Santoshi Maa 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the rich man doing the aarti in the temple. Santoshi Maa smiles. Dhairya and Santoshi also do aarti. Jai Jai Santoshi Maa….plays……… The rich man says I m Abhilash Sharma, I have big business, I m observing you both since morning, I m impressed by the solar panel, my new factory is opening, I need solar panels. Dhairya says sure. Abhilash says I will go foreign tomorrow, come home in morning, I will keep advance and contract papers ready. He gives his card. Dhairya thanks him. Santoshi says this is Santoshi Maa’s blessings. They thank Maa and smile

Pratap opens window and looks for goons. Madhu and Ankur see Pratap in her room. Pratap makes excuses and says I was catching lizard. Madhu says you waste time, sleep in this room, we are going in party. He says

no, I can’t sleep here. He thinks I made arrangements for you. He says you are owner, I m servant, how can I sleep here. Ankur says I think Papa is scared of lizard. They laugh. Madhu signs Ankur. Ankur goes. Madhu asks Pratap to sit. Pratap says no. Madhu says I need to talk something imp. He sits. Ankur comes and gets a rope. Ankur ties Pratap. Pratap asks what are you guys doing. Madhu says this is punishment for not agreeing to my command. Madhu leaves. Pratap requests them to leave. Ankur keeps kerchief in his mouth and goes switching off the night. The goons say light got off, we got signal. They enter the room. They catch Pratap. Pratap tries to tell them. He kicks a goon. The goon hits on his head. They see Pratap and get shocked.

The goons say they will not give us money now, we will take precious things and leave. They steal the items and hit Pratap to make him unconscious. They leave, its morning. Dhairya asks Santoshi to come fast. He sees Santoshi. She does puja and says I was ready. He says fine, we got late because of you, come. He romances. Bubbly comes. Santoshi smiles. Bubbly says I got breakfast for both of you. Dhairya says have it then. Bubbly says morning romance. He says no, we will ask timing from you.

Santoshi says we will go now. Dhairya says we will get late, Bubbly will lock door. They leave. Bubbly says they both went hungry, where are keys. Santoshi says I will get a bag to get puja items. He says I will get it, wait. Dhairya goes back home and asks for bag. He looks for it and takes bag. Bubbly looks for keys. Bubbly sees snake and shouts. She goes and gets bitten by snake instead him. Santoshi hears Bubbly’s scream.

Santoshi comes home and gets shocked seeing snake. She asks Dhairya to take Bubbly away. Dhairya asks Bubbly to keep eyes open. Santoshi takes towel and catches the snake. She throws snake out of the house. She sees Bubbly bitten by snake. Dhairya asks Santoshi not to suck poison, we will take Bubbly to near by hospital.

Abhilash waits for Dhairya and Santoshi, and asks man to keep bags in car. Ujwal and Ankur free Pratap. Pratap says they have beaten me. Madhu asks who were they. Ujwal says I heard Pratap screaming. Pratap says Ankur tied me, so this happened. Ankur says I think Dhairya did this. Pratap thinks I will get trapped if they find out about Dhairya. He says no, why will Dhairya do this, they were thieves. Madhu asks him to get aid done. Ujwal asks Madhu to think if she was in room, how was the window open. Ankur says Ujwal is right, Pratap did this. Madhu says no, this can’t happen, he would never injure himself. Doctor treats Bubbly. Santoshi thanks them.

Dhairya says I will go and meet Abhilash. Nurse says you have to be here and discharge patient. Dhairya asks Santoshi to leave and meet Abhilash. She says fine and leaves. Bubbly gets conscious. Dhairya asks are you fine, why did you try to move snake by hand, anything would have happened. She says you got me here to scold me. He asks shall I do your puja, Santoshi had to go for imp meeting alone. She says so sorry, but thanks for staying here with me. He says I hope Santoshi reached on time. Abhilash waits a lot. Santoshi runs on the road. Abhilash thinks why did they not come till now. Abhilash says lets move now. Santoshi falls down and gets hurt. Santoshi Maa looks on.

Dhairya is tensed. Santoshi reaches Abhilash’ house and his car leaves. She gets to know Abhilash left and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    Not very entertaining, too many gaffs and the same old boring plotting by Madhu and Ankur, to torture Santoshi and Dhairya.


    Show should end now… they are showing always helplessness of god devotee .. as god only create problem…
    I know just hate this show even more… its my last comment now i will not either read update or watch show…. jst bakwas…

    1. Hi Shraddha Sharma, I can understand your frustration too. It was a joke to watch Pratap being tied up by Ankur and Madhu have ruling the house. Santoshi maa is just helpless at times but there are tender moments when Dhariya and Santoshi share. Sad to see you leave the forum. I have to say, most series are heading down the pan, Gangaa has lost the plot and Santoshi maa is the same o story of madhu and ankur doing dirty tricks.
      The series I am enjoying at moment is Tere Bain. Hopefully series will pick up.

  3. Talk about giving with one hand and taking it away with the other!
    Where is the hope for Santoshi and Dhariya? It’s very sad when devotees are shown to lose and suffer without end.

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