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Santoshi Maa 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa asking Yamraj why did he fill anyone’s soul in Santoshi’s body. He says Santoshi’s body was needed to be saved, Santoshi’s soul could not enter her body till her fate page is remade. Santoshi Maa says now that spirit has entered Santoshi’s body, now nothing can happen, but can you tell me whose spirit is it. He shows her grahs and says this girl is Sindoori. She says give me complete details about her. He says this girl is Nityangyanath. Santoshi Maa gets shocked. Dadi asks Tinu to call Santoshi. He calls Santoshi. Kaka gets Santoshi to room to talk. He says losing memory is one thing, but how did your behavior become such.

Kaka gets the call and asks Santoshi to talk to her Dadi. Santoshi says I have no Dadi. Dadi talks to Santoshi. Dadi cries and

says I n very happy that you are fine, say something. Santoshi says what shall I say, I m talking as you are elder. Kaka asks her to talk well. Santoshi gives phone to Kaka and says I can’t do acting. She goes. Dadi asks Kaka why was Santoshi talking like this. He says she is unwell.

Santoshi plays with newspapers. Madhu scolds her. Santoshi argues. Madhu goes to teach her a lesson. Santoshi twists Madhu’s hand and gets a knife. Madhu calls everyone to help. Santoshi scares her. Everyone come there and get shocked. Kaka stops Santoshi. Santoshi scolds Madhu and says I will not cook, you are also bahu of this house, you will cook food now. Madhu asks whats this. Kaka asks her to calm down, give some time to Santoshi, I will make food. Santoshi says why will you cook, you are old. Deemak Raj gets all the page torn parts and fixes.

Brahmadev prays. Santoshi Maa, Narad and Gaumata look on. just little page is fixed. Brahmadev says I m recalling what happened in past and I can solve Devi Santoshi’s problem. He sees Devi Paulmi asking deemak Raj to wipe Santoshi’s age. He says Devi Santoshi, don’t worry, this work will be surely completed, but it will need time, as I have to do this work carefully. Santoshi Maa says I m worried as time is less, the spirit is doing weird things, Santoshi can face the consequences, we have to make Santoshi’s soul enter her body before anything wrong happens.

Kaka teaches cooking to Santoshi. She asks about Dhairya’s likes. He thinks what happened to Santoshi, she has forgotten everything. Dhairya comes home. He asks Pushpa to get water. Santoshi stops Pushpa and asks her not to be around husband. She takes water for Dhairya. She tells Dhairya that she will do all work for him. He gets close and asks him to drink water. He says I m not thirsty. She asks him to drink water. He runs to his room. Sharmili scolds the jeweler and asks him to return everything. The man says I took jewelry from princess. Sharmili says I will call my dad. Seshnath says yes. The man agrees to return all jewelry. Sharmili, Seshnath and Madhuri smile. Sharmili thinks I can do anything for jewelry, I will get all those necklaces.

Daksha comes and takes jewelry, saying my son got the princess, its mine. Seshnath says it was my idea, so its mine. Sharmili says its my jewelry and scolds them. They all snatch the jewelry. Sharmili hits Daksha angrily. Daksha falls down. They all get shocked. Daksha faints seeing her blood oozing from her forehead. Madhuri thinks Sharmili is a witch.

Santoshi serves food to everyone and says I won’t cook tomorrow. She asks them to have food, why shall I cook, there are other bahus too, Madhu will cook tomorrow. They all get shocked. Pratap calls Santoshi mad for talking such badly. Santoshi asks him to pours water on himself. Pratap and Madhu leave angrily. Janardhan applies haldi to Daksha’s forehead and says Amma tells us that we can solve anything by love. She says nothing happens such. She gets some idea and says you said right.

Dhairya cleans the bed and rests. Santoshi comes and says I m preparing to sleep. He asks will you sleep here. She says yes, I m your wife, pin up my saree. She sleeps and snores. He gets disturbed and says why am I taking tension, what happened to Santoshi, since she got hurt on her head, her habits changed, I will sleep now, she is my wife, I have to bear her habits. She snores a lot and hugs him. He moves her away. She calls him handsome and cute. She talks to ghungroo/dog. He gets away and is angry. Three devis say what did Yamraj do, someone else’s soul can get trouble in Santoshi’s life, Santoshi’s behavior change is seen. Santoshi Maa says Yamraj had no other option, so he did this, I can see problems behind this goodness, I m restless. Devi Saraswati asks her not to worry, Brahmadev will soon solve this problem.

Madhu reminds Santoshi why is she here and shows the paper, where its written Santoshi will be her servant all her life. Santoshi tears and burns that paper. Madhu gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. awesome episode…mindblowing

  2. Hehehehe new soul of santoshi doing fun with madhu..hehe..

  3. nice one …

  4. Hi summer thks for yr concern . I am fine . I enjoyed the episode n it was great to see santoshi traumatising madhu☺? good she tore.away her contract ??? looking forward for Monday’s episode

    1. Bring old santoshi back. Purani wali santoshi ko thoda change kardo ki woh koi torture na sahe. Yeh wali santoshi bure ke saath toh bura kar hi rahi hai par ache ke saath bhi bura kar rahi hai. She also don’t behave gud with kaka – kaki. After few episodes old santoshi should come back because she is the best.

  5. Goms

    Precap was good… madhu ku aapu start agiduchu..but dhariya nenaicha tha..dhariya ku ipo tha santoshi ya pdchuruku..athukula…Vera oru soul ahla santoshi ya hate pana kudathu..

    1. Hi goms…..
      Neenga Tamil ah……me too…..


    Its good that santoshi is behaving like this atleast this soul is teaching them lesson otherwise old santoshi only bear tortoure….

  7. Hi all nice episode…….wat s d meaning for nityanganath…….

    1. Hi manju nrityangana means DANCER.

  8. Thanks Renu?

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