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Santoshi Maa 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trishna attacking Santoshi in lockup. Some time before, Indra says criminal can be changed by another chance, not punishment, I want to give a second chance to Devi Paulmi, I want to free Asur Raj to maintain peace, I can snatch her powers. Santoshi Maa says its no use, she has no powers, she is using Asur powers. Brahmadev says we can’t go against Indra’s decision, we will discuss later. He asks Narad to free Devi Paulmi and Asur Raj from prison. Narad says as you command. Indra says wait, Asur Raj is getting freed from prison, I should also be there. Brahmadev says I permit you to go there.

The Devtas say its tough to understand Indra’s thoughts. Santoshi Maa thinks its tough situation, I thought to talk to Brahmadev, but here Devi Paulmi is getting freed, I have

to talk to Mahadev, else Santoshi will get in trouble. The people return money and say we can’t bear that girl. Kamini thinks its good, my work is done. She says this money is less, if my work is not done, return money. The man says we lost our car. She says I will kill you. They give her money. Kamini asks them to get lost. They leave. She says my work is done, let’s see what good news Trishna gets. She laughs.

Narad greets Devi Paulmi and Asur Raj. She thinks I won’t let Narad know my plan. Narad says I got a good news for you, this is our new Devraj Indra, he commanded to free you and Asur Raj from prison. They get glad. She asks is this true. Narad says yes, its true, I will prove it. He frees them. Devi Paulmi says I regret that Indra is not here, but I thank new Indra and welcome him. She touches his feet. Indra holds her.

Asur Raj takes normal avatar and hugs Indra. Narad worries and thinks why is Indra hugging enemy this way, its strange, did we do any mistake, I have to find out. Indra says Asur Raj you are free from today, Devi you can return to your place now, Asur Raj can return to his lok. Asur Raj thanks him.

Dhairya talks to lawyers and asks him to get Rudrakshi back. Rudrakshi comes and says I have come. Dhairya hugs her. He asks did she run and come. She says no, they have run away, I troubled them a lot. He smiles and says you are very naughty. She asks where is Santoshi.

Lawyer says its good she came back, paper work is necessary, I will submit her adoption file. He goes. Dhairya says Santoshi is not at home. He tells everything. She insists him to take her to Santoshi. He asks her to have food first. She says please. The lady constable tells about the women getting bail. Trishna smiles seeing Santoshi and thinks see Santoshi what I do now. Devi Paulmi praises Trishna. Santoshi Maa says I have to talk to Mahadev. Gaumata says you have to protect Santoshi. Santoshi Maa drops a Rudrakshi in milk bowl. Rudrakshi prays and gets powers.

Trishna holds her baby and sends police staff. Trishna uses her powers and opens the bars. She comes out and enters Santoshi’s lockup. She says you got saved always when I tried to kill you. She lifts Santoshi in air. Dhairya and Rudrakshi reach there. Dhairya signs some papers. Santoshi Maa blesses Santoshi. Rudrakshi goes to meet Santoshi. Dhairya looks for her. Rudrakshi sees Trishna trying to kill Santoshi and gets shocked.

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    Brahmadev the three headed god is nothing more than a moron. Obviously, he must be aware of the evil doings of Devi Paulomi, yet he is willing to go along with the decision of setting her free. The only one with an ounce of common sense is that little girl called Gaumata. The four armed goodness is as helpful as a hole in the head and all she can say is I will talk to lord Shiva. If this stupid excuse of a goddess does not pull her finger out and talk to the head man then that other silly woman on earth, called Santoshi will kick the bucket.
    Here is a suggestion to the script writers and show producers, wake up and smell the coffee, the show is going downhill faster than a speedy bullet.

  2. Love your analogy of the characters! My sentiments exactly. They’ve succeeded in putting together a hopeless story line, despite the involvement of the gods! What a whole load of rubbish!

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