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Santoshi Maa 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daksha telling Santoshi about Janardhan. She does emotional blackmail and asks Santoshi to go for cooking in Janardhan’s friend house in Lucknow. She gives her 50rs to have food on the way and asks her not to tell Dadi. She says I will tell Dadi, get ready and go fast. Santoshi asks her to give fruits to Dadi, Daid is fasting today. Santoshi goes. Daksha says I will see Dadi.

Devi Paulmi gets angry and throws the rose petals, which gets burnt. She says this flame will glow in Santoshi’s life, it will be worse than hell. Narad comes to her and greets her. He says he has heard about her and Agnidev’s fights, pepple are saying its victory of good over evil. She catches the butterfly and says Santoshi will be like this state too. She asks him to wait and see.


looks on as Santoshi reaches Lucknow. A guy is shown riding the bike. Police cops try to catch him. the guy races over 100. He gets saved and is glad. His girlfriend argues with him and says she will not listen to him now. He says I will do what you say, police was after me, I fooled them, forgive me now. She sees police there and says fine, you will be punished, tell me will you do what I do. He agrees. She asks him to slap anyone who is behind him. She smiles seeing police officer behind him. He agrees and turns. Santoshi comes between him and police cop. Santoshi asks for some address. He sees the police cop there and slaps Santoshi.

His girlfriend says so proud of you, you passed and hugs him. the police cop scolds him and asks Santoshi to file report against me. His GF says we were just joking and gives money to Santoshi to get slapped. The inspector asks Santoshi to just tell him, he will see them. Santoshi is shocked and cries. The guy and his GF leave and fall in the mud by speeding the bike.

Santoshi goes to help the girl, and says its said that deeds’ result is got in the world itself, Santoshi Maa has punished you both. He says stop nonsense, you got money. She says money does not cover up mistakes, your family would have taught you to respect women, you should not slap anyone in joke, it’s the girl’s mistake more to provoke him to slap. He asks why is she giving this lecture. Santoshi says so that you don’t repeat the mistake. He gives the money back to the girl and they leave with muddy clothes. Devi Paulmi looks on and says Santoshi has to cross more hurdles, get ready Santoshi.

Mishra house is shown. Santoshi comes there. The guards stop her and she says she was called here. The guard calls Pushpa and sends Santoshi.

Pushpa tells Santoshi that she manages the house and asks her to remove her slippers. Santoshi gets stunned seeing the palatial house. So many servants clean the house. A dog comes and Santoshi runs being scared. Pushpa sends the dog ghungroo and says Ghungroo is good breed dog. She asks her to cook well and impress everyone. Santoshi asks will this give promotion. Pushpa says first work, then think of promotion. Santoshi thinks Janardhan should get promoted.

Kaka cleans the statues. Pushpa asks him not to clean this showpiece, its costly. Santoshi feels sad seeing an old man working. Pushpa shows the praying space. She asks Santoshi to take cups and plates from madam and Ujwal’s rooms. Pushpa takes her to madam Madhu. Santoshi takes the plates. Madhu asks someone to get that car at any cost for her son, no need to ask Pratap. She stops Santoshi.

Madhu asks Pushpa to explain rules to Santoshi well. Devi Paulmi in human avatar sends Santoshi out of kitchen by excuse and plans something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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