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Santoshi Maa 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Narad saying Santoshi Maa has gone on earth to bless, her worry is not waste, you think if the chemical cause is known, what will happen, you are from Asur lok and would know the harmful chemicals, and who did this. She asks are you blaming me. He says no, I can’t blame anyone without any proof. He goes. She gets angry. Seshnath tells Guddu that we would leave now. Guddu says yes, we will go home. They leave.

Santoshi cries in pain and prays to Santoshi Maa. Three devis look on. Santoshi Maa greets them. Narad says Santoshi is in much pain, did you know her illness. Santoshi Maa says its chemical effect, the biggest problem is we don’t know the solution for it, I m worried and asks them to think for a solution. They nod.

Daksha says don’t know where Santoshi

went. Seshnath comes home and says he did not get Santoshi anywhere. Santoshi Maa says I think Devi Paulmi can tell us the solution. Narad says I talked to her, she is not ready to accept that she did this. Devi Laxmi says we can’t force her, but we can request her to say the solution. Narad says sorry, but she won’t help Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says I can’t let anything happen to Santoshi, you go in three loks, you would meet anyone who can help us. He says I will surely find.

Dadi comes home. She asks about Santoshi. Seshnath says she has gone, I did not find her. Dadi scolds them and says you all made her leave and now acting to find her. Daksha says we are sad to lose her. Madhuri says yes, we understood her value now. Dadi prays for Santoshi. Narad says I know a Asur, who used to work against Devtas, he was head of Asur’s lab, I knew he is doing Tapasya to get Moksh, he can help us. Santoshi Maa says then go soon and ask him will he help us. Narad goes. Santoshi Maa says I will go to Santoshi now.

Madhu does prayers of Kranti Mata. Dhairya comes there. Madhu asks him not to lose mind in love. Dhairya says I m sure Riya had misunderstanding, talk to Kranti Maa once, she has every problem’s solution. Madhu reminds how much Riya insulted Kranti Maa, I will talk once, but will Riya listen to Kranti Maa, Riya does not love you, else she would have come here. Madhu goes. Nupur comes and prays. She asks Dhairya why is he upset, he can share things with her too, she can also help. She says I feel bad for you, how do you manage with Santoshi, I can understand your problem. Dhairya says I explained Madhu, and asked her to call Riya once, but Riya is not receiving her call. She says I will call Riya. He gets glad and says please call her, make her understand that I really like her. She says I promise I will talk to her today itself, just trust me. He thanks her.

Madhuri gets shocked seeing Kaka at the gate. Kaka greets her and asks what happened. Daksha says Madhuri got shocked as rich people come less often at our home. He asks about Santoshi. Daksha lies and says you give us money, I will send money to Seshnath. He says fine, I will give money, but I want to meet Santoshi once, I will wait for her.

Santoshi Maa goes to Santoshi. Santoshi says I will leave from her. Santoshi Maa stops her and says I think you don’t regard me Maa. Santoshi says I m thinking about living this feeling to have a mother. Santoshi Maa says till you get fine, you won’t go anywhere, I have contacted big doctors, they are trying to find solution, we will get its cure soon. Santoshi says my Dadi took me to doctor, he said there is no cure, where are you going. She says Dr. Narad. Santoshi smiles. Devi Paulmi looks on and says so Devi Santoshi is taking Narad’s help, I have to do something, Narad will get any solution soon, but he will not succeed, I will stop him.

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