Santoshi Maa 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with inspector getting Ankur and Santoshi to police station and scolding them. Ankur and Santoshi to listen to them once. Inspector asks constable to put them in lockup. Kaka feels unwell. Kaki says I will call doctor. Kaka says no need, I took medicines. Everyone in devlok discuss the reason of Devis losing their powers. Brahmadev gets a fire in hand and sends it. He tells Narad that this happened by a bad powers, I wanted to find it, I think this is much complex. Devi Saraswati says I have doubt that Devi Swarnrekha did this. The Devis tell Brahmadev about their doubt. Santoshi Maa says we should not blame Swarnrekha by her past mistake. Brahmadev agrees with Santoshi Maa. Swarnrekha thinks Santoshi Maa did mistake and it will be costly for her. Brahmadev calls Yamdev and asks

him to find out evil power and make it out of Devlok. Yamdev says I will do that soon. Brahmadev ends the Sabha.

Dhairya comes to Ankur’s house and checks to get clue. He sees the window open and gets inside. Santoshi and Ankur are in lockup. She thinks how to explain inspector, Dhaurya would be worried for me. inspector comes there. She asks can I make a call. Inspector says you can’t call anyone till you answer. He asks Ankur was it his house. Ankur says yes, and tells everyone about Dhairya and Santoshi’s fight, and how he gave shelter to Santoshi.

Santoshi also says the same thing. Inspector says I hope you both said true, if this is lie, remember I will not leave you. Dhairya looks for Santoshi. He does not find Ankur and Santoshi. He gets Santoshi’s broken bangles. He checks the video recorder he kept there. He says battery is gone and checks chip. He says this can be seen in mobile phone too. Kaki calls him and says your Papa’s health is not good, come fast. Dhairya takes chip and leaves camera there. He reaches home and asks what happened to Papa. Kaki says he is not fine, we have to take him to hospital. Dhairya takes Kaka and says I will call hospital. The memory chip falls from his pocket. Sinduri thinks where did Dhairya go and gets the chip. She says whats this thing, and calls Dhairya out.

She says don’t know where did Kaka go, Dhairya told me about this. She recalls Dhairya saying about memory card and says I will put this in my phone and listen to new songs. She sees the video. She says Santoshi is with Ankur, what are they talking. She gets to know truth that Pratap is Ankur’s father. She gets shocked and says Pratap is Ankur’s father and Gargi’s murderer, Santoshi you have enjoyed a lot, now I will play game and hurt you, this game is getting interesting. She ties memory card in her dupatta.

inspector asks Ankur and Santoshi why did they meet at night. Santoshi says we were just talking. inspector says I can’t believe this, tell me about your group. Santoshi says how can we, we are innocent. Ankur says we are just good friends, nothing else. Santoshi says I m bahu of good family, think and talk. inspector asks about her husband. She says let me talk to my husband once. Inspector says fine, talk to him and put phone on speaker.

She calls Dhairya. Dhairya fills form in hospital and does not see her call. Inspector smiles. Santoshi calls agan and gets number switched off. inspector says till when will your group head run from police. Santoshi asks how shall I prove you, let me make another call. Inspector says fine, this will be your last chance. She calls home. Madhu attends call. inspector takes phone and tells Madhu that your bahu Santoshi is in police station. Madhu asks him to talk with respect. He says she is caught in prostitution, I want to see how respectable family looks. Madhu gets shocked.

Inspector asks them to say since when are they doing this business. Ankur tells everything. Madhu says we won’t be able to show face, our family will lose name. Ankur says we are innocent. Inspector asks is this true, why did you leave inlaws and go to him. Santoshi says there is nothing between us. Inspector asks why did you go to his house. She thinks I have no option now, I have to say truth. She says I went to know Ankur’s truth. Ankur gets shocked. Inspector asks do you have any movie. Constable calls and says we got camera here, there is no chip. Inspector asks him to find chip. He asks Ankur did he fix camera to make dirty movie.

Santoshi recalls Dhairya’s plan. Inspector scolds them. Santoshi says my husband fixed camera, not Ankur, you can check video and you will know our innocence. Ankur says let innocence go to hell, I trusted you, you cheated me, if Dhairya fixed camera, he would have called police. She says don’t know. inspector says it means your husband is involved in making blue films, I understood everything, don’t say anything now.

Madhu calls out Kaka and Kaki. Sinduri says Dhairya got Kaka to hospital, he was unwell, what happened. Madhu thinks not to tell Sinduri, and asks her to go. She says Pratap had to go today, I wish he comes home soon, I will wait for him. Pratap comes. Madhu says its good you came. She tells about Santoshi caught in prostitution scam. He gets shocked and asks what are you saying. She says yes, I was shocked too. He says whether this is true or false, this will defame us and affect our business. Sinduri smiles hearing them. She says now entire world will see Santoshi’s defamation. Dhairya gets Kaka home and asks him to rest. Madhu comes to them and tells what Santoshi did. Kaki asks Madhu to talk slowly. Madhu says there will be big problem, see this. Kaki and Dhairya get shocked seeing newspaper article about Santoshi caught in prostitution scam. Dhairya thinks this is happening because of me, everyone is making joke of my wife. Kaki says I m sure Santoshi will not do this, Kaka should not know this news. Kaka says I m sure Santoshi can’t do anything wrong.

Seshnath asks Guddu not to read anything wrong. Guddu says I m reading right and tells about Santoshi. They all get shocked. Dadi says whats happening with Santoshi, this is some plan. Daksha agrees and says Santoshi can’t do this, I know this well. Sharmili says but police will not arrest anyone like this. Seshnath says be quiet, Santoshi is our daughter, she will never do such wrong thing. Dadi asks Seshnath to take her to Lucknow. Madhuri says I think Santoshi is in big problem, we should do something. Seshnath says yes but, what shall we do.

Dhairya comes to meet Santoshi. Santoshi hears him and says Dhairya has come. Inspector meets Dhairya. Dhairya says I m Santoshi’s husband Dhairya Mishra. Inspector says you have made your wife do this business for money. Dhairya shouts. Inspector holds his collar and says I will put you in lockup, you fixed camera there, give me that chip. Dhairya says yes, I have it and checks. He realizes chip fell. Inspector asks are you fooling me. Dhairya says I m saying truth, maybe chip fell at home, give me some time, I will go and get chip, my wife’s innocence is in it, why will I run away. Inspector says fine, if you don’t get chip, I will take your wife to magistrate and get 15 days remand, no one can save her. Santoshi calls out Dhairya and cries. Dhairya sees her and cries.

Ankur says this girl acts to be innocent and speaks against her infront of magistrate. Santoshi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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