. Dhairya sees Santoshi gone and shouts. He asks where is that girl whom you hired, how did Santoshi run. Santoshi says there is no solution to run, Dhairya got me back home from Dadi’s house, Dadi says married woman’s house is her husband’s house, I have to do patni dharm. Kaka says he will trouble you.

She says I m not coward, I will face the truth, you are with me. Kaka says at every step. Santoshi Maa blesses her. She says you will do your duty in every situation. Devi Paulmi says you do foolishness to do patni dharm and make my work easy, you are going back to hell where my devotees are ruling, what can Devi Santoshi do, I pity her. She laughs. Dhairya asks Trishna to say. Trishna says I thought….. Dhairya says that girl is useless. She says I promise to punish her. He says I will show Santoshi her place.

Dhairya threatens Santoshi for not running away again. Gaumata says Santoshi was running and I could not stop her. Trishna slaps Gaumata. Santoshi Maa looks on.

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    Oh dear, oh dear, what a load of nonsense and poor dialogue. The whole episode is concentrating on the actions of Dhairya, who is blinded by the evil being called Trishna. I guess like many other viewers and commenters on here I will have to find an alternative program to follow, because this serial has lost its zing and watching the lack lustre storyline is pure boredom.

    1. Agree to u allister la frenais.
      R u from France

  2. It’s becoming extra non sensical… And irrational

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