Santoshi Maa 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ujwal applying medicine to Rudrakshi. She screams. Dhairya asks for doctor. Ujwal says he will be coming. Dhairya checks medicine and says are you mad, this is expired medicine. Santoshi Maa prays to Mahadev for saving Rudrakshi. Kaka scolds Ujwal. Dhairya asks doctor to come fast, his daughter is hurt. Santoshi Maa gives him bhabhut to apply. Ujwal says this churan is also open, you scolded me. Santoshi Maa says this will make her fine, its ayurvedic herb.

Santoshi applies it. Rudrakshi calms down. Doctor comes. Dhairya checks her. Doctor says you did right to apply this to her wound, there is nothing to worry, she is fine. He does the aid. Devi Paulmi gets angry and says I will get Santoshi Maa punished this time. Santoshi and Kaka thank Santoshi Maa for helping Rudrakshi.


paulmi comes to Brahmadev. Narad says she looks worried, you listen to her first. She says Devi Santoshi is using her powers. He asks what problem do you have, you blamed her before also, you are blaming her again. Brahmadev and Narad see Santoshi Maa. Brahmadev asks Devi Paulmi is she doing this for enmity, Santoshi Maa’s punishment is going to end. She thinks my plan will flop. Doctor says wound will get heal, Sadhvi Maa’s medicine was like a miracle, thanks. She says it was Mahadev’s miracle. Dhairya says you are very lucky for us. Gaumata says Maa has saved Rudrakshi easily. Narad comes to devis and greet. He says I got imp news, Devi Paulmi has gone in anger, she will attack for the final time. Devi Parvati asks him not to worry.

Devi Paulmi burns her place. She tells Asur Raj that Devi Santoshi failed her many times. He asks her to do the same. She says yes, I have to play game like her. Tinu asks Seshnath to have medicine. Seshnath agrees. Devi Parvati says Santoshi Maa’s punishment is ending now. The devis talk to Brahmadev. He chants mantras signing Devi Santoshi to come back.

Rudrakshi wakes up and says I m fine now. Kaka thanks Santoshi Maa. It starts thundering. Kaka says how did storm come suddenly. Santoshi Maa gets the message. Storm gets calm. Santoshi Maa says now its time for me to leave. Santoshi asks why, did we do any mistake. Santoshi Maa says no, everything has a time, so I have to leave, my blessings are always with you. She goes. Kaki says things were so peaceful with her arrival, now I feel lonely. Paulomika says I will try to stop her. Santoshi Maa sprinkles kamaldal water in the room. She asks Paulomika what happened, come to me. Paulomika says I want to make you my friend, have this milk. Devi Paulmi says have this milk, it has much poison which is sufficient to kill a human. Santoshi Maa smiles. Paulomika asks her to take the milk. Devi Paulmi says your image will end on earth. Paulomika says I know, you just love Rudrakshi, not me. Gaumata says why is she giving milk to her. Devi Parvati says its big disaster. Santoshi Maa smiles.

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