Santoshi Maa 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daksha changing the small bulbs in decorations. Dadi looks on. Madhuri laughs. Dadi asks Daksha not to remove decorations, come down. Daksha says I won’t come down, Santoshi is not any queen to do all these decorations. Dadi beats Daksha. Daksha says wait, I will fall. Seshnath and Madhuri laugh. Dadi asks Dakshi to come down. Daksha says you are getting Santoshi married to beggar and making me beggar now. Seshnath says Daksha is drama queen. Devi Paulmi says now three Devis and Devi Santoshi blessed Santoshi, I should also get this chance, does my blessing do good for Santoshi or not, we have to see that. She gets angry.

Daksha falls down and cries. She argues with Dadi and gets angry. Devi Paulmi comes there and smiles. Daksha is holding electric wire and Devi Paulmi

passes current in it. Daksha gets electrocuted. Everyone get shocked seeing Daksha. Madhuri asks what happened to Daksha, why is she shaking, she got attack, get slippers. She says no, Daksha got electrocuted. Seshnath gets wooden stick and moves wire away. Bittoo and Tinu worry. The people ask them to take Daksha to hospital. Seshnath thinks bill will be on my name, and starts crying that Daksha died.

Dadi asks what are you saying. Seshnath says I m saying right, think she died by electric shock. Bittoo says no, and asks Daksha to open eyes. Seshnath asks who will take care of Janardhan and kids. He says how will Janardhan stay here. Madhuri cries for Daksha and asks who will taunt me now. Dadi says it happened because of me, I made her fall. Devi Paulmi asks them not to cry, as Daksha is still alive. Devi Paulmi enters Daksha. Daksha gets up and they all move away with shock.

Seshnath says Daksha got her life back from Yamraj, its so good. Madhuri thinks Daksha got up so soon, I wanted to show our bond to neighbors. Daksha pulls Seshnath’s ears and says I will punish you for insulting me. She scolds Madhuri. Santoshi gives her water. Daksha congratulates her as she is going to become bride. She sits there. Seshnath says she got mad, I will get rope to take her to mental hospital. Madhuri asks what will we do now. They all catch Daksha. Daksha pushes them away and asks them to maintain distance. Santoshi asks them to leave Daksha. Devi Paulmi leaves from Daksha and says now this human will know. Daksha asks them why are they tying her, open the ropes. Madhuri asks did she get fine now. Bittoo asks Seshnath to leave Daksha.

Daksha gets dizzy. Neighbors say we will take her to hospital. Seshnath says we will take her to mental hospital. Santoshi says she is tired and fainted. Devi Paulmi enters Daksha again. Daksha says you can’t catch me, my guards will take me and punish you, if you don’t free me, I will punish you. Tinnu asks Bittoo what happened to Amma. Daksha asks Tinnu to free her from rope. Seshnath says ghost entered Daksha, stay away.

Madhu talks to Kranti Mata and asks her to do something. Kranti Mata asks her to calm down and let things happen as its going on. She tells something to her assistant. Pratap comes and asks Madhu why is she worried. She says I was talking to Kranti Mata and said that Riya is going to Shiv temple to put jal, if she refuses to do puja of Kranti Maa, what will we do. He says Riya is Dhairya’s choice, what can I say, she is going to temple and not bringing temple here, its famous temple, every girl goes there to make marriage successful, maybe Riya too has this greed.

Madhu says yes, she is greedy, she can make Dhairya away from us. He says relax, Kranti Maa is with us. Madhuri gives some smoke to Daksha. Seshnath brings a hot iron. Madhuri tells Tinnu that we will make Daksha fine. Santoshi asks Dadi to explain them. Daksha scolds them and asks Dadi to help her, they all are mad. Devi Paulmi leaves Daksha. Seshnath brings hot iron bar and Tinu stops him. Seshnath says I m doing her cure. Daksha gets dizzy. Santoshi looks at hot iron…

Sanketh comes there. He says its good Santoshi called me here, we have to take Daksha to hospital. Devi Paulmi says one more devotee of Devi Santoshi, I will not leave him today. Daksha beats up Sanketh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. why devipumi so wicked she just want to destroy all of santoshis devotees it is time that she be locke away for her evil deeds I hope when santoshi gets back her powers she deals with her as she see fit

    1. Dude…i think devi paulami is supposed to be for marriage and all…coz in marriages they keep the butterfly sign then over here why is devi paulami hurting santoshi and having fun

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