Santoshi Maa 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaka saying we did not occupy this land, we will leave in 2-3 days. Constables break the hut. Santoshi cries. Dhairya comes there and gets shocked. Constable asks them to leave from here. Dhairya shouts stop. He requests constable to let them stay here for few days. Constable scolds them and asks them to leave, its illegal crime to stay on govt land. A man Rocket Bhai comes there. Kaki worries for the new problem.

Rocket Bhai asks constable whats happening, you don’t see the crime in city and coming here to break this hut, they are helpless people, they are facing tough times, leave them. Constable say we are going because of Rocket Bhai, don’t make any solid house here. Kaka thanks Rocket Bhai. Santoshi thinks he looks goon, will he trouble us. Rocket Bhai says

its my daily work, give me Hafta, just 50rs, not much. Dhairya pays him. Rocket Bhai asks them to relax and stay now. Kaki thinks Dhairya earned money by difficulty and its gone now. Dhairya and Santoshi smile.

Madhu talks to her neighbor Shobha. Shobha invites them in party. Pratap gets the soft drinks. Shobha and her husband get shocked. They greet Pratap. Ankur tells Madhu that he is going on friend’s private party, he will come late. Madhu introduces Ankur as her son. Shobha thinks son, we did not see him before, whats happening. Shobha and her husband leave. Ankur asks Pratap to give juice to him. Ankur tells Madhu about Dhairya and Santoshi’s hut and how he got it removed. Madhu says great, I want to see them. Ankur says we will go in morning and see their helplessness.

Juice glass falls by Pratap. Madhu and Ankur humiliate him and ask him to clean it. Pratap thinks don’t know how much will they insult me. Madhu and Ankur smile. Pratap’s hand cuts by glass.

Santoshi cooks food. Dhairya cuts banana leaves. Santoshi asks how did he get ration. Dhairya says I worked hard, you don’t know my talent. She says I knew it, that’s why I love you so much. Kaka and Kaki smile. Kaki says I can’t believe seeing him, he is same boy who did not like to do any work. Kaka says our Dhairya changed for good because of Santoshi. Dhairya thanks Santoshi for explaining him working hard and earning, I did not wait for food like this, I want to taste this food, how it tastes as its earned by my hardwork.

Kaka asks Kaki how will Dhairya and Santoshi go ahead, if we are with them. Kaki asks him to talk slowly. Santoshi says I can see smile on your face, I wanted to see this always. He says its because of you, and kisses on her forehead. Kaka says I think they are starting new life, if we old sit like burden, their troubles will increase. Kaki says yes, but where will we go in this age. He says I have seen an old age home, we can see about arranging food. She says I can do anything for them, but will they agree. Kaka says don’t worry, we will think. Santoshi asks them to come and have food. Kaka asks Kaki not to tell them anything soon.

Santoshi Maa tells Narad that Dhairya has understood the value of hardwork. Narad agrees. Kaka asks Kaki what did she think of tirat yatra. Kaki says yes, why not. Dhairya asks tirat yatra. Kaka says I met an old friend and they are going to yatra with group. we thought to go. Dhairya and Santoshi do not feel they should go. Kaka says such chance will not come again. Kaki says I also want to go. Dhairya says I will take you with me, when I have some money in hand. Santoshi says yes, Kaki is unwell, go after some days.

Kaka says its not about money, we will go with group. Dhairya says my heart is not agreeing, you both won’t go anywhere. Kaki asks Santoshi to understand, if we get more old, we don’t know will we go or not, will you not go if you have to go in Santoshi Maa’s puja. Santoshi says I will. Kaki asks her to explain Dhairya. Santoshi agrees and asks them to call her daily. Kaka says sure. Santoshi hugs Kaki and goes.

Its morning, Madhu and Ankur come there and distribute clothes. Dhairya, Santoshi, Kaka and Kaki get shocked. Madhu says you stay here, I would have given some things to you also if I knew before. Ankur asks do you know these beggars. Dhairya gets angry. Santoshi holds his hand and calms him.

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    They are showing tooooo much idiot panti and tooooo much helplessness…
    As how dhairya forgot about his business which he started with santoshi’s money??
    What about savings done by Santoshi??
    And many other things…
    This show is going beyond limits to watch…


      And they are proving that if ur are god devottee they only take ur test and make u helpless instead of helping in tough times… tooo much devotion towards god is just waste.

      I know my words may hurt sentiments of reader but its true.

      1. I do agree with you. This show was okay nd kind of interesting at first but now it only shows the hurdles the devotee has to face.

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