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Santoshi Maa 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushpa taking Santoshi’s name. Santoshi drops the milk glass in shock. Pushpa says I had fight with Santoshi few days back. Santoshi asks when. Pushpa says Santoshi said she wants to make her place in this house. Riya thinks its good our plan worked. Pushpa says Santoshi is jealous of me, she does not like me. Pratap and Madhu ask Pushpa what is she saying. Inspector arrests Santoshi. Santoshi asks Pushpa to say truth. Kaka defends Santoshi. Santoshi asks Madhu to tell inspector. Madhu says Santoshi is saying true, she did not do anything, leave her. Inspector gets angry and says enough, talk in court now.

Gaumata says Devi Paulmi has sentSantoshi to jail. Santoshi Maa says its test of truth, lies can’t stay for long, truth wins at the end. Seshnath meets Dhairya and

says I need some money, I worked hard, I have thrown Santoshi in pit, but she got saved. Dhairya refuses to give him money and goes. Nupur says I hears everything, come with me. She thinks to take Seshnath in confidence and know everything. Seshnath asks for some money. She gives money and asks him to say. He says I came to ask princess about her jewelry, she has sold much jewelry, I thought to get jeweler to sell more of her jewelry.

Nupur thinks Devi Paulmi is not rich, but I need to sell my policy. She asks why did you meet Dhairya. He says so that I get some work, I can speak up by more money. She gives him more money. He tells her something and she gets shocked. He leaves with Guddu and says we got much money today. Guddu shows the phone and says I have stolen this from Nupur’s room, its Nupur’s phone, I will show this expensive phone to my friends. He sees the video of Riya cutting the wire to give shock to Santoshi. Seshnath smiles and thinks don’t know who is with Riya. He says now it will be good, now Dhairya can’t say no to us, Guddu you did great work. Guddu says I m your son, I will always make your name shine.

Madhu tells inspector that Pushpa has no proof, how can you believe her. He asks her to say everything in court. She asks Ujwal to make Santoshi’s bail papers. Narad says Santoshi looks scared, how will she stay in jail, is there any solution. Santoshi Maa says yes, but Brahmadev has solution, he has sent Devi Paulmi on earth and he can call her back to devlok, we have to make him helpless this time. Madhu says Ujwal is saying all proof is against Santoshi, so he will not fight criminal’s case, its two day leave and Santoshi can’t get bail. Kaka asks inspector to see if Santoshi can kill anyone. A lady inspector walks in and says face can’t show anyone is criminal or not. She says I m sorry, law works on evidence, my name is Devki, I don’t like people who irritate. Pratap asks her to mind her language. She says I know you are Mishra family, I know everything.

She says just after two days, Santoshi will be presented in court, hire in good lawyer, get bail papers if you can, go now, don’t waste time. Pratap says fine, come Madhu. Pratap and Madhu leave. Kaka asks Santoshi not to worry. Inspector sends him and slaps Santoshi. Santoshi cries and is sent to lockup.

Its morning, Dhairya and Riya ceberate that Santoshi will be away from their lives. They ask Devi Paulmi to drink. Devi Paulmi thinks I can’t drink and tells them. She says we should think what to do now, we have to get Riya and Dhairya married. Riya asks Dhairya to tell Madhu that he has to marry her. Nupur jokes on Madhu. Madhu hears this and gets angry. She goes.

Dhairya gets MMS from Seshnath’s phone. He goes out and checks video. Seshnath calls him. He blackmails Dhairya for money. Dhairya asks him to meet in evening. He goes to Riya. Riya thanks Devi Paulmi for help. Dhairya takes Riya to talk. Nupur and Devi Paulmi talk about finding out what happened. Dhairya shows video to Riya and asks how can you be so stupid, we all can get caught. Devi Paulmi says anyone can do mistake, Riya was ready to do anything to get her love, so she did this to make Santoshi leave. Dhairya says we all can go to jail, I really love her, so I m in tension. Devi Paulmi assures she will do something.

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  1. Well, the police lady is treating Santoshi like she just got her hands on the leader of a campaign of genocide. She is just accused of giving a little electric shock to a maid, come on!

  2. I saw the pre cap in it Paulomi was giving bribe to inspector to torture Santoshi. Its disgusting

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