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Santoshi Maa 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with inspector asking about Janardhan and Seshnath. Dadi says I m also thinking where is he, I went to get medicines for his stomach ache. Madhuri worries for Seshnath. Dadi says he is not a small kid, don’t worry, he will come. Inspector thinks Seshnath did good planning, but where will he go. He says anyways, we took statement, we will catch culprit. Dadi says I will find out who did this with Santoshi. A cow runs after Seshnath. Seshnath runs to save his life and falls on police jeep. He asks inspector to save him, a mad cow is after me. He sees the cow gone. Inspector says stop making excuses, we were coming to arrest you. Seshnath asks what did you do. Inspector shows his kerchief. Seshnath thinks his fate is bad and says I did not do anything. Police takes Seshnath. Gaumata

says you did the sin and you have bear punishment.

Inspector tells Seshnath that you tried to kill someone, you can get life imprisonment or death sentence. Seshnath says forgive me, I will not do this again. Inspector throws water on his face. He asks Seshnath to get Guddu married to his daughter, if he wants to get free. Seshnath thinks this time I m caught, and says you know first Bittoo’s marriage has to be done, then Guddu’s, leave marriage, I can give you money. Inspector says I have money, I have to get my daughter married, I have a solution, Bittoo can marry my son, and Guddu can marry my daughter, tell me now, how is my plan. Seshnath says its really good.

Santoshi rests in Dadi’s lap and says I did not say anything to anyone, then who will wish to do this with me. Dadi says there are many enemies of good people. She makes Santoshi sleep. Seshnath comes home and cries. He starts acting and says thank God Santoshi is fine. Madhuri says your heart is like wax. Seshnath says I worry for everyone, I got a great proposal for Bittoo, inspector’s son… Bittoo says I don’t want to marry so soon. Daksha tells Seshnath that this will be his profit. Madhuri asks Seshnath to tell about the guy. Seshnath thinks even I don’t know this. He starts lying about the guy. He says Bittoo will get all the money. Daksha thinks its good proposal, I can rule in this house if I become inspector’s Samdhan. Bittoo says I won’t marry without seeing the guy. Madhuri asks is there anything else, why is she refusing. Bittoo gets angry and says I won’t marry. Janardhan comes home.

Seshnath says every girl has to marry some day. Janardhan asks them to stop it now, why are you pressurizing her if she does not want to marry. Seshnath says I m just explaining her. Madhuri says we will get related to inspector. Daksha says Janardhan will not understand, I like this proposal. Santoshi and Dadi hear them. Santoshi says its same guy who tried to make Bittoo’s film. They all get shocked. Bittoo recalls Radhe. Santoshi says Radhe tried to ruin Bittoo’s life, how can you agree. Bittoo hugs Santoshi and cries. She thanks Santoshi. Dadi scolds them for ruining Bittoo’s life. She feels unwell. Santoshi asks Dadi not to get angry. Janardha scolds them and takes Dadi to hospital.

Bittoo tells Daksha that Santoshi still worries for me, you all say bad about her, I will go with Dadi. Devi Paulmi says our plan failed, Santoshi is alive. Dhairya and Riya get shocked. Devi Paulmi tells her new plan. Nupur hears them and thinks to video record this for future use.

Santoshi comes back home. Santoshi asks Pushpa to help her. They see kitchen door locked. Pushpa gets the electric shock and faints. Devi Paulmi and Riya look on. Santoshi asks Pushpa what happened. Devi Paulmi says our plan failed again. Nupur records them. Everyone come there. Madhu asks how did Pushpa faint. Santoshi says Pushpa opened the kitchen door and fainted. Ujwal breaks the door open and checks the live wire. He shows them the wire and says Pushpa got electric shock. Kaka asks what are you saying. Ujwal says this wire was kept fixed in door and switch was on, which I made off now, I think someone did this intentionally. Kaka asks who will do this.

Riya and Dhairya put blame on Santoshi. Kaka asks Dhairya why will she do this. Devi Paulmi says its police work, police will find out, trying to kill anyone is big crime, culprit will be punished. Riya says yes, but first we will call doctor. Riya checks Pushpa and says her heartbeat is very slow, Dhairya help me, we will take her to her room. Madhu thinks Riya is such a liar and acting. Pratap calls doctor. Police comes there. They get shocked.

Ujwal tells about Pushpa getting injured. Pratap asks who called police, answer me. He says inspector you got mistaken, you can leave. Inspector says you won’t advice me, I think I was told about this woman Pushpa. Kaka says there is no attempt to murder, its small incident. Inspector says let me do my work. Inspector asks Pushpa to get up and tell him what happened with her. Pushpa gets conscious and shows Santoshi. They all get shocked.

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