Santoshi Maa 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushpa telling Madhu that Santoshi made the breakfast. Dhairya asks her to serve breakfast soon. Pratap laughs. Madhu says I m glad to know you will dine with us today. Kaka thanks Santoshi. She asks why. Kaka says your Kaki is getting well by your fast. Santoshi says its just one fast, let 16 fasts happen, then Kaki will run. Vidya comes in the living room, driving her wheel chair. Everyone get shocked seeing her. Kaka asks her how did she come out like this, just now you got fine. Vidya says I have come to see my children.

Madhu says your hand did not work, and now you are driving wheelchair, how did this happen. Nupur says yes, doctor said her hand will never move. Kaka says when Santoshi Maa blesses, nothing is impossible, its her miracle. Vidya says he is just

saying. Kaka asks her to take rest. Madhu asks how did this Santoshi Maa matter come. Vidya says I will say. Nupur says its really miracle. Madhu says its not Santoshi Maa’s miracle, but Kranti Mata’s blessings, I think we should visit her. Pratap says Madhu is right, we all will go. Nupur says yes, indeed. Madhu says I will take you all there and show the miracles she did. Vidya praises Madhu and Nupur.

Santoshi comes and smiles seeing Vidya. Dhairya sees Santoshi and recalls the slap. He thinks to show her difference between slapping and getting slapped. Nupur says Kranti Mata made everything fine in Ujwal’s recovery from accident and Pratap’s business fine. Madhu says yes, we changed our company board and it got in our favor, she does many miracles. Santoshi thinks what is their belief. Madhu says she is genius, her powers are more than Lord. Santoshi says sorry, no human can do miracle on earth, just Santoshi Maa can do this.

Nupur and Pushpa scold her. Madhu asks are you Santoshi Maa’s relative. Nupur says we don’t believe on unseen things, we educated people don’t. Santoshi says you are smart and should understand Lord. Nupur asks what Lord, your Santoshi Maa, did you see her in real. Santoshi says they are not seen, devotion is my heart, but sight. Pratap asks Santoshi not to interfere in their family matter. Santoshi says its matter of Lord, and tells about Lord Krishna. Pratap and Madhu ask her to stop it. Nupur says who will make her quiet, I give up. Dhairya goes. Nupur says where did he go in anger, this girl’s lecture spoiled everyone’s mood.

Santoshi apologizes and says I felt your thinking is wrong, so I told all this. Pratap says I can’t bear this nonsense, Madhu make her quiet. He goes. Kaka tells Vidya to take rest in room, and takes her. Vidya says I thought to sit with children and this argument happened. Santoshi says I m saying true, just do Santoshi Maa Bhakti and see. Dhairya applies tape to her mouth and stops her. Madhu smiles.

Dhairya twists Santoshi’s hand and asks who are you to give this lecture, you are done with speaking today, you are servant here, and scolds her. He says Santoshi will work today like this, no one will help her. He thinks to show how he takes revenge from Santoshi, she will give him chance by her foolishness and he will torture her. He asks her not to say anything about Kranti Maa. He asks Pushpa to take her and explain how to behave with house owners. Madhu says everyone get ready, we will visit Kranti Mata to get her blessings. Santoshi goes. Dhairya laughs.

Pushpa scolds Santoshi and asks her to just cook. He says I m working here since 12 years and asks her not to talk. No servants help Santoshi. Santoshi think how to tell them to cut vegs. She signs to the servant. He pretends and says I can’t understand. Santoshi thinks to do work herself. The servants see her and do their work. Pushpa smiles and goes.

Devi Paulmi is happy and plays with flowers. She laughs. Narad comes and greets her. He says you look very happy. She says yes, I m glad seeing Santoshi helpless, go and inform Devi Santoshi. Narad says humans have right to speak their thoughts. She says yes, but Santoshi does not have good fate, she has gone between selfish and greedy people, one day her patience and trust will break, I m not trying to do anything, this family does not try to see Devi Santoshi, its impossible for Santoshi to stay well there.

Dhairya’s GF talks to Madhu. Santoshi collides with her. Priya removes the tape and scolds Santoshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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