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The Episode starts with Santoshi saying we will find your cow first. Santoshi Maa calls Gaumata there. She says my cow has come, I will give you water and treat your illness, come. She takes Santoshi to a house and shuts door. She gives her water. She looks at Santoshi’s infection. Santoshi does not show her. Santoshi Maa says would you not share your sorrow with your mom, regard me your mom, show me your hand. Santoshi says I see my mom in you, don’t know how did this happen suddenly.

Santoshi Maa says don’t worry, every disease has cure in this world, I know many people who know herbal medicine, I will call someone in morning. She asks Santoshi to have some kheer. She insists and asks her to have it, and get fine soon. Santoshi eats the kheer. She coughs and asks do you stay alone here.

Santoshi Maa thinks its some big problem, I have to do something. She says I stay alone, my parents stay away. They have a talk.

Santoshi Maa asks her to rest in her lap, I will make you sleep today. She sings lullaby and makes Santoshi sleep She gets a white cloth and it turns red. Santoshi Maa thinks whats this disease, I have to take this cloth to Devlok and test it there.

Its morning, Dadi wakes up in the temple and looks for Santoshi. Pandit says Santoshi went, you also go home, pray for her, maybe she will get fine and come soon. Dadi prays and cries.

Madhu asks Dhairya to have some food. Madhuri and Daksha come crying there. They argue and threaten Dhairya. Dhairya scolds them and asks them to go anywhere, they won’t get any money, get out. Madhu stops Dhairya and says no use to talk to them. She gives them money. They get glad. Madhu asks them to leave. Daksha says fine, after this money ends, we will come again as we have to treat Santoshi. They leave. Dhairya says you spoiled them. Madhu says I will manage.

Daksha and Madhuri get glad seeing so much money. Kaka stops them and asks about Santoshi. He says tell me if you need money, I will come to meet her tomorrow. Daksha thinks then secret will be out, I have to find Santoshi before he comes. She says sure, we will be glad. They leave. Vidya says I found them strange, they hurried and left. Kaka says maybe they are worried for Santoshi, I wish she gets fine soon.

Santoshi looks for Amma, and feeds the cow. She talks to Gaumata and says I feel like I m with my mum. Santoshi Maa asks Narad why is he in dilemma. Narad says yes, give me some time more. Three devis look on. Narad checks the cloth and puts some powders. He says Santoshi has big infection, this chemical is not from earth, this is from Asurs, which they made to use against Devtas. Devi Parvati says then how did this reach Santoshi. Devi Laxmi says did Asurs start hurting humans, but why. Narad says maybe someone from Devlok is doing this. Devi Laxmi asks who will do this. Santoshi Maa says we have to find out who is doing this, I remember there was some circle around Santoshi, which came from sky. Devi Saraswati says there is a Asur woman, who is related to Asurs, we know her, did she do this. Narad asks are you saying about Devi Paulmi….. Devi Parvati says Devi Paulmi did not do right by giving pain to Devi Santoshi’s devotee, she will be punished for this.

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