Santoshi Maa 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gangaa and Santoshi Maa’s Mahasangam episode continued….

Santoshi joins the crowd in the procession and hides. Kranti Maa asks the men to kill Santoshi at any cost, create chaos there and find Santoshi. Ganga stops a rickshaw. The man says I can’t drive in such situation. You walk ahead and take another rickshaw. Ganga goes by walk. Sagar and Jhanvi are at temple. The men follow Santoshi and think its time to do their plan. They throw stones at police and create chaos there. The police beat up people. Ganga and Santoshi run seeing the fights happening around.

Sagar and Jhanvi also come in the ongoing riots. Sagar and Jhanvi get away and she gets tensed. Sagar’s phone falls and breaks as people step on it. Jhanvi calls out Sagar and worries. Sagar calls out Jhanvi.

She screams and cries. Sagar misses to find her and shouts Jhanvi. Santoshi runs seeing the goons. Inspector stops Jhanvi and asks who is with you, see the situation, are you waiting for someone. Jhanvi says no, I m not waiting for anyone, take me out of here. She leaves in the police jeep, while Sagar keeps shouting Jhanvi.

Gaumata and Santoshi Maa are in illusion and Dhairya gifting sarees to Santoshi. Santoshi hugs him. Devi Santoshi says Santoshi did not let her trust break for her sindoor. Devi Paulmi says see Santoshi, no one will come for your help, I have trapped Devi Santoshi, she can’t see the reality.

Santoshi gets scared seeing the goons with knives. She shouts help and reaches the temple. She asks the goons why are they after her. Ganga sees this and recalls how she lost her parents in riots. She says no, I won’t let such thing happen with anyone. The man is about to hit Santoshi with knife, and Ganga beats him with a stick. He falls down. Ganga beats the men. Har har gange…..plays…………..

Santoshi looks at Ganga and she also takes a stick to beat the men. They manage to escape from there. The goons follow them. They hide. Kranti Maa asks them to kill Santoshi, else they will not be alive. Ganga asks Santoshi are you fine, who are they.

Santoshi says I m fine, I don’t know them, I got down on the bus stop and they got after me, Santoshi Maa saved me. Ganga says Santoshi Maa did not save you. Santoshi says but Santoshi Maa has sent you. Ganga says we don’t know when people change. Santoshi says don’t worry, Santoshi Maa won’t let bad happen with you, have belief. Ganga says I learnt person should belief own self, my dad used to say Lord helps those who help themselves. She cares for Santoshi’s wound. Santoshi says I feel Santoshi Maa has sent you as my sister, we have connection of soul. Ganga asks her name.

Santoshi says Santoshi… Ganga says no name can be lovely than this, my name is Ganga, tell me where you have to immerse this kalash, maybe I can help you. Santoshi gives the address. Ganga says don’t worry, I know there is widow ashram, I will take you. Santoshi Maa says this is Santoshi Maa’s miracle. Ganga says it will be risky to go there, I think there will be curfew, come with me to my home, we will think what to do then. Santoshi says fine, can we hurry, my family does not know I have come to Banaras. Ganga says don’t worry, we will try our best.

Dhairya asks Nupur where is Santoshi. Nupur says I have sent her to market. Kaka worries thinking did she fall in any problem. Dhairya says I wish she never comes back. Kaka prays for Santoshi. Madhu smiles and thinks Santoshi will never come now. Ganga and Santoshi see the city’s state. Ganga says I think we have to go home by walk, we have to be careful.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. imagine this serial is so much crap now that it no longer has any precap that is because the writers do not know what shit to think up next LOL

    1. Its not shit or crap maybe u don’t understand anything at all

  2. boring it was a shit

    LOL ;P

  3. Percap shown
    Ganga sees sagar got injured and cries seeing him by the time goons surrounds santhoshi with knife santhoshi s shouting out for Ganga…….

  4. why sagar don’t understand ganga feeling this time ….

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