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Santoshi Maa 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi waking up. She smiles seeing Dhairya sleeping on the sofa. She says he does not know any romance. She goes to make tea. She drinks the milk. Kaki comes and asks her how did you start eating without doing puja. Santoshi says I did jaap or narmun baba, I pray to him, he is very powerful. Kaki gets shocked and thinks Santoshi forgot her Santoshi Maa too. Pratap asks for tea, and says Madhu I don’t think Santoshi will get tea for us, you go and get tea. She says I think Santoshi is ghost, or its Papa and Santoshi’s plan. He says Papa can’t do this, Santoshi met with an accident, go and get tea. She says you will know when truth comes out. Madhu goes and argues with Santoshi.

Santoshi takes tea for Dhairya and smiles seeing him. she teases him. She gets ghungroo

and wakes up Dhairya. She laughs. Ghungroo goes. Dhairya asks what was this joke. She says this is my style to wake you, I don’t make tea for anyone, I made tea for you, you are my husband, that too cute, have it else throw it. He holds his head.

Janardhan asks for tea. Daksha says you won’t get anything till they all give us our share. She says Janardhan is sitting on strike, till I get my jewelry back, he won’t have food and water, if anything happens to him, you all will be responsible. Tina and Bittoo make Janardhan wear garlands. Bittoo says Janardhan will win. Seshnath asks Madhuri to make laddoos. Madhuro says yes, I will get motichoor laddoo. Tina tells Sharmili that Dadi is calling her. Sharmili asks Dadi did she have any work. Dadi says yes, Daksha is adamant, you give half jewelry to her, else anything can happen to Janardhan. Sharmili says I respect you and can do anything for you, but I can’t leave jewelry, I just love jewelry, forgive me. Madhuri gets laddoos. Seshnath eats it. Janardhan asks Seshnath not to disturb him. Daksha gets angry.

Kaka tells Kaki that Santoshi is not able to identify the kitchen, everything will be fine slowly by Santoshi Maa’s blessing, she made breakfast today. Santoshi comes and gives them breakfast. She goes. Kaka and Kaki eat the food, and does not like it. Kaki tells her about Santoshi telling about doing puja or narmun baba. Madhu comes and asks when will Santoshi’s drama end, she made breakfast for herself and you, why won’t you explain her. Kaka says she needs time. Madhu says Santoshi has to cook, its her work. Kaka says I can’t force her. Pratap says you mean you won’t say her. Kaka says yes, she has to get fine.

Pratap says then show her to doctor. Santoshi comes and asks Madhu to make lunch, Dhairya has to go out for work. Pratap asks her to talk to Madhu well. Madhu says I won’t cook, you will make food for everyone. Santoshi says but my turn is over. Madhu calls her servant. Santoshi asks her what does she have to remind. Madhu goes. Santoshi tells Pratap that his wife is strange. Madhu reminds her that Santoshi is her servant, and shows those papers. Santoshi checks and tears it. Madhu and Pratap get shocked. Santoshi burns the papers. Madhu gets angry and says how dare you….

She raises hand and Santoshi holds her hand. Madhu says yo have held my hand. Santoshi scolds her and twists her hand. Pratap asks Santoshi to leave Madhu’s hand. Kaka says wait Madhu, I will talk. He asks Santoshi is this way to talk to elders. Santoshi says Madhu is making me helpless. Kaki asks then whats difference between you two. Kaka asks Madhu not to argue with Santoshi. Madhu says yes, we should get her treated that she gets sense. Santoshi makes faces.

Gaumata tells Santoshi Maa that Santoshi is behaving right, her inlaws deserve this, why are you not looking happy. Santoshi Maa says this is just Santoshi’s body, not Santoshi, whatever is happening can put Santoshi in trouble, we have to wait till Brahmadev completes his work.

Santoshi sees the songs and smiles. Kaka and Kaki look on. Kaki asks her about narmun baba. Santoshi asks why are you troubled by my puja. Kaka and Kaki get shocked.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This show can get even more stupid!

    1. Seriously this show is getting worst day by day. Without old santoshi this show is rubbish anything else .

      1. This serial is becoming hell. It was such a nice serial and they made it so irritating and disgusting. Santoshi maa jaisa iss serial mein kuch reh hi nahi gaya. Ab toh isse acha naam bhi change kardo serial ka.

  2. Plz update precap also amena. Its request.

  3. What the hell are they showing

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