Santoshi Maa 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trishna going to temple to kill Trishna. She stops at the entrance. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi Maa can stop my devotee till the entrance, then she will surely do her work. Trishna says I will wait for her here. She hides. Dhairya is on the way and says I have seen all colors of life with Santoshi, now I want to live all moments with Santoshi. Kaka plays with Rudrakshi and gets tired. Rudrakshi thinks of Santoshi and asks him to call her. Kaka calls Santoshi. She answers call. He says Rudrakshi is missing you, talk to her.

Santoshi goes out of the temple while talking to Rudrakshi. Trishna says I m waiting for you. Trishna catches Santoshi. Rudrakshi hears sound and worries. Kaka asks Santoshi where is she. Santoshi screams. Dadi and everyone run to see. Santoshi fights

with Trishna. Guddi asks Trishna to leave Santoshi. Trishna throws away all of them.

She says don’t come in my way today. Dadi asks someone to save Santoshi. Trishna drags Santoshi. Dhairya reaches there and runs to save Santoshi. Trishna goes to stab her. Santoshi Maa looks on. Dhairya picks a rod and throws at Trishna. She falls down. He runs to Santoshi and asks is she fine.

Trishna thinks Dhairya used to love me the most, but today he does not want to see me because of Santoshi. She says the man who loves someone else can’t be mine, Dhairya has to die today. Santoshi sees Trishna hitting stone. Trishna hits stone at Dhairya’s head. Dhairya faints. Santoshi asks him to wake up.

Guddu, Sharmili and Dadi try to find them. Santoshi ties cloth to Dhairya’s wound. Trishna says I know Dhairya can never be mine because of Santoshi. She picks a boulder. Santoshi gets shocked. She sees a sickle and picks it. She says you can’t kill my husband and throws the sickle at Trishna’s head. Trishna gets beheaded.

Devi Paulmi says my devotee did mistake by attacking on Dhairya, she should have attacked Santoshi. Santoshi prays to Santoshi Maa. Santoshi Maa says Dhairya can’t die like this. Guddu and Sharmili get shocked seeing Trishna beheaded. Guddi thinks what did Santoshi do. Guddu runs to get water for Dhairya. Sharmili asks Santoshi to trust Santoshi Maa.

Kaka and Rudrakshi are on the way. Guddu says police will take Santoshi, murdering someone is a sin. Sharmili asks him to call ambulance, Santoshi did this in defense. Trishna gets her head back on her body. She gets fine. Sharmili, Santoshi and Guddu get shocked. Guddu calls for ambulance. Gaumata says how can Trishna get alive after dying. Santoshi Maa says we have to find a solution, else it will be disaster with my devotee.

Dhairya gets conscious. Santoshi asks is he fine. Doctor comes and checks Dhairya. He says whoever tied cloth to him has done good thing, he could have died by much blood loss, he can get unconscious, I will give him medicines. Santoshi Maa meets Brahmadev and apologizes for breaking his dhyaan, but he will be shocked knowing what happened. He asks what happened. She tells everything. She says her head joined her body. He asks how is this possible, don’t worry, I will call Yamdev and find out, I assure you this won’t happen again. Santoshi gets Dhairya to Dadi’s house. Santoshi asks Dhairya not to worry. Dadi says Santoshi Maa will make him fine. Sharmili says Guddu went to get milk. Kaka and Rudrakshi come with Guddu. Kaka says thank Lord Dhairya got saved, Trishna’s terror is increasing, just Santoshi Maa can save us from her. Rudrakshi holds Dhairya’s forehead and heals his wound.

She says nothing will happen to you, I will be with you till I get fine. Dhairya gets up. Santoshi asks him to rest. Dhairya says I m fine, don’t take tension. They all get shocked. Daksha thinks how did this happen. Kaka says miracle happened because of Santoshi Maa. They thank Maa. Rudrakshi hugs him.

Brahmadev checks the fate book. Santoshi Maa says there is no entry of Trishna. He asks how did she reach dhartilok. Devi Paulmi says Trishna has come in devtas sight, if she does not do her work, her revenge will be incomplete. Brahmadev asks Yamdev to go and get Trishna. Trishna tells Kamini that Devi Paulmi saved her. She thanks Devi Paulmi. Kamini says yes, just she can do such miracle. Trishna says we have to attack on Dhairya, Santoshi and Rudrakshi. Kamini says yes, we have to wait for right time.

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