Santoshi Maa 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daksha saying how can I arrange money. Bua insults Daksha. Daksha argues. Bua scares her. Daksha says what was the need to get three grooms in mandap, I told you to get one groom here and do anything in inlaws, just 2 lakhs are remaining. The guy asks her to give money. Daksha says you won’t kill me right. Bua gives her 3 weeks to return money, else she knows other ways. Daksha says have pity. Bittoo comes there. The guy says you have to pay, else we will take her too along with Santoshi. Daksha gets shocked.

Bua says yes, this is right and they leave. The guy stares at Bittoo and smiles. He leaves. Daksha shouts that she has spent money, what shall I do, if anything happens to Bittoo, it won’t be good. Santoshi wonders whats happening. Dadi stops Santoshi and

says I will die, but not let anything happen to you. Santoshi says I know, but I m scared, I wish I had courage from you. Dadi says courage comes from devotion. She says Santoshi Maa is always with us. She gets knee pain and says she got old. Santoshi asks her to rest, she will massage her knees.

Tinu comes and Dadi hugs him. Santoshi applies ointment to Tinu’s hand. Madhvi gets ready. Daksha taunts her and asks her to pay half loss. Madhvi scolds her and says he won’t pay anything. Daksha argues. She goes and counts money and thinks to sell off gold jewelry. She says even this won’t get much money to repay. She calls a agency and asks for a rich family and good paying job for Santoshi. The man assures that he will find nice job. Daksha is glad.

Dadi tells Santoshi about her parents, and how good they were. Santoshi asks her not to lose good memories in tears, I m here for you. Dadi blesses her and says your parents would have done your marriage well and grand way, we will it grand, there will be a family who keep you as a princess.

A lavish house is shown. The lady sees her profile and likes her. She says I will set this girl, she is good. Pushpa calls the agency and says Madhu wants a permanent maid this time, send Santoshi tomorrow, madam will see her tomorrow and then decide. He says Santoshi will come tomorrow. He calls Daksha and gives address of Lucknow, and says pay is 13000rs, if work is set, then salary will increase. Daksha says I will send her. She collides with Madhvi. Madhvi gets hurt and argues. Daksha smiles and says its good Santoshi did not hear anything.

Its morning, Daksha comes to wake up Dadi and Santoshi. She acts sweet. Dadi says I will not forgive you. Daksha says no one will trust me, I know I did wrong, but I regret. Dadi asks her to swear and say she changed. Daksha says fine. Santoshi says no need. She makes Dadi forgive Daksha. Daksha gives tea to Santoshi. She gets puzzled. Daksha says I will make breakfast and smiles wickedly. She asks Santoshi to help her in kitchen.

Santoshi goes to help Daksha. Daksha says someone needs a cook, can you go to help, I would have gone, but I have to manage this house, can you do this for Janardhan, he will get promotion. Santoshi agrees and asks for address. Daksha says you have to go Lucknow. Santoshi gets shocked.

Madhu’s son is shown riding a bike in high speed. Santoshi comes Lucknow. Madhu’s husband Pratap shows his empty wallet and says you might have given money to your useless son. Santoshi asks the address to that guy, and he slaps her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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