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Santoshi Maa 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya coming home. Kaki finds him worried. She asks Santoshi to get water. Dhairya rests in her lap and says you take care of me so much. Kaki says every mother will do that. Santoshi comes and gives him water. He thinks what to do, he is seeing Santoshi’s different avatars every day.

She says when husband and wife have problem in relation, they should share things and support each other. Kaka comes and says she is saying right, you should share things. Santoshi gets tea for them. He says I want to keep everything clear in relation, but some people don’t want to support me. Kaki signs Santoshi to ask her. Santoshi says I have kitchen work, I will finish that. She goes.

Dhairya does not drink tea and goes to his room. Kaka and Kaki worry. Kaki talks to Santoshi

and asks her to be alert. Kaka asks what are they talking. Kaki says nothing, I m trying to explain her that Madhu and Sinduri will try best to support Dhairya and Santoshi, did you see video completely. Santoshi says no. Kaka asks her to see that whenever she gets chance. Santoshi says I will try. Kaki asks why are you worried. Kaka asks her to say, whats the matter.

Santoshi tells them about Ankush/Ankur, he waved to me and I waved to him, I did not know Dhairya will ask me, when Dhairya asked me, I lied to him, I feel strange. Kaki says your fight is not big one, don’t think of these small things. Kaka says you will tell Dhairya when everything gets fine right. Santoshi says if Dhairya asks me again, what will I say. Kaki says I will tell you. She explains Santoshi what to answer if Dhairya asks. Santoshi nods.

Santoshi goes to room and asks did you not sleep till now. He says no, I was not getting sleep. She asks are you still of Ankur. He says yes, who is he, and why did he come to meet you, why don’t I know of him. She thinks to manage this matter. She says he is my childhood friend, he came to Lucknow, he got my address and came to meet me. He says you did not get me before. She thinks I have to do what Kaki said. She asks Dhairya did he doubt on her, take phone and talk to Ankur, then you will believe me. He says no, I believe you, I was just clearing things. She says you doubted me, I did not know you will do this. He says no, leave it.

She holds his hand and says remember you are my life, I won’t let you go away from me, I m yours and will always be yours. He says you are reason of my life, forget I asked you anything. She says fine. He goes to sleep. She thinks she does not feel good to lie to him, but Kaki said to win trust by trust, forgive me Dhairya.

Its morning, Sinduri looks at Santoshi and thinks its matter of few days, then all truth will be out. Santoshi thinks I will get truth out, I will know naag panchami truth and then I will send Sinduri to her place with respect. Madhu tells Sinduri that she is going out for some imp work and asks her to cook food. Santoshi thinks I got this chance, what to do of Sinduri. She asks Pushpa about pau bhaaji items, Dhairya wants to have it, I will make it. Sinduri says I will make it for my hero and goes. Santoshi smiles and goes to Madhu’s room. Sinduri follows her and thinks why is fake Santoshi going to Madhu’s room.

She sees Santoshi setting the bed and cleaning pillows. Santoshi has seen her and acts. Sinduri thinks she is doing household work and leaves. Santoshi sees Sinduri left and thinks I will see that video quickly. She gets Madhu’s laptop and sees the video. Sinduri sees her and smiles. She thinks how she has seen CCTV camera. She thinks I knew fake Santoshi can’t be smart and can’t make me lose this way.

Sinduri shouts saying Dhairya has come. Santoshi sees that moment and shuts laptop hearing that. She rushes to her room. Sinduri smiles and takes the laptop. Santoshi does not find Dhairya in room.

Sinduri starts the laptop by hitting all keys and says Santoshi may come back. Santoshi checks washroom and realizes Sinduri lied. Santoshi runs to Madhu’s room. Sinduri checks the video and says Santoshi is taking training of my behavior from here, I have to damage this. She hits the laptop on ground. The laptop turns off. Sinduri smiles and says its done. She says I will damage it completely and gets water. She laughs. Santoshi comes there and gets shocked seeing laptop damaged.


Sinduri taunts Santoshi. Santoshi cries and tells Kaki that she can’t act more, she will tell truth to Dhairya. Kaki makes a sindoor rekha and tells Santoshi that if she crosses this, she will lose rights to apply sindoor in her maang forever.

Update Credit to: Amena

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