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Santoshi Maa 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Santoshi crying and seeing Santoshi Maa’s pic. Dhairya comes and says Sinduri is doing strange things, why are you sitting here, what happened. She says I m worried because of Sinduri, we are coming close and I feel Lord did not write happiness in my fate. He says I m with you, why to get scared, I will talk to Pratap, I will call Papa to find solution, don’t worry. She hugs him.

Devraj Indra comes back to Indralok. Brahmadev smiles. Indradev greets him and says I have conquered all the loks. He says I got this gift after winning over Naaglok. Brahmadev asks whats this black blead with the white pearls. Indradev gets the black bead and a cloth is attached to it. He pulls the never ending cloth and gets tired. Brahmadev asks everyone to be silent in Dev sabha. Indradev

pulls the cloth out and a lady appears out of the box. Brahmadev asks who are you Devi. She says I m Swarnrekha, princess of Naaglok, we lost to Indradev and my father gave me as gift to him so that Devlok and Naaglok has friendship. Devraj Indra smiles.

Brahmadev says DevRaj Indra won her, leave her to his Prasad Kaksh, why are you worried Devi. She says I m not any thing, I m a girl, who can have dreams, won’t you ask me what I want. Brahmadve says you are gifted to Devraj Indra. She says because women is just regarded a thing, my father and Devraj Indra regarded me as a thing, can’t I expect anything from my life, will a woman not be respected in Devlok. Brahmadev says sure, she is Devlok’s guest, do arrangements for her food and stay. She thanks him.

Dhairya talks to Pratap about Sinduri. Pratap thinks Dhairya did not do anything when Madhu was troubled. Dhairya asks why did you get Sinduri here. Pratap recalls Madhu’s words and says Madhu kept Sinduri to cook food, I can’t fire her, Santoshi refused to cook for Madhu, I can’t put myself in trouble, you can go. Dhairya leaves. Pratap thinks I will not leave Santoshi.

Narad comes and greets Devraj Indra. He asks why are you worried, can you tell me the reason. Indra says I won, but I feel incomplete. Narad says you have won, but your supremacy lost, you won Naaglok, but not Sundari Swarnleka, you lost to her. Indra says but I like this failure, I like to lose more. Narad smiles. Kaki asks Pushpa to call some ghost catcher baba. Pushpa asks why. Kaki asks her not to worry and just call him. Pushpa goes.

Pratap asks Madhu for his blue coat. Madhu gets cream coat and asks who is Sinduri, from where did you get her. He asks why, did she say anything. She says Sinduri says she is Santoshi, her behavior is strange. Pratap says you should not focus on them, Sinduri is mad. Madhu asks how can this happen, I feel I have seen her doings before. He says why do we care, she won’t become Santoshi if she says. She says I will make her Santoshi, real and fake Santoshi will fight in this house now.

A tantric baba comes and says no need to be scared, I will start havan, get her whom that ghost caught. Dhairya says its all useless. Santoshi says we don’t have any other option. He says I did not see ghost, how to believe this. Kaki asks him to do this if he wants to get Santoshi. He says fine, I will get her. Gaumata asks whats this, Santoshi is also believing in ghosts. Santoshi Maa smiles and gets white lotus in her hand. She asks whats this. Gaumata says its Brahmadev’s lotus. Santoshi Maa says it can be ordinary lotus too, like you have devotion for Brahmadev, you feel every lotus is of Brahmadev, same way Santoshi loves her husband and she can accept anything in his love, don’t worry.

Madhu asks Sinduri how is she claiming to be Santoshi. Sinduri says I can tell past incidences to prove I m real Santoshi. Madhu says you know you gave me electric shock and you tried to kill me. Sinduri says yes, I did all that, but forgive me, it was your mistake, you behaved bad with me. Madhu thinks Sinduri is mad and heard someone, but she can stand against Santoshi. She says you did many mistakes, so I m firing you from job. Sinduri falls in her feet and apologizes. Madhu smiles and says fine, I can forgive you on one condition, you have to trouble Santoshi that she leaves. Sinduri asks what do you mean. Madhu tells her plan. Sinduri accepts her condition and thinks now real game started, everything is fair in love and war. Madhu asks her to go. Sinduri goes. Madhu says I m using Sinduri to make Santoshi leave, I will not leave Sinduri too after Santoshi goes away. She smiles.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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