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Santoshi Maa 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the evil women catching Trishna. The old lady and Kamini ask Trishna to understand, when Dhairya dies, his soul will leave, then we will put new soul in him, just his soul will change, he will be your servant. Trishna asks are you saying truth. Kamini says yes. She explains Trishna. She asks her to get Dhairya. Trishna agrees.

Daksha consoles Madhuri. Madhuri cries. Seshnath gets up and they get shocked. He says I got saved. They call him ghost. He says I m not a ghost. He thanks Lord. Dhairya wakes up and says I m fine. The old lady says Trishna did right to get you here, Santoshi is some magical woman, problems came in your life. He recalls the old time and nods.

Gaumata says Dhairya is fed bad thoughts in mind. Dhairya says you are saying right. Kamini

says Trishna loves you a lot, so she got you here, you are safe here. Trishna says you have bear much pain, I promise I won’t let you bear pain. He says I will kick out Santoshi today itself. Kamini says you can’t go this way, Santoshi has law with her, you can’t do anything, but we will do something, we have to do something to cut Santoshi’s magic, you have to support us. Trishna says yes, if you follow her, we can get saved.

He agrees to do anything they say, just make me free from Santoshi. Old lady asks Trishna to take care of Dhairya. Gaumata says if their puja succeeds, Dhairya will die, what will happen now. Santoshi Maa says I will do something. Kaka and Santoshi file missing report. Inspector asks constable to find Dhairya. Kaka says he is ill, find him soon. Inspector asks him not to go home, they will inform when they get news.

The evil women do the tantra mantra. Kamini tells the lady how to kill Dhairya, such that he does not die. Dhairya sits. Kamini makes him do rituals. Santoshi Maa looks on. Devi Paulmi says now the organisms are not needed in Dhairya’s life, as he is going to die. Trishna looks on and asks Dhairya not to be scared, I m with you. Kamini takes Dhairya’s blood. Devi Paulmi gets the organisms back. She says now my devotee will do my work. Santoshi prays to Santoshi Maa. She says Dhairya used to hate me, but he was in front of my eyes, where shall I find him now.

Kaka says I m also much worried, don’t know what to do. Santoshi prays to find some way. Dhairya looks around. Kamini asks the women to take Dhairya for bath. Trishna asks him to go. He removes the locket and gives her. Kamini thinks Dhairya won’t be alive. Kaka says Santoshi Maa will protect Dhairya. Gaumata says Dhairya is surrounded by problems. Devi Paulmi says I m happy seeing Devi Santoshi helpless. Santoshi does aarti and prays. Dhairya goes for the bath.

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  1. Its silly, how dumb is Trishan!! If Dhariya dies and his soul is replaced by another, he is not Dharyia! Come Santoshi Maa, do something!! How can gods with good and contentment not overcome evil. Why should evil win? Devi Poulomi, how can she get away with so much evil deeds and other gods not see or notice! Stupid!!

  2. Goodness will this torture ever end?

  3. No need for you to know!

    Stupid show! You are ruining santoshi Maa’s name! She would never look on and make any suffer all their life like this. STUPID who ever writes for the show has no brains

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