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Santoshi Maa 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi being shocked seeing Dhairya at gun point. She beats the goon. The other goon beats Dhairya. Dhairya fights with him, while Santoshi beats one. She says you will beat my husband and gets her anger out. She throws mud in the goons’ eyes. The man says I will not leave you. She hits him and rushes to save Dhairya. She throws stone at the goon. The goon takes gun and stops them.

Santoshi pushes the man and Dhairya takes the gun. He warns them and shoots in air. The goons run away. Santoshi sees his hand wounded and cleans it. She cares for him and he looks at her. Devi Paulmi comes there and says Santoshi did Patni Dharm, see what your husband gives you for this work. A spider gets on him and he hits it. He gets angry and asks Santoshi to stay away. He scolds her.

She says I was just helping you. He says who asked you to help, I would have sent you with those goons. He leaves. She gets sad.

Narad tells Santoshi Maa about Santoshi facing the problems. She says none knows about problems changing in future. He says you said true. She says the bitterness between Santoshi and Dhairya, the reason is not Devi Paulmi, Dhairya did not like Santoshi and Devi Paulmi used this chance. Narad says I m sad for Santoshi, she has to go her home without any help.

Santoshi asks a man to give her lift for free. The man says I will take money. She says I don’t have. The man refuses and leaves. Narad tells Santoshi Maa that any other woman would have gone back. Santoshi Maa says this is difference between my devotee and others, the person who stays strong and has patience, always wins.

Dhairya comes home. Kaka thinks Santoshi came and asks Pushpa to get aarti plate and kalash. He says thank God that Santoshi became my bahu, I will do this work. Dhairya come alone. Kaka asks where is Santoshi. Dhairya kicks the kalash and throws aarti plate angrily. Madhu looks on. Dhairya says I have left Santoshi in middle of the jungle, she will come, she should not get comforts, she is maid of this house and should know her place. Kaka asks what nonsense. Dhairya says I m saying truth, she will come if she wants, don’t take tension. He goes to his room. Kaka gets angry and waits for Santoshi.

Daksha calls at Dhairya’s house and scolds Pushpa. She asks for Santoshi. Madhu takes call and says she went to get fresh, she can’t talk to you. Daksha asks why did you get angry. Daksha asks is Santoshi fine, did you do anything with her, till I talk to her, I will not end call, if anything happens to Santoshi, it won’t be right. Santoshi comes home and takes phone. She talks to Daksha and says I came running from room, what happened, I will talk later. She ends call. Madhu scolds Santoshi. Nupur gifts her something and asks her to check it fast. Santoshi opens the box. Madhu and Nupur smile. Santoshi sees the cleaning cloth, wiper and other things a maid needs.

Madhu says marriage drama is over, go and make dinner. Santoshi goes. Kaka feels bad. Madhu asks Kaka not to talk in between them. She stops Santoshi and says its Dhairya’s room upstairs, your place is still same, don’t go near Dhairya. Nupur says very smart Santoshi, you chose a room too, you felt you will stay in Dhairya’s room and we won’t do anything. Madhu says she forgot her place, we will remind her. Madhu scolds her angrily calling Santoshi as Dhairya’s mistake and goes.

Kaka pacifies Santoshi and says don’t worry, everything will be fine with time. Dhairya sits to drink. Madhu asks what is he doing. He asks what shall I do to get rid of my stress. She says you took your revenge by leaving her midway. He says I want to leave her away. Madhu says I understand your pain, you did mistake and have to bear punishment. He says you also feel this, I filled sindoor in her maang with my hand and hurts his hand by breaking a glass. Madhu cries and asks did you get mad. His hand bleeds. Santoshi looks on.

Vidya sees Kranti Maa’s pravachan and Santoshi says I will see it too. She gets shocked seeing that girl who lied about Dhairya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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