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Santoshi Maa 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa and Gaumata waiting for Narad. Dhairya scolds Santoshi and breaks her mangalsutra. Santoshi and Sharmili cry. Madhu sees Trishna enjoying the drama and thinks maybe she is intelligent like me, maybe she is of use to me. Sharmili thinks I did not know he will behave such with Santoshi, is he fooling me about Guddi. Dhairya asks Santoshi not to go out of house now. Santoshi Maa meets Brahmadev and says I doubt Devi Paulmi, she is doing something, there is a woman of her looks on earth, I m not getting any past info by mantras.

He says I can’t help you, else it will affect devlok, every human has parents and past. Santoshi Maa says but we did not get any past info, Narad went to find out and did not return, I was worried and came to you. He says Narad

will return when he has solid proof, and about help, I can’t help you by hurting devlok.

Devi Paulmi laughs seeing Narad as the fly. Dhairya and Trishna have wine. A goon comes and says we could not catch Verma’s son, he left home with tight security. Dhairya breaks glass angrily. Trishna says maybe Verma was alerted before. He asks how. She asks did anyone else know this. She asks him to think. He recalls Santoshi. She makes him drink more. He says Santoshi ruined my life, I will kick her out of my life. Santoshi talks to her baby and says I will make everything fine before you come.

Dhairya comes to her with chains. He chains Santoshi. Madhu, Ankur and Trishna look on and smile. Madhu records this. Dhairya scolds Santoshi. She says I m getting hurt, I will not go hurt, open this lock. He gets a call and says Verma’s son got saved, fine, this time kill even Verma with his son. Sharmili and Santoshi get shocked. Santoshi says its big sin to kill anyone, don’t do this.

He says I get hurt by your words, you don’t listen to me, this punishment is for walking on right path, you will get free when my baby is with me. He tells Trishna that Santoshi has made him fed up, once I get my child, I will throw her out. Santoshi cries.

Madhu thinks Trishna is clever, I don’t like her. Sharmili tells everything to Kaka. Kaka says Dhairya has become devil, I will see Santoshi first. Kaka gets shocked and asks Santoshi not to worry, no one will hurt you. He tries to break lock. Dhairya comes and shouts stop, no one will help her. Kaka says I m your father, I m commanding you, free her. Dhairya refuses and says this is my house, I will command here. Santoshi Maa comes back. Gaumata asks what did Brahmadev say, you look worried. Santoshi Maa tells her even Narad has come in some problem. Kaka asks Dhairya to see Santoshi’s face, she is pregnant. Dhairya says its final what I said. He goes. Trishna smiles.

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