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Santoshi Maa 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daksha being shocked seeing Dadi and all the neighbors. Dadi gets angry on Daksha and scolds her. She beats Daksha. Madhvi says leave Daksha. Dadi beats her too. Dadi says you both will get Santoshi married. Madhvi asks Seshnath to save her. Seshnath and Janardhan ask Amma to leave them. Dadi pushes Madhvi and Daksha. She tells the guests that Santoshi’s marriage will not happen now. Tinu gives a stick to Dadi and asks Dadi to beat Daksha and Madhvi. Dadi says yes, I will beat them. She beats Daksha and Madhvi with the stick. Devi Paulmi leaves from Janardhan’s body.

Dadi beats Seshnath, Janardhan, Bua and the grooms. Bua and the grooms run away. The guests leave. Dadi smiles seeing Santoshi and hugs her. She says till I m alive, I won’t let anything happen

to you, you are blessed by Santoshi Maa. Mata smiles. Tinu hugs Santoshi.

Bittoo takes care of Daksha. Daksha says that old woman is strong. Daksha hears sound and thinks who is in kitchen. Seshnath was in kitchen. Daksha thinks its thief and beats him with sweepstick. He says its me. Daksha talks to him and asks what is he doing in her kitchen. He says I came to take haldi for Madhvi’s wounds. She says sorry. He leaves.

Santoshi brings Dadi out. Janardhan gives medicines to Santoshi for Amma. Janardhan thinks Dadi is annoyed with him, it seems he had ghost in her. Daksha asks Dadi who will pay for the loss. Devi Paulmi is angry and sees fire balls coming to her place. Agnidev comes there. Devi Paulmi says I was waiting for you, you did a good work, you created hurdle in the marriage, do you know what you did, you did injustice with your work on Mata Santoshi’s saying, your work is to do marriage peacefully, you did a sin, I will tell this in Devlok. He says you are blaming me, I did not do any sin, I stopped a sin from happening, I burnt the ghatbandhan, Mata Santoshi did not comment me, she inspired me to support truth. She says great, Draupadi was married to 5 pandus, what was that. He says that was a Vardhan, you are also Draupadi’s avatar, and know all that, you have bear it, Draupadi took rounds with 5 husbands, you did not oppose when they divided, you did not oppose, it was Mahadev’s vardaan, when Draupadi asked for 5 qualities, she got 5 husbands having one quality each, what happened with Santoshi was injustice, I have to support truth. He leaves. Paulmi fumes and says its about my respect.

Santoshi sweeps the floor. Janardhan asks Dadi to rest. Daksha taunts him. Bua comes there with her three nephews, and shouts on Daksha. Asking her to return the money that was spend yesterday…. The guys start breaking the things.

Devi Paulmi calls the three Devis and Narad. Devi Parvati asks her why did she call them, is everything fine. Devi Paulmi says Devi Santoshi is creating problem in everything. She says Mata Santoshi wants to change the fate, she has taken support of Gau and Agnidev, she is breaking the rules of Devlok. Santoshi Maa comes there and greets Devis. Devi Laxmi asks her is the blame true. Paulmi asks Santoshi Maa to say what are they asking.

Bua says don’t try to be saved from me, I met Seshnath, he has run away seeing me. Dadi asks Santoshi to come, they will deal, they will sow what they reap. Dadi and Santoshi leave. Daksha asks Bua to sit and talk. Mata Santoshi says I did not change fate, I wanted to show humans can change fate by their deeds. Devi Paulmi asks when did Santoshi call you. Mata says not Santoshi, but someone else called me. Devis agree with Santoshi Maa. Santoshi Maa says Bhagwan is by Bhakt, if any problem comes on devotee, I will do to help for sure, all problems of my devotee’s way will have to face me first, I will end all the problems. Devi Paulmi calls her ego. Santoshi Maat says I think this is devotee’s trust, its our perception. Devi Paulmi thinks who will Santoshi Maa help, and be ready to help other devotee.

Bua asks for money in three week. The guy says else they will take away Santoshi and also her Dadi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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