Santoshi Maa 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu saying I hope I did not disturb you both. She acts sweet to Riya infront of Dhairya. She says I can’t let Dhairya go, the reason is Santoshi, her family is greedy, they can blackmail us and complaint to police against him. He says no need to say, I know you will think good for me. Madhu gets glad and says I m sorry Riya, that your plan failed. Dhairya stops Madhu and says we know its not your mistake. Riya says yes, its okay. Madhu blesses them and asks them to have the juice. She goes thinking I will not let Riya. Riya thinks I will see Madhu.

Everyone in Devsabha think how can Gaumata do such mistake, will she repent for her mistake or not. Brahmadev says Gaumata did the mistake and will get punished. Gaumata says I did not do this mistake intentionally.

Devi Paulmi says everyone knows touching anything in Dev vatika is not allowed, and Gaumata did mistake to eat the flowers. Devi Santoshi says we know Gaumata loves to eat the flowers, I know Gaumata did the crime to enter Dev vatika where there is no entry, I regret for this, Gaumata is my sevika and its my sole responsibility for her deeds, so I will take the punishment. Devi Paulmi says you said it right, when you accepted your mistake, you will get punishment. Devi Santoshi requests Dev Sabha to free Gaumata and whatever the punishment, I will accept it. Devi Paulmi thinks Mata does not move back from saving others and sacrificing, so I did this plan, now Brahmadev will punish you. You can’t do good with yourself too.

Brahmadev asks Devs to calm down and says Mata Santoshi should know her words will go against her. Devi Paulmi says she has accepted her crime, so we should punish her. Devi Saraswati says Brahmadev knows his work. Devi Santoshi says Devi Paulmi is right, I m ready to know my punishment. Gaumata says don’t punish Mata Santoshi. Devi Paulmi says be quiet, Mata Santoshi is speaking on your behalf. Brahmadev says Mata Santoshi is culprit now, as Gaumata is free, Devi Santoshi is responsible for her Sevika, you have to plant new plants and flowers and take care of it till it gets in its old form. Devi Santoshi agrees. Devi Paulmi says sorry, this looks small punishment, Gaumata broke the rules, its inviting big mistakes to give small punishment. Brahmdev says I did not complete yet. She says sorry. He says till Dev vatika comes to old form, the punishment is Devi Santoshi can’t use her powers till then. Everyone get shocked. Devi Paulmi smiles.

Madhu feeds food to Dhairya. He says I have to be careful of Santoshi. Riya looks on. Madhu says she can’t do anything, this time I will do something that Santoshi will be hurt and mark won’t be seen. He asks is this possible. She says yes. Nupur asks Riya not to be surprised, its mother-son love, you won’t understand. Riya says its good. Nupur goes. Riya says calling Bhabhi as Maabhi does not make Madhu a Maa, once I get married and come here, I will show whose love is true, this so called Maabhi or mine.

Kaka takes care of Santoshi. She says Seshnath is sleeping, he is also recovering. He asks how will you go out to do puja. She says I have to go, as Santoshi Maa’s photo is in watchman’s room, I can’t get it here. Kaka says I will get it here, you do puja, no one will know. Dhairya says no puja will happen here. Kaka asks him to have some shame, Santoshi saved your life. Dhairya says we also saved her life by getting her treated and making her rest here, so favor got equal. She says he is saying right, I m just loyal to work here, maybe he did not do that intentionally, but raising hand on woman is a sin. Kaka says this is called humanity, she is keeping fast for your mother, think about your parents sometimes, you don’t care. She says no use to argue Kaka, we will do puja outside, come.

Dhairya says you always chant about Santoshi Maa, you can fool Papa, not me, is she any Devi or miracle machine, I did not see anyone acting like her, her drama won’t work infront of me. He goes. She says I don’t have to make Santoshi Maa anything, her blessing is enough, one day you will also believe this.

Madhuri and Daksha taunt each other. Dadi and Tinnu come home. Dadi gets tired. Janardhan comes after them. Daksha asks where is Seshnath. Janardhan says he stayed there to take care of Santoshi. Daksha scolds him and asks Dadi why did she come back, she left Santoshi along there. Dadi says no, Seshnath is there, he is very greedy, don’t trust him. Madhuri argues. Dadi says I left Santoshi as Kaka is taking care of her. Daksha thinks what would be Santoshi doing.

Devi Paulmi taunts on Devi Santoshi as she is taken as a culprit. Devi Santoshi says Dev Sainik are doing their duty and I m doing my duty, I m not Devi till punishment is over. Devi Paulmi says yes, then you can’t bless your devotees. Santoshi Maa says my devotees have blessings, trust and belief already, don’t worry. Devi Paulmi says time will show how long will belief stay without any help.

Santoshi does Santoshi Maa’s aarti. Dhairya looks on. Vidya falls down. Kaka asks how did this happen. Dhairya blames Santoshi as she is doing Santoshi Maa’s puja, instead Kranti Maa.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dhairya made vidya fall…

  2. No, i think paulomi did :/ and it’s hightime, they show somethng positive!

  3. another serial I am not watching anymore until it show some good changes in the storyline way too much abuse in this serial both verbal and physical you writers definitely have to buck up

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