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Santoshi Maa 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Narad telling Santoshi is in trouble, Devi Paulmi has cleverly sent everyone outside, Dadi can’t help Santoshi. Gaumata prays to Santoshi Mata. Riya asks Pushpa to make something for her. Pushpa says Santoshi cooks food in this house, tell her. Riya says I won’t tell anyone, you tell her or make food for me. Santoshi says my duty is for family, I don’t cook for outsiders, anyone can cook on own. Pushpa leaves. Riya tells Santoshi that she can cook too. She starts cooking and messes everything. Santoshi asks her to stop drama, cooking is not easy, ration does not come for free, I won’t let you waste things like this, if you are hungry, go to hotel and have food. Riya says you don’t tell me. Santoshi asks her to understand. Riya says don’t try to act smart. Santoshi

says I m smart in kitchen. Everyone come. Nupur thinks who is useful for me, Santoshi or Riya, Madhu is supporting Santoshi, I have to support Riya. She supports Riya. Kaka scolds Riya. Madhu says I don’t need to ask anything to Riya, and makes her leave. Nupur goes after Riya.

Pushpa tells Santoshi that there is a call for her. Seshnath changes voice and tells Santoshi that Dadi is very ill, come home fast. Santoshi gets shocked. Seshnath says I m worried it will get late. He ends call. Devi Paulmi asks Seshnath to do something of Dadi, else their plan won’t succeed. He goes. She thinks Santoshi insulted me, that revenge will get fulfilled by her death. Santoshi tells Kaka that Dadi got unwell, I have to go. Kaka and Madhu allow her.

Seshnath sees Dadi in her room and thinks to make her out of home. He acts to have pain and says I can’t go to hospital, there is no one at home to get medicine. Dadi says I will get medicines. He says come soon, its paining a lot. Dadi goes.

Gaumata tells Narad that Maa Santoshi is not hearing my call, if we did not find any solution, it will be bad with Santoshi. He says true, but we have to think with calm mind so that we can help Santoshi.

Santoshi reaches home and does not see anyone. She gets worried and thinks to check in Dadi’s room. She hears some voice and goes to check.

Madhuri tells Daksha that she is tensed, don’t know what is Devi Paulmi doing with Seshnath. Daksha says don’t worry, I will send someone to find out whats happening there. Guddu and Bittu are busy in shopping. Daksha asks Tinu to go home and get 500rs from Seshnath. Tinu goes. Daksha says Tinu will find out, come, we will do shopping.

Gaumata tells Narad that when I m in pain, Mata’s Dhyaan will end. She hurts herself and Santoshi Maa opens her eyes. Narad and Gaumata smile and greet her. Santoshi goes to see and does not find anyone. She calls out Dadi. She thinks who has dug this pit. Seshnath covers his face and takes chloroform. He makes Santoshi smell it. She faints. He puts her in some bag. He dumps her in the pit and puts soil over her. Devi Paulmi looks on.
Seshnath says now you should leave from here before anyone sees you. She says I will go, you clean your clothes first, go. He goes. She says Santoshi was proud of her devotee and Santoshi Maa, see now, Devi Paulmi has ruined your devotion, belief and everything, I don’t have my powers, even then I m powerful, tell me who is more powerful, your Santoshi Maa or me. Santoshi Maa looks on and gets angry.

The weather gets bad and starts getting stormy. Devi Paulmi gets shocked seeing the thunder breaking the ground. Santoshi Maa gets Santoshi outside the ground. She says Devi Paulmi, you did not do this right, how did you think you can trouble my devotee. Devi Paulmi says I did not do anything, Santoshi’s family did this. Santoshi Maa says I would have taught you a lesson if you were not bearing punishment to be in human form, this matter will go in Dev Sabha. Devi Paulmi goes and hides. Santoshi Maa makes Santoshi fine and leaves. Santoshi gets conscious and thinks how did this happen.

Riya asks Dhairya about Santoshi’s news. He says yes, you are right. Everyone come home. Santoshi comes there. Tinu hugs her and asks are you fine. Santoshi asks where is Dadi. Dadi comes home and gets shocked seeing Santoshi. Santoshi says I don’t remember what happened. Inspector asks her to recall if she has seen someone. She says I don’t know. Inspector says Tinu got us here, he has seen someone pushing in pit. Tinu tells them what he has seen, about someone making Santoshi unconscious and putting her in pit, then he saw inspector and told everything. Inspector praises Tinu. Devi Paulmi fumes. Inspector says we want to check that place where this incident happened. Police checks the pit. They get Seshnath’s kerchief there. He asks did Seshnath do all this? They all get shocked.

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