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The Episode starts with Madhu bribing Ujwal to get company deal done with someone else. Ankur calls her. Ujwal agrees and says keep my meeting with them. Madhu asks Ankur to come to hotel. Narad tells Santoshi Maa that Devi Paulmi is doing things cleverly and not leaving any evidence, do something. She says cheat is for some time only, like we are seeing her doings, even Brahmadev will see her doings. Dhairya asks Bubbly to talk to Santoshi and convince her to sign on papers. Bubbly recalls Santoshi’s words and says fine, I will call Santoshi here, we will find a solution.

He gets a call from Amar. Santoshi comes. Bubbly says I was coming to call you. Dhairya gets shocked. Amar says now this deal can’t happen, that company deal is done. Dhairya gets angry and throws the glass, Santoshi

gets shocked. She asks what happened. He says don’t touch me. Bubbly thinks something bad happened, else Dhairya does not get so angry, I shiuld call Kaka and Kaki.

Dhairya says I lost the deal. Santoshi says its good, Mata has saved from the sin. Dhairya argues. She asks him to forget money. He says its hard earned money, do you care, you enjoy at home, if everyone walks on ethics, no one can become rich, my fate is bad to get you. He asks her to go and wipe the lady’s tears now, company is sold. She says but, we did not become reason of her sorrow. He says fine, and gives her blank cheque to give to that lady. She gives him water. Kaka and Kaki come there.

Kaka asks is this way to talk to Santoshi. Dhairya scolds her. Kaka says he has gone mad. Dhairya leaves. Ankur and Madhu look on. Ankur says Dhairya did not say anything to Santoshi, I think our plan failed. Madhu says no, wait for some time, see how situation changes, Dhairya will not bear failure, he will get angry on Santoshi.

Devi Paulmi laughs and says its easy to control a failed person, as his senses are ruined, he sees what is shown to him, now its time to make him hear this. She says it happened because of Santoshi. Dhairya says the same. He hits some stall. Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa will she not do anything to stop Dhairya. Santoshi Maa says I can’t do anything, but Santoshi can try. Gaumata asks her to help. Santoshi Maa says I could do if Dhairya had contentment, but he is inclined in Devil Paulmi’s devotion.

Kaka asks Santoshi to make Dhairya’s anger away. Kaki says his anger is justified. He asks her to come out of son’s love. Bubbly says Dhairya came back, he is in guest room, he is very angry and drinking. Santoshi says I will go and see. Kaka says I will come along. She says no, I will manage, his anger does not stay for long, once he realizes right and wrong, he will become like before. Bubbly says I will not come, I m scared of his anger. Santoshi says fine, you go home.

Madhuri and Daksha talk. Sharmili asks what are you talking. They say nothing. Sharmili asks them to make good food tomorrow, so that they don’t get idle, also make Seshnath work. Santoshi asks Dhairya not to drink. He says leave me alone, go to hell, you were poor and you will make me poor too. She says its better to be poor than snatching other’s right. He scolds her and says you are worse than Madhu and Ankur. She says you are getting greedy, you were not like this before, you are becoming fraud. He gets angry.

She calls him mad in greed. He says enough now, get out. She says its truth, I m showing you the mirror, there is time, see it, else it will be late, you will regret when you realize this. He raises hand to slap her and stops. She gets shocked and cries. She asks him to see truth, its bitter, you can’t deny it. He asks her to get away, I will not forgive you, don’t show me your face again, I don’t know what I will do. She cries and asks is this deal bigger than our relation, think of our baby, swear on me and our baby. He says get out, go. He makes her leave and shuts door. Madhu and Ankur look on. Madhu says I told you this will happen, we have to add fuel in this fire, once Santoshi gets away from Dhairya’s life, see how I get Dhairya in my hands. Devi Paulmi says great, I will control Dhairya. She laughs.

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  1. Stupid serial! How can Dhariya not show empathy or compassion for the lady who is being wronged by her brother-in-law? He himself was once in a bad state when Madhu took everything away from him and it was Santoshi who stood by him. It was Santoshi who helped sell the solar panel, has he forgotten that already? How can he be so cruel and patronising towards his wife, calling her illiterate? His mother has certainly spoilt him and taught him no values. All three brothers , Pratap, Uwjaal and Dhariya seem to have no values for relations, morals or principles. The only thing they seem to value is money and betrayl whatever the cost.

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