Santoshi Maa 20th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi walking with chains in feet. Santoshi Maa looks on. Devi Paulmi laughs. Dhairya gets busy in work. Some time passes. Gaumata says Dhairya is getting evil. Santoshi Maa says he is doing this by Trishna’s effect, we have to find out by going on earth. Gaumata recalls Devi Paulmi’s words and asks how to go without anyone’s call. Santoshi Maa says you will go by my command, I m your Swamini and command you to go on earth and get info from Santoshi’s house, you will go without any powers as ordinary human, else you will be blamed for misuse of powers. Gaumata agrees. Devi Paulmi says Gaumata is going without the call, there will be no way she can get saved.

Gaumata goes to Dhairya. He asks how did you come. She says I have come before also, give me some

work. He asks her to leave. Santoshi Maa says it will be tough if Gaumata fails to stay there. Gaumata says I m helpless, give me some work. Trishna says we will keep her, we can make her keep an eye on your family. She asks her name. Gaumata says Dhenuka. Dhairya hires her. Santoshi Maa says Gaumata entered Santoshi’s house by cleverness, and now she will get info from Santoshi. Gaumata thanks Dhairya and Trishna. He asks her to go. Devi Paulmi says see how I make you cry now, I will inform Brahmadev that you went on earth, see what happens then.

Santoshi thinks its last birth’s sin for which she is paying now. She talks to her baby and feels sorry. Gaumata comes to her. Santoshi says you here. Trishna comes and asks do you know her. Gaumata says no, I came here before also, maybe she has seen me. Trishna asks her to come. Gaumata goes. Santoshi says why did she lie, she always helpeed me, I feel the world is against me.

Trishna asks Gaumata to keep an eye on Santoshi and inform everything. Gaumata prays. Devi Paulmi tells Brahmadev has gone to earth without call, she was forgiven and went without fear of punishment. Santoshi Maa says she has gone on my saying, she went without any powers. He says if Gaumata went without Divya powers, its good, there is no mistake. Devi Paulmi thinks how will Santoshi Maa protect Gaumata on earth.

Dhairya talks to Trishna. Dhairya’s goons get a man. Dhairya slaps the man and asks him to vacate the orphanage. He scares the man. Trishna asks the man to take money and vacate land. The man refuses. Dhairya threatens him and goes out. Mahila Sanghatan ladies come there. The lady Sarla says I came from Mahila sanghatan. Dhairya asks what is the work. Sarla says we got complaint against you, a woman is tortured here. Dhairya says nothing like that is happening here. Inspector says we will check, if there is anything, be ready to go jail. Trishna says we are saying truth. Sarla scolds her. Inspector says let us do our work. Gaumata stops them. Dhairya says there is nothing, wait. Kaka says our Santoshi will get freedom now. Gaumata thinks I also want this that Santoshi gets free.

Police checks everywhere and thinks to see garage and godown also. Sarla sees Dhairya’s room and says we will check this room also. Kaka and Sharmili get glad. They all enter the room and do not see the chains. Sarla thinks we got this woman’s video, but she was seeing tied. Dhairya and Trishna smile. Dhairya thinks I got saved, but how did this happen. Gaumata thinks how did Santoshi get free. Trishna thinks I got a surprise. Madhu gets angry. Dhairya asks Sarla not to wake up Santoshi. Sarla says let me see her. He says doctor asked Santoshi to take rest. Trishna asks Sarla to check Santoshi at her own risk. Sarla sees Santoshi sleeping. She does not wake up Santoshi. They go. Devi Paulmi does magic and chains come back on Santoshi’s feet. Santoshi gets headache and says how did I sleep for 2 hours. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi will never know what happened to her. Devi Paulmi laughs.

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  1. The storyline is getting more evil by the day. Negativity is too much to bear. How Dharyia treats Santoshi, his shouting is unbearable, his cruelty is ecessive. His predomination is to the point he is insane! He is one coward who is a bully!What kind of a man treats his wife like that! Despicable characters, Madhu, Devi Pauloumi, Ankur and as for Sharmili, how could she! How could she sell out Santoshi like that.

  2. This serial should be banned. They are making fun of god.

  3. this serial such a stupid story who ths made

  4. Alister La Frenais

    The serial went from entertaining to absolute rubbish. The amount of violence used against women is unprecedented. The Three Headed God is not only naïve he is also stupid. He has had past experience and knowledge of Poulomi yet he has not once questioned her about her activities. This serial should be cancelled with the minimum of delay.

  5. leisa s morris

    Its seems this show is depictin gods on d same level as humans. Dey lie cheat and dedcriminate. Dry r nlind yo d wrong doin of others and justice is only serve to one. How can u give d god of envy so much powers? Isnt it in her nature to he dedyructivr?. Hmmmm wsrdte of a gd serial

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