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The Episode starts with Madhu telling everyone that Santoshi is their maid, not bahu now. Santoshi agrees and says I will do all work, I will buy all the items for festival. She goes. Pratap asks Madhu to send Sinduri and takes list. He says I will explain Sinduri so that she does not do mistake. Madhu says you are so good and take care of me. He says even you are so good. He goes. Madhu calls Pushpa and asks her to clean the house well. Kaka says Dhairya may have woke up, I will see maybe his anger calmed down. Pratap tells Sinduri that they have to make Santoshi away from Dhairya, take Santoshi to market, I have sent my man there, Santoshi should not go anywhere. Sinduri likes idea and leaves. Pratap thinks you will know my planning.

Dhairya wakes up and calls out Santoshi for coffee. Kaka

comes and asks him not to punish Santoshi that she breaks down, accept her, I think even Santoshi Maa wants this. Dhairya says don’t bring Santoshi Maa in this, Santoshi would have not lied. Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa to forgive Santoshi, she was worried and did that. Santoshi Maa says human should not lose sense in tough time, else there will be no difference between right and wrong, if human follows right path, they shine like diamonds. Dhairya says don’t worry, go from here, if you can’t walk on Santoshi Maa’s path, don’t teach me. Kaka leaves.

Santoshi and Sinduri reach market. The goon aims gun at them. Sinduri waits for Pratap’s goons. Santoshi sees the goon. The goon shoots. Santoshi pulls Sinduri and asks are you fine. Sinduri says what will happen to me, you ruined everything. Sinduri sees the goon and hides. The goon sees Sinduri hidden and runs. Santoshi runs after him.

Santoshi asks Sinduri not to worry, we will file police complaint. Sinduri refuses and says I m going home. Santoshi says are you mad, he wanted to kill you. Sinduri goes. Santoshi thinks whats Sinduri’s secret, police will find out.

Madhu asks Pratap to come to Kranti Maa’s ashram. He says I have headache, you go, I can’t come. She says I won’t go. He says no, I mean you go, Kranti Maa will feel bad. He calls goon to know, Sinduri runs. Madhu comes back to room and Pratap starts acting again. He asks why did you come back. She says I forgot my phone. She takes phone and says I will come soon, take care. He says fine, go now. She leaves.

Sinduri comes home and scolds Pratap for attacking on her, did you make plan to kill me. She keeps knife at his neck. He says sorry, I did mistake. She asks him what will he do to rectify mistake. He says I will do what you say. She says you have one chance, call Dhairya and talk to him, you have to unite us, else I will kill you. He says trust me, I will do work, give me time. Police comes there. Santoshi tells everything. Inspector asks Sinduri does she have enmity with anyone. Sinduri says no, I don’t know who attacked me. Santoshi says I think her life is in danger. Inspector says we will provide protection. Kaka says we will also be careful. Police leaves.

Tinu calls everyone and asks them to hurry. They leave to meet Santoshi. Santoshi apologizes to Santoshi Maa and ties rakhi. She keeps rakhis for Guddu and Tinu. She does rituals with her brothers. Tinu gives his saving bank as gift. She says its heavy and has much money, take this and give me love, that’s enough for me. Guddu says you said love is enough, I did not get gift. Santoshi says I want gift. Sharmili asks Guddu to gift Santoshi, and gives file. Guddu gives lottery file and says its bond paper, I m depositing money so that you get more money, I have become responsible, sign on this and take your gift. Santoshi says this is in English. Guddu asks her to sign. Daksha says we all signed on it.

Santoshi goes to get pen. Tinu goes to meet Dhairya. He talks to Dhairya. Santoshi comes there and Tinu says I got to know everything, I know Dhairya loves you a lot like us. Ghungroo comes. Santoshi sits to sign on papers and it fly by air. Dhairya picks papers and reads agreement. He keeps papers back. He tells Tinu that never sign on any paper without reading.

Santoshi looks on. Dhairya says a brother tells a sister that he is depositing money, and took her sign, then it was known brother got sister’s share by cheat, as sister did not know English, its good with that sister, she cheated her husband and her brother cheated her. Tinu asks why are you saying me. Dhairya says I m saying so that no one cheats you.

Santoshi angrily takes file and goes to Guddu. She slaps Guddu hard. Santoshi scolds Guddu for cheating her, and says its rakhi day and you have put relation on stake, you did not keep my trust. She asks him to leave from her house. Daksha asks what did Guddu do. Santoshi says Guddu did many mistakes till now, these papers are fake. Guddu asks what proof you have. Santoshi says its house selling papers. Guddu says you don’t know English. She says my husband knows good English, you thought I don’t have husband. Daksha cries and says Guddu took our signs too, we all signed. She beats Guddu. Sharmili thinks now they will beat me, I should leave. Tinu says Sharmili is running. Daksha beats Sharmili. Tinu tells Santoshi that he will never trouble her and hugs her. She says I know. He asks her not to cry. Tinu and everyone leave.

Santoshi says Dhairya told me truth despite being angry, I should thank him. She goes to thank Dhairya. She tells him that her parents’ sign got saved because of him. She goes to get coffee for him, and thinks Dhairya talks bitter, but worries for her.

Sinduri stops Pratap and asks what did you see. He asks what will anyone think seeing this. She says I don’t know how you will convince Dhairya. He says he won’t agree. She says you have to make him agree. He says there is one way, and tells her. He says just do this, I will support you. He goes. She says its very easy for me to do this. Santoshi stops Sinduri and warns her of police. Gaumata talks to Santoshi Maa. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi tied rakhi to me, so I have to protect her, she realized mistake and wants to rectify it, this will be good.

Daksha brings Guddu and Sharmili home and beats them. Madhuri asks what happened. Daksha tells everyone that Guddu fooled us and took our signs, he sold this house. Madhuri asks how can you say this. Daksha says I have solid proof. Tinu tells them everything. They all get shocked.

Santoshi asks Sinduri to give food to Dhairya and goes. Sinduri says sometimes we have to become good to do bad. She adds something in Santoshi’s food. Swarnrekha serves Gaumata food. Gaumata is pleased with Swarnrekha, and says very soon you will get back to Devi, Santoshi Maa and three devis love true path. Swarnrekha thinks I will teach you all a lesson. Sinduri goes to Dhairya and thinks tonight you are just mine and I m yours.

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