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Santoshi Maa 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhvi crying. She says Amma I don’t think Santoshi can arrange money, try to arrange money and save Seshnath. Dadi says don’t cry, I trust Santoshi. Santoshi gets the money and gives to doctor, asking him to save Seshnath. Guddu takes money and says we got money, whats problem now. Daksha thinks how did Santoshi get money. Doctor says sister will explain you operation procedure and asks them to fill the form. Guddu fills forms and says I will manage everything. Daksha asks Santoshi how did she get so much money. Santoshi says I will say once Seshnath’s operation gets over. Dadi says its hospital, don’t do drama here. Daksha says tell me, did you steal money. Dadi says wait, I will ask her.

Dadi asks Santoshi how did she get money. Santoshi says I got it from

Madhu madam. Daksha asks did you take it from salary, I will not leave you, I want salary. Santoshi says we can talk later, let operation done first. Daksha says I will take money accounts.

Devi Paulmi sees the fishes and touches one to make it deadly for others. Narad comes and greets her. She smiles and asks him to see how one fish got over all fishes by her help, even humans are same, by my help they can also ruin Santoshi. Narad tells her that Santoshi has strong devotion, moving her out of the way is tough. She sees two trees and makes the butterflies sit from one tree to another tree. She says till Santoshi walks on other’s guidance, she is just puppet. I will see how your Devi Santoshi gets her devotee free from this problem.

Doctor does operation and tells them that it was successful. He says we have to keep him here for 2-3 hours, then you can take him home. Madhvi asks can we meet him. He says yes, after some hours. Santoshi thanks doctor. Guddu and Daksha take the credit for saving Seshnath. Santoshi recalls Madhu’s words. Dadi says they will never change, let them go, they are selfish. Santoshi thinks how to tell them, and prays to Santoshi Maa to get courage.

Seshnath comes home and says I m fine, its not my time to die. Dadi says you were paying for someone’s sin and stares at Madhvi. Madhvi asks what did I do. Dadi asks shall I say and pulls her ears. She says you tried to spoil Santoshi’s fast, you added lemon in the Prasad. Seshnath recalls the idea was his. Madhvi says leave me, I did not do anything. Daksha signs Bittoo. Dadi says I won’t be quiet now, my son is paying for your crimes, if Santoshi was not here, don’t know what would have happened to Seshnath. Madhvi asks why, what did Santoshi do. Dadi says selfish creep and raises hand. Santoshi stops Dadi and says now I have to go on work. Daksha thinks Santoshi stopped the drama. Santoshi tells Seshnath that she will meet him later and goes.

Daksha sweeps the ground and says Santoshi will get loss, if she goes late for work, what will happen. Madhvi feels hungry and goes to have food. Santoshi packs her bags and tells Dadi that she will leave. Daksha says fine, why this bag. Dadi asks is everything fine, you look worried. Santoshi says no, its all fine. Dadi asks will you come back at night. Daksha asks her to stay there and settle. Santoshi cries and says I will come sometimes. They get shocked. Daksha asks why, who will work here. Dadi asks Santoshi whats the matter, say truth. Santoshi says nothing, I have to pay the advance loan by extra work. Daksha says fine. Santoshi says I will leave now. She thinks how to tell them that she has sold herself. Daksha thinks Santoshi is hiding something.

Dadi asks Santoshi to take care. Santoshi prays to Maa. Maa blesses her. Santoshi leaves. Dadi worries and cries. Dhairya recalls Santoshi slapping her and is angry. Madhu goes to him. She asks why is he coming home late and shutting door, is he annoyed. He asks her to leave him alone. She asks what happened. He says that girl…. She asks Pushpa to keep kheer here. She sends Pushpa out.

She makes Dhairya have kheer which she made for him. He asks whats good news to have sweets. She says there is good news and feeds him kheer. She says I bought a toy for my son. He asks am I a kid to play with a toy. She says you are my brother in law, but I raised you like a son, and kids are given toys. He says I know you love me, and I hate that girl Santoshi.

She says I know, give me some time, then you will know what toy I m talking about. They see Santoshi coming inside the gate. He says absolutely, but where is my toy. She says that’s the toy, I have bought her with 1 lakhs, how could I let her go as she slapped my son. He says you are great, that’s why I love you. She thinks now I will give reply to Santoshi.

Kaka tells about Santoshi Maa’s miracle that Vidya got fine. Madhu says its not any Maa’s miracle. Santoshi asks them to do Santoshi’s Maa Bhakti and see. Dhairya shuts her mouth with a tape.

Update Credit to: Amena

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