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Santoshi Maa 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu asking Ankur how did Dhairya and Santoshi know the house address. Ankur says I was also thinking same. Ujwal says its because of your foolishness when you got drunk, maybe Santoshi sat in your car dicky. Madhu recalls and says dicky was open when we went to get car, Santohi sat in dicky and reached there. Ankur says relax, my next plan is ready. Some guy comes and greets them. Ankur says he is Somu, a professional computer hacker. Madhu asks why did you call him. Ankur says he hacks emails and data. Madhu says we don’t need him. Ankur signs him. Somu makes her phone fall and hacks her phone in seconds. Madhu says tell him to leave, we don’t need hacker. Somu asks Madhu to call Ujwal once. She asks why. Ankur says call once. Madhu calls Ujwal and says why

is it not ringing. Somu tells the details of Madhu. Madhu and Ujwal get shocked. Ankur says just one phone, he hacked all your details, you see what else can he do, I will send him if you say. She nods and says you are working with us now. Ujwal calls Somu brilliant. Somu says I can do more.

Kaka and Kaki like the food. Santoshi says you just tell me, I will make everything. Dhairya says we have to go out. Santoshi asks where, Kaka and Kaki are tired. Dhairya says we have to go court and take Santoshi’s sign, I have to give guarantee to Ashish, I m giving our house, Mishra house as guarantee, and want Papa’s sign also. Santoshi thinks did his contentment end because of greed. She asks did you find Kaka for sign. Dhairya says I m not doing wrong, we lost house because of Madhu, you won’t understand this. Paras and Bubbly leave.

Santoshi tells Dhairya that he is doing wrong, why is he putting relation at stake to take revenge. He gets angry and asks why is she giving relations lecture. She says relations give real happiness. Kaka and Kaki ask them to stop it. Dhairya says Madhu has pride by money, I want to go ahead and break her pride, what wrong am I thinking. Santoshi says I will not understand this. Kaka agrees with Dhairya and says Madhu forced us to sign, what is wrong to take rights back. Kaki agrees. Kaka says we will go court. Dhairya says I will ask Paras to keep car ready, lets finish work first. He leaves.

Devi Paulmi says Dhairya is getting my thoughts in mind, it means I have to be with him, great. I will make him do such things that will block truth and contentment path, if he invites problems, blame will not come on me.

Guddu asks Sweety why does she tie him again and again. She says I will leave you after your punishment completes, you have to assure me you won’t meet that greedy lady again. She feeds him tea and snacks. Ankur and Madhu ask Somu to find Dhairya’s bank account details and hack Dhairya’s company.

Gaumata says Dhairya’s decisions are not of himself, you could save him from evil powers. Santoshi Maa says I m sure Santoshi will stop him from going on wrong path, else I will help her. Guddu serves Sweety. She asks what is good husband. He says you mean my defination, good husband is one who fulfills wife’s every wish. She says you can’t become good husband, I have to marry you and become good builder, but you don’t care for my dreams. He says I value you. She asks him to name his house to her, she will give him money after making tower. Dadi calls Guddu. He thinks if this is Sharmili, Sweety will kick me. She asks him to answer and put on speaker. Dadi calls Guddu and asks him to explain Sharmili, she is remarrying. He asks what are you saying, its fine if she marries, I don’t care. He ends call. Dadi asks Sharmili to have patience, he will do what we want.

Sweety asks Guddu does he not care if Shamrili marries. He says no. She thinks his face is showing truth. Somu hacks Dhairya’s mail account. He says we can see all his emails, he got big order from Ashish, they asked guarantee from Dhairya. Madhu says Dhairya will fight for his share in this house, if he claims, we can’t get property. Ujwal says yes, Papa is with him. Ankur asks shall I check in court. Madhu says yes. Ankur goes. Madhu asks info about other deals.

Kaka talks to lawyer and says I want my property back, I was forced to sign. Kaka, Kaki and Santoshi sign on the papers. The man asks them to submit original property papers. Dhairya says we don’t have it. The man says we want it, Madhu also applied for registration, she will get the property. Ankur hears this and smiles. He informs Madhu. Madhu says good, I have original papers. Somu says dealer increased order on same guarantee. Madhu says type official mail to them, that they can’t give you any guarantee, so we can’t fulfill your order, thanks and sorry for inconvenience, Regards, Dhairya Mishra. Somu says done. Madhu says now my aim will be on Dhairya’s every aim, Dhairya will not understand who is shooting arrows and from where.

Dhairya gets angry and says I want to snatch property papers from Madhu. Santoshi says we gave her house happily, we have everything now, its over, let it go. Dhairya shouts why, did you forget, how they insulted us and old parents, they made our life hell, they broke us, our state was worse than servants, don’t say anything, I will not listen. Madhu played her game and now I will play game, I will see who stops me.

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    Hello star plus how can you people show a hacker of cell phone, I think censor board should take the show off the air for showing this type of hacker. They are showing wrong things to viewers.

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