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The Episode starts with Pratap and Madhu meeting Kranti Maa. Madhu asks her to do something. Pratap says Madhu is scared, save her from the ghost. Kranti Maa says I will visit your house, till then this will protect you. She says Santoshi’s ghost, no one can save you from me now. Brahmadev prays. Narad asks Santoshi Maa what happened to Dimakh Raj, why is he not coming infront of us. Brahmadev says Dimakh Raj is not answering. Santoshi Maa asks Brahmadev to do something, we have to make Santoshi’s soul enter her body, before any disaster happens. He says I have a solution. Yamdev comes there and asks whats your command. Brahmadev asks him to arrest Dimakh Raj, he has cheated all of us. Yamraj says I will get Dimakh Raj here soon. Dimakh Raj flies somewhere. Yamdev prays. Dimakh Raj says I think Brahmadev

is finding me, it means he knew the truth. Yamdev says I will find Dimakh Raj by this water. He asks the water to show the place where Dimakh Raj is hiding. Dimakh Raj says I can just hide at once place, that’s dev vatika.

Yamdev sees the place and says this is last place. Dimakh Raj hides in some tree. Yamdev says Dimakh Raj is not here, it means I have to find him in the universe.

Madhu and Pratap come home. He asks her not to worry, there is no one here, you have Kranti Maa’s blessings, take rest, I will just come. He goes. Madhu looks the door.

Sharmili wears the kamarbandh and smiles. Madhuri sees her wearing the jewelry. Sharmili keeps the jewelry safe. Madhu is sleeping in her room. She wakes up and says don’t know when did I sleep, why did Pratap not come till now. The light goes. She gets scared. Light comes. Pushpa says fuse blew off, I changed it. Santoshi scares her and disappears. Madhu shouts and rushes outside. She tells about Santoshi. Pratap comes and asks what happened. Madhu hugs him and says there is ghost in my room. Dhairya smiles and asks what are you saying. Madhu says yes, I have seen Santoshi.

Kranti Maa comes there to help. Madhu gets glad and sits in her feet. She says Santoshi is here, she made me fall from my bed. Kranti Maa says don’t worry, if she is here, she can’t get saved, I will do havan all night to catch her. Madhu asks her to come. Dhairya laughs. Kaki asks Dhairya why are you laughing. Dhairya thinks if I say truth, you will also laugh. he says I did not see Madhu so scared before, so I laughed. Madhu shows her room to Kranti Maa and asks her to see how ghost messed her room. She sees the room cleaned. Kranti Maa says don’t worry, I will see. Kranti Maa looks outside the window. She says if this is happening at home, she will be at home, I will control Santoshi’s spirit. Madhu says I m scared, do something soon. Kranti Maa says I have do puja and Dhyaan. Pratap asks Ujwal to do arrangements. Ujwal asks Kranti Maa to come. Madhu asks Pratap to do puja well, so that the spirit does not trouble me again, will that spirit hear me. Santoshi hears them.

Kaki tells Kaka that Madhu is behaving strange, she sees Santoshi’s ghost always. Kaka says she has gone mad, she is making stories. She says Madhu wanted to send others to mental hospital, now she will understand her deeds. Yamdev says sorry Brahmadev, I did not get Dimakh Raj, don’t know where did he disappear. Narad asks how is this possible. Santoshi Maa asks Brahmadev what will happen now. Brahmadev says Dimakh Raj can’t go out of Dev Vatika, I blocked all routes for her.

Three devis appear and greet them. Devi Parvati ask Santoshi Maa not to worry. Brahmadev says Dimakh Raj is in Dev vatika, he has blessing that no one can see him till he wants himself to be seen, even I can’t find him, Dimakh Raj can change his form, so I m worried. Santoshi Maa says we can find him if he is in Dev vatika. She asks Yamdev where did he see Dimakh Raj at final time. Yamdev says havan place. She says if we don’t get him there, it means he is cheating us by taking tree’s form. Brahmadev says you are saying right, we have to go there and find him. She says we have to do this soon, else that soul will make Santoshi do disaster. Kranti Maa and everyone do the puja. Santoshi looks on.

Dhairya and Santoshi sign each other. Kranti Maa’s assistants ask for jewelry to please Kranti Maa. Santoshi gets gulel and aims at Kranti Maa. Santoshi gets shocked seeing Pushpa getting much cash and jewelry for Kranti Maa. Kranti Maa sees the jewelry and starts acting. The man says Kranti Maa has half won over the spirit. Santoshi hits Kranti Maa. Kranti Maa falls down. The men say I think Kranti Maa ended that spirit. Kranti Maa says you fool, someone has hit stone, go and find. Pratap asks them to go and find. Santoshi laughs. Dhairya signs Santoshi to go. Dhairya stops servant. Kranti Maa says its dangerous spirit, I will capture her till tomorrow. Madhu worries and faints. Pratap holds her.

Dhairya and Santoshi laugh. She says it was fun. He says I was scared you will get caught. She says I won’t get caught easily. He says you look different, keep smiling. She says it seems you watch many movies. He says no, I have talent. He asks his girlfriends list. She says its long. She says not anymore, put no entry board for them, its just me in your life now, if any girl comes, I will not leave her. He looks at her.

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    This soul is making dhairya to go away from actual soul….
    But its fun to watch madhu and kranti maa in terror….

  2. Hahaha madhu and kranti ma

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