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Santoshi Maa 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Parvati getting angry. Narad asks her not to get to any conclusion so soon, if Devi Paulmi did this, she is very clever, I m sure she will not leave any clue. Devi Saraswati and Devi Laxmi request Devi Parvati to calm down, and not get angry, as anger ends sense. Devi Santoshi says Narad roams in entire Devlok, I give you this duty to find truth. Narad says as you command. Devi Saraswati says I think Devi Paulmi got Vajramushti in Devlok, she uses the advantage of being Dev raj Indra’s wife, she always gets saved as there is no evidence against her. Devi Santoshi says we have to get evidence this time, humans and Devs have to pay for their deeds, this can’t be accepted, using chemicals on earth is very bad, no one has right to hurt humans. Narad says Santoshi has to

get free of this disease soon, just you can do this work.

Seshnath beats Guddu. Daksha and Madhuri come home angrily. Seshnath asks Daksha to give his share. Daksha scolds him and says go and find Santoshi first. Seshnath asks why will I find, you made her leave, you find her. She says I sent her for everyone, we will lose money. Seshnath asks what do you mean. Daksha says Kaka is coming tomorrow morning to meet Santoshi, he was saying he will give money for Santoshi’s treatment. He says it means we fell in our own pit. Madhuri says I think we will not get Santoshi. Guddu says we will get Santoshi, we will print pamphlets and announce reward. Daksha beats him. Guddu says we will not give money to anyone who get Santoshi. Seshnath says I know how to find Santoshi, come. Dadi looks for Santoshi and cries. She says what to do, I could not find Santoshi. Santoshi thinks whats her relation with Amma, she is taking good care of me, she loves me as if I m her daughter, she is so lovely like this flower.

Santoshi Maa comes and asks Santoshi what is she thinking. Santoshi hides flowers. She gives her water. She says I looked for you a lot, I wanted to say thanks to you, you are taking care of me and giving me love, if my mum was here, she would have taken care of me like this. She gives flowers. Santoshi Maa blesses her. She says I have to apply lep to your wound, if we did not take precaution on right time, this illness can affect other parts of your body. She applies lep to her hands.

Kaka tells Vidya that he does not know what to do. She asks whats the matter. He says I need money for Santoshi, she needs treatment, its useless to talk to Dhairya. She asks him not to worry. She asks him to take the FD she kept for Dhairya’s marriage. He says yes, this will be right, tell me, do you also love Santoshi as I do. She says its much more than your love. He smiles and says great.

Madhu asks Pushpa to clean her room, and change all the things. Dhairya comes looking for Santoshi. He asks for juice. Madhu sends Pushpa and talks to Dhairya. She asks Pushpa to get juice. Dhairya realizes Santoshi is not there. Three devis smile seeing Santoshi Maa doing Santoshi’s cure.

Devi Laxmi says we got a chance to see Santoshi’s devotion, Devi Santoshi and Santoshi’s relation is not less than mother-daughter relation. Santoshi Maa thinks this water will protect Santoshi. She makes Santoshi drink it.

Seshnath and Guddu try to find Santoshi. They don’t get Santoshi. They get tired. Santoshi Maa takes care of Santoshi’s illness. Devi Paulmi sees this. Narad greets her and says when a Mata loves her devotee, that sight is extraordinary, see how Santoshi’s illness is beneficial for her, she is getting mother’s love. Devi Paulmi says I m seeing and understanding too, you remember this is against Devlok rules, Devi Santoshi ruined the rules. Narad says but Lord is by devotees, that’s why Brahmadev asked Devis to teach living to devotees, so that they know Lord is always with them. Devi Paulmi asks is there no doctor on earth, that Devi Santoshi had to go there. Narad says Santoshi’s illness is not understood by doctors, so Santoshi Maa had to go there, that chemical is from Asur lok, I have a question, can Asur do this with humans, or maybe someone is doing this for personal rivalry. He smiles. She gets shocked.

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  1. Dhairya missing santoshi..gr8…n heart warming scene wen mata santoshi took care of santoshi…so beautiful….sanairya…pls do some romance soon

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