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Santoshi Maa 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya seeing the rain and recalling Riya. Vidya says we don’t know where is Lord, but we know Lord is in our hearts, we should not hurt anyone’s heart, what did Santoshi do, why are you hurting her. He says my day is not spent well because of her. She says you are mistaken, the other girl did this and Santoshi is blamed, do we know who has sent that girl. Dhairya says Santoshi sent that girl to Riya. Vidya says calm down, don’t get angry, we know Santoshi, we are sure she can’t ruin anyone’s lives, I think that girl cheated her and you are punishing her, go and get her, you married her, respect the sindoor, its your duty towards her, come with me, we will bring her and show her to come good doctor. He makes Vidya leave the room and says I can’t hear your lecture

more. He shuts the door.

Santoshi and Dadi are in temple. Santoshi talks to Maa and says I m ready to walk on the way you show me, just bless me. Pandit comes there and sees Santoshi with the allergy. He asks her to leave from temple. She asks him not to say this. He says if I let you stay here, others will catch this infection, go to ashram, they will get you treated too. She asks for some time. Pandit scolds her and asks her to think about Dadi, if she gets this illness, where will she go in this age. She cries recalling Dhairya’s words. Pandit asks her to go far that none can see her, and I will drop Dadi tomorrow. She says fine, I will go, tell my Dadi that I went by my wish, no one made me leave. She thinks she can’t play with Dadi’s health. She cries seeing Dadi sleeping, and leaves.

Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa why do humans see beauty and not heart. Santoshi Maa says that’s why humans are called unaware, they don’t see heart beauty, they don’t remember fakeness can get ruined anytime, but heart softness never changes, we should be careful that one’s value does not get less by changing place, Santoshi’s state is like these fishes, which need love and protection, I m sure she will get such love.

Kaka asks Vidya did she try to convince Dhairya. He says I knew Dhairya will not listen to you, what can we expect from them, who always insults parents, how shall I bless my son, I think it will rain, come. She says mother can’t be hard hearted and worries. He wishes Vidya stays fine.

Santoshi leaves from the temple. Devi Paulmi smiles seeing her. She says you will be wandering, this night will make your bad state, your life’s every moment will be painful than death. Santoshi walks on road and recalls pandit’s words. She says my inlaws, maayka and pandit has made me leave, where shall I go now. Gaumata says Santoshi has become alone and helpless, where will she go now, her courage broke down, do something. Devi Paulmi says this is just beginning, this disease will give you more pain, your mental state can’t be balanced, I will get out satisfaction from your heart completely. She throws some waves down on earth and makes a tree fall down. She creates hurdles for Santoshi. Santoshi Maa comes there and hugs Santoshi.

Devi Paulmi and Devi Santoshi’s fight of powers continue. Devi Paulmi get angry and says you can’t help your devotee like this. Santoshi says I think I have seen you before. Santoshi Maa says I m Devi, I m the one who applied lep to your hands. Santoshi stops herself from hugging her, saying she has disease and she should be away. Santoshi Maa stops her and asks her to find her cow, do one thing, come with me, where will you go at night. Santoshi says I will help, but I can’t go your home. Santoshi Maa says illness will be cured, will power increases staying at home, don’t worry, there are many illnesses which look bad, but don’t lose self strength, I m with you, don’t think you are alone, come with me, I will do your cure.

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  1. As Usual this is one of the most spiritual/ heart warming serials that I have seen and happy to continue watching it……..

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