Santoshi Maa 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Prabal agrees to battle Santoshi Maa

Santoshi Maa 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya threatening to kill himself and stopping doctor from doing Santoshi’s post mortem. Inspector says we will not do anything, stop. Santoshi Maa sees Santoshi’s body getting close to get destroyed. Asur informs Asur Raj about Santoshi Maa getting Adishakti Maa powers and coming to attack. Asur Raj tells Devi Paulmi to think of something, why is she calm, is she not worried. She says Santoshi Maa can’t do anything till Mahadev has given us time, I m worried for Prabal, he is getting in big danger, we have to contact him and tell him to give us Santoshi’s soul, we will win even then as her body is going to get ruined. They learn about Prabal hiding in yaksh lok.

Inspector asks Dhairya to accept that Santoshi has left him, she is dead. Santoshi Maa says I

can’t leave Prabal, he has to bear the punishment. Prabal sees Santoshi’s asur avatar and gets glad. He says I can’t stay without you, have this yaksh look fruit. Devi Paulmi shouts Prabal…..He gets shocked and says our love enemies have found this place, we have to leave. He calls his vaahan. She asks him to stop, he can get Santoshi forever. Prabal refuses. Devi Paulmi says Prabal can get saved if he does as we say. Prabal says we will disappear again. Dhairya says Miracle will happen. Santoshi Maa will make her alive, leave Santoshi, else I will kill myself. Inspector says fine, you have to do formalities, you have to sign some papers. Dhairya asks where to sign. They catch Dhairya. Dhairya says don’t touch my Santoshi. He stops the doctor.

Santoshi Maa follows Prabal and asks him to give Santoshi’s soul, else get ready to give his life. Ashwin Kumar pray for Santoshi. Dhairya and Inspector see Santoshi gone. Inspector says you have done this. Dhairya says I didn’t do anything, Santoshi Maa saved Santoshi. Inspector asks did you go mad. He sends ward boys to find her. Dhairya thanks Santoshi Maa.

Gaumata leaves from Santoshi’s body and hides her. Ward boy sees the body slipping off and shouts ghost. Santoshi Maa asks Prabal to leave Santoshi’s soul. He refuses.

She comes in front of him and stops. He flies away. Inspector says Dhairya tell me where did you hide dead body. Dhairya says I didn’t do anything. Santoshi Maa saved Santoshi. Inspector asks what nonsense. He goes out to see.

Prabal gets Santoshi to asur lok and says we are safe here. He gets shocked seeing Santoshi Maa with the Divyaastra. Santoshi Maa says cheat and lies can’t get saved. Ward boy tells inspector about the ghost. He takes them to show Santoshi’s dead body. Santoshi Maa attacks Prabal. She gets shocked seeing Santoshi in asur avatar. Santoshi Maa says you did big crime, you took life of my dearest devotee and making her asur woman, if you return me her soul, you will get saved, this is your last chance. Prabal refuses to give his love. He says we love each other, its not justice to separate lovers. Santoshi Maa says this talk of justice doesn’t suit you, you did crime to separate Dhairya and Santoshi, love is sacrifice, snatching love is not true love. Asur tells Asur Raj that no one can save Prabal from Santoshi Maa. Asur Raj asks Devi Paulmi to save him. She says I have to save him unwillingly.

Police doesn’t find Santoshi’s body. Inspector scolds ward boy. Gaumata makes a tree fall. They get diverted. Ward boy says its some ghost. Santoshi Maa gives last warning to Prabal, else she will punish him. Prabal asks her to do anything, his love is Santoshi, none can snatch her, he won’t lose now. Santoshi Maa says then get ready for the war. He says fine, I m ready, I won’t leave Santoshi to even Kaal.

Santoshi Maa and Prabal battle.

Update Credit to: Amena

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