Santoshi Maa 17th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi being scared of doing rasam with Dhairya. Pandit asks Dhairya to keep his hand over her hand. She recalls his words. He asks pandit is this necessary. The lady says why to be shy after suhaagraat, Santoshi has become your wife now. Seshnath gives Dhairya’s hand to Santoshi. They do the rituals. Pandit says its over. Madhuri says there is rasam, groom will apply gajra to bride’s hair. Dadi asks which is this rasam. Madhuri says Amma ji forgot it being old.

Madhuri gives gajra to Dhairya and asks him to fix it to Santoshi’s hair. Dhairya puts gajra over her head. Madhuri asks what is this way, she is your wife, put it by love. He thinks where did Maabhi stuck me. He unwillingly tries to do. Dadi says stop this joke and gives back gajra. Seshnath says Madhuri

fooled Dhairya.

Pandit says now everyone bless the newly weds. Dhairya says I have to go washroom. Dadi asks Santoshi to take him. Santoshi asks Dhairya to come with her. Dhairya gets angry being in such dirty place and taunts Santoshi. He throws water on her face and she gets shocked.

He scolds her and asks her to save her tears for her family. He goes. She cries and goes to everyone. Madhuri and Daksha see Santoshi with Dhairya and tease her. Dadi says we have to do Mata aarti and then bidaai. Dhairya says I have to make a call and goes. Dadi says Santoshi come for aarti. Santoshi lights diya and does aarti. Santoshi Maa smiles.

Santoshi prays that Kaka’s family does not face any problem because of her. Dadi asks her to trust Santoshi Maa, its your goodness that you accepted Dhairya, belief has much power. Santoshi says I will do this tapasya, I m sure Dhairya will accept this relation like I did, Maa support me and give me courage. Santoshi Maa smiles.

Santoshi’s bidaai is done. She cries and everyone say they will miss her. She hugs Seshnath, Dadi and others. Santoshi asks Dadi to take medicines on time. Dadi says they all are here to take care of me. They all shower love on Santoshi and hug her. Santoshi hugs Bittoo and asks her to take care. Sajan ghar mai chali……plays…… Tinu holds her dupatta and cries. Santoshi cries and hugs him. Seshnath tells Dhairya to inform Pratap that he will come on duty soon, I will see all servants, we are relatives now.

Santoshi sits in the car. Dhairya and Santoshi leave. They are on the way. Dhairya stops the car and asks Santoshi to come home by walk. He throws the gifts calling it junk. He says you felt you will become queen by becoming my wife, you are good fate that you are fine, else I would have not left you, you think you are smart, come by walk now, this car has no place for you. She asks him to listen. He leaves.

Dhairya says what a relieve. He sees some men putting stones on the road. He asks them to move the stones and goes to them. The man says we are not your servants, if you have problem, you do this. Dhairya throws stones and till then the men take his car. They laugh by fooling Dhairya. Dhairya says they were here just now, get out of my car. The men aim gun at him and asks him to give cash. Dhairya gets beaten up. Santoshi comes there and gets shocked seeing this. She runs to him. Dhairya beats the goons. The man aims gun to shoot him and pushes Dhairya on the ground. Santoshi looks on.

Kaka waits for Santoshi. Dhairya kicks the kalash and throws aarti plate. Daksha calls Madhu and asks is Santoshi fine, if anything happens to her, it won’t be good.

Update Credit to: Amena

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