Santoshi Maa 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi praying. Sanketh comes to meet her. He says I came for Pratap’s work, and thought toi meet you. She says fine, and these flowers. He says I got this for you, its said that giving flowers to someone brings happiness and lessens sorrows in that person’s life. He gives her the flowers. She smiles and says I don’t know sorrows get less or not, but I know the one who asks welfare of others are true by heart, thanks for this. Kaka laughs and says its good someone is talking about flowers here, else I hear just about thorns here in this house. Sanketh says I should go now and leaves. Santoshi says Kaka, Sanketh is such a nice man. Kaka says he is not nice, he is very good person, such people are found by fate.

Riya hugs Dhairya. He asks what are you doing,

there is everyone at home. She says so what, your Mabhi got our trip cancelled, so I thought to spend time here. He says you know Mabhi did that for my good. She says I think she did it intentionally. He asks her to stop it, she is my Maa. She says you don’t value me, that’s why you ignore me. She gets angry. He says no, I really love you a lot. She asks really. He says yes. They hug. He says this is not right, door is open, everyone is at home, we are not married yet. She says fine, we will marry tomorrow. He asks what, how can we. She says why, we can marry if you talk to Madhu, you know she does not like me. He says don’t take Mabhi’s name now. She says fine, till you don’t talk to Madhu about our marriage, I won’t talk to you. He says fine, I want to talk to Madhu, I need some time. She says you can’t stay here, get out. He says this is my room, everyone will wake up. He goes out. Santoshi sees him and thinks why is Dhairya going out at this time, maybe he is worried because of me. He sits in lawn. Santoshi comes to him. He sees the shadow and thinks she is Riya.

He says actually you and Mabhi can’t stay without me, you get angry, fight and then come to convince me, I also feel lonely without you two, it does not mean I will agree to you, Riya why are you silent. He turns and sees Santoshi. He says you, what are you doing here, I m asking something, were you hearing me silently, now you need topic to make fun of me. She says no. he says get lost. She says listen to me. He says you have just 10 seconds. She says I saw you worried, so came to ask. He laughs and asks do you think as well, this is my house, this garden is mine, I can do anything, what problem do you have. She says I m sorry, forgive me.

He says I will say your mistake, you are my biggest problem. He slips and screams. She holds him. He closes his eyes. Seshnath comes there as he does not get sleep. He gets shocked seeing them and hides. He says am I dreaming and bites his finger. He says this is ilu ilu between Santoshi and Dhairya, I will use this chance. He clicks their pics and says it will be of some use. He goes. Dhairya opens his eyes and sees Santoshi holding him. he goes.

He sits on the sofa. Ghungroo gets scared seeing him. Dhairya calls ghungroo and asks why are you awake at night, I will tell you something, don’t make GF in life. Riya comes and Dhairya says you scared ghungroo too. Riya says sorry, come. He refuses. Riya asks why. Santoshi looks on and thinks if I go now, they will misunderstand me. She turns away. Madhu looks on. Dhairya says I feel I m like a dog, I won’t come. Ghungroo barks. Santoshi laughs. Dhairya sends ghungroo. Riya says leave all this, come with me, if anyone wakes up, my impression will be spoiled, if you truly love me, you will agree to me. Dhairya says this is right, if its about love, I have to come. Dhairya and Riya go to their room. Santoshi smiles. Madhu says this Riya made Dhairya her puppet, I have to do something and get Dhairya back. Santoshi says their relation is so sweet, they can’t live without each other, they love each other so much, and prays for them.

Dhairya tells Riya that he got embarrassed infront of Santoshi because of Riya. She hugs him. He says she would feel we don’t love each other. Riya says I will prove it, by kissing you. They kiss.

Its morning, Santoshi makes the tea for Riya. Riya says don’t make it for Dhairya, he is in washroom. Santoshi says now you and Dhairya should marry. Riya asks why are you interested in my marriage. Santoshi says I mean you should have not stayed like this without marriage, everyone will feel happy if you both get married, Dhairya loves you a lot, its seen, since I came here, I m seeing you both love each other and care. Riya thinks Santoshi has sense, I think I should marry. Dhairya comes and says Santoshi is still here, what nonsense is she saying. Riya says for a change, she gave good knowledge, I wanted to talk to you about this Dhairya. Santoshi smiles and leaves.

Dhairya asks what, you will follow Santoshi now. Riya says she said right. Mata Santoshi takes care of the plants. Gaumata comes there and says I have permission by Brahmadev to meet Mata. The guard says sorry Gaumata, you can go there. Mata blesses Gaumata. Gaumata sees the blossoming plants and says its looking beautiful and growing soon, they will be in old form after some time. Mata says they need rain, I will pray to Devraj Indra to keep his sight on this plants and bless then. Gaumata says but will Devi Paulmi allow her husband to do this. Narad comes and greets them. He says rain, sunlight are natural and human emotions don’t have affect on nature. He says why don’t we call three Devis to get rain, Indradev will agree to their request. Mata Santoshi says sometimes you suggest good ideas. She calls three Devis there and greets them.

Devi Parvati says the jungle became green by your hardwork, it did not get waste. Santoshi Maa says I did my work, if Devraj Indra get rains here, then it will be good. Devi Saraswati says true, we will request Devraj. Devi Paulmi looks on and says you all want to request my husband to get rains there, I will get rains to change Santoshi’s Shrishti/world.

Madhu tells Riya that they decide everything by Kranti Maa’s advice. Riya argues with Dhairya and says we love and want to marry, who is Kranti Mata to decide for us. Sanketh asks her to talk in low tone. Dhairya asks him not to interfere and raises hand on Sanketh. Pratap holds Dhairya’s hand. Madhu gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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