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Santoshi Maa 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap and Madhu talking about some hotel plan. The man asks about his brother’s opinions. Madhu says there is no worry about brothers, tension is just about dad. Someone beats the plate. The man asks what is this noise. Madhu says we got an old woman on road, she needed money for treatment, we got her home. The man says you are a great lady. Madhu asks Kaka to go and see why is this sound coming, and sends him. Pratap chooses the layouts.

Bittoo praises her looks and says I will become big star of Bollywood. She says Salman will work with me. Santoshi comes there and shuts door. She tells Bittoo that she came to take her, she is not doing this right. Bittoo scolds her and says I have come to become heroine. Santoshi tells her everything what she has seen and heard.

Bittoo says I know you are making a story. Santoshi says your eyes are blindfolded, that guy made you steal in your own house, come with me. Bittoo says Radhe did not ask me to steal jewelry, I took it myself, get out. She shuts the door. She says Dadi and Santoshi made my life hell.

Radhe comes and asks why is she angry. He gives her the dress and asks her to wear it for photoshoot. He says its short. He says it will look nice. She says fine, go. He goes.

Santoshi runs to inform Daksha. She thinks to call Daksha. Radhe asks Bittoo to come. Bittoo comes for the photoshoot. Kandin and Narad ask Mata about this happening. Mata says humans lose everything in greed to get everything, but I m sure Santoshi will save her sister. Santoshi runs on the road. Paulmi sees Santoshi Mata worried, and says this Santoshi will fail to save her sister, and regret all her life.

Santoshi runs to PCO to call Daksha. Seshnath says its such long way. Inspector scolds them and asks them not to puke in the jeep. Daksha gets Pushpa’s call and thinks what to do. She ignores the call. Santoshi calls Daksha and gets her number switched off. She says I have to run home and not let anything happen to Bittoo. Devi Paulmi smiles.

A man gives the script to Bittoo. Bittoo reads the script. She says done, and they take the scene. She says the dialogues and stucks, being conscious of her short clothes. Pappu scolds her for losing focus in dialogues. She apologizes. She says again, and Pappu gets irritated. Radhe says she will say well. Pappu asks her to go home, if she is shy.

Santoshi reaches home and sees the lock at the gate. She prays to Mata to help her sister, and runs. Radhe says I have an idea, and sends a man. The man spiked the drink and gives it to Bittoo. Radhe asks her to drink it, and not spoil the work if she loves him. He makes her drink it. she holds her head and asks why do I get dizzy.

Santoshi runs on the road and falls down. Devi Paulmi smiles. Santoshi asks Mata to help her. Narad smiles. Santoshi says my sister’s respect is in danger. Paulmi says now Devi Santoshi will surely do something, but I won’t let this happen. Narad tells Mata that her devotee is calling her for help. Mata signs Kandin. Kandin says I understood and greets her. Radhe and others see Bittoo unconscious. Radhe asks him to make the setup fast. He asks Pappu to take the video to get money from Bittoo.

A senior officer is on the way and asks driver to drive faster, he is getting late. Santoshi runs that way. Narad says if this man goes straight, he won’t see Santoshi, but I m sure Kandin will divert his way. The cows stand in the way and blocks police car. The officer asks driver to make cows off their way. The driver tries. Officer asks him to take another route. Santoshi falls before the car. The driver asks what is she doing. Officer goes to see, and asks is she hurt. She says I m fine and sees the police officer. She recalls he is the same man whom she gave the wallet. She says I m in hurry, someone is in danger. He says I m ACP, can I help you. She tells about her sister in danger. He says I will help you, come. They leave.

Kandin comes home in Dev lok and greets Mata. Mata says you did great work. Paulmi fumes and burns the butterflies around her. Santoshi shows the house and says I have seen them going inside there. They get inside the house and she looks for Bittoo. He asks is she sure they were here. Santoshi says yes, do something. Santoshi gets sound from upstairs and says it means they are there. Radhe gets close to Bittoo. Pappu records them. Santoshi and ACP come there. ACP stops them. Santoshi covers up Bittoo and tries waking her up.

Everyone see Santoshi coming with Radhe. Daksha taunts Dadi. Madhvi says get Dadi and Santoshi arrested. Daksha sees Bittoo and runs to her. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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