Santoshi Maa 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi taking her bag and Santoshi Maa’s pic. She leaves. Devi Paulmi smiles seeing this and says such state of Devi Santoshi in Santoshi’s presence, today Devi Santoshi will be out of homes and hearts, that day is not far, then it will be fun. Santoshi’s feet bleeds and she sits crying. She says I can bear anything, but I can’t bear if anyone raises question on your powers, I m tired now, I don’t know what to do. Santoshi Maa looks on.

Santoshi recalls Madhuri torturing her in childhood. Dadi saved Santoshi and says you will meet many people like this, who will make you away from Santoshi Maa, but never lose devotion, and think Maa is always with you. Santoshi says I can’t lose so soon, how did I forget that pic is just for representation for Lord, I

need some place to keep pic and bag. She asks guard can she keep Maa’s pic in his room. He says Jai Mata, I will be lucky to see pic every morning. He takes the pic and her bag. Santoshi says sorry, if this house does not have place for you, you will always be in my heart. Maa says Lord also wishes devotees keep Lord in heart, true devotion is by heart, money and show is artificial.

Pratap asks Ujwal to donate 5 lakhs. Ujwal says its big amount. Madhu says Kranti Maa is not ordinary Devi, we can lose everything. Nupur says I m also tensed, our fates changed by one incident. Ujwal asks can’t we think of any other thing. Madhu suggests that they can invite Kranti Maa for lunch and get a silver plate for serving her food. Pratap and Nupur likes the idea. Pratap asks Ujwal to contribute. Nupur says he will surely give money. Ujwal thinks he is losing time to impress Kranti Mata.

Some goons catch Guddu and hang him upside down. They ask for money, Guddu says I will give money. The man says you lost money in gambling, give some guarantee, else we won’t leave you. Guddu thinks what guarantee to give and sees Tinu. He says promise me you won’t hurt him. the man says fine, else we will spend that money. Daksha asks Tinu to come and have food. Daksha does not see him and asks Dadi. Dadi says he was playing with his friends. Daksha worries. Guddu changes sim and calls Daksha. He talks as kidnapper and asks for ransom money 10000rs to get Tinu back.

Daksha cries and is shocked. She asks who is he. Guddu says don’t ask anything, result will be bad if you inform police. Daksha tells this to Dadi, Madhuri and Seshnath. Seshnath says Daksha can ask money from us and acts like he is having stomach ache. Madhuri asks Daksha not to worry, and tell them if she knows about Tinu. Daksha cries for him. Guddu comes and asks what happened. Daksha says goons kidnapped Tinu, they are asking for 10000rs. Guddu says its dangerous, give them money, if anything happens to him… She says no, I will not let anything happen to Tinu. She calls Pushpa and asks for Santoshi. Pushpa says Santoshi can’t talk right now, important guests are coming now. Santoshi sees Pushpa and asks where to decorate these flowers. Pushpa asks her to decorate at gate and thinks its good she did not hear. Dadi consoles Daksha. Daksha goes to find Tinu.

Pratap and Madhu check arrangements. Madhu asks Nupur to give gold plate to Santoshi. She asks Santoshi to decorate aarti plate well, they will do aarti by gold plate. Dhairya asks servants to clean home well. Kranti Maa comes there. Pratap, Madhu and others welcome her. Pratap asks Kranti Maa to step on silver slippers, and welcomes her. People gather to see Kranti Maa. The people surround white cloth around her. Kaka thinks whats this new drama. The man says Kranti Maa will just give her darshan to Mishra family, anyone can’t see like this. They all cheer for Kranti Maa. Kranti Maa comes home and asks about Santoshi Mata’s devotee. She says that abshagun happened because of her, I want to know who is she. Sanketh comes and looks on. Madhu says she is our maid. Kranti Maa says show her, who wants to get against me. Madhu says she is Santoshi. Kranti Maa says she will do my aarti today. They all get shocked. Santoshi Maa looks on.

Madhu gives aarti plate and asks Santoshi to do aarti. Narad tells Santoshi Mata that till there is superstition, jealousy and greed feelings will not go anywhere. Devi Paulmi says my effect will be till many generations.

Update Credit to: Amena

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