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Santoshi Maa 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bittoo asking Dhairya to stay here today and give her nek. Madhuri says yes, we will get a chance to treat him well. Dhairya says I can’t stay here. Daksha says fine, just stay till rituals get completed. Daksha calls Madhu and says what should I explain guests, we are old fashioned. Madhu says but pagphere rasam can do done soon. Daksha says here we have ritual to make son in law stay overnight. She ends call and holds her cheek.

Madhu calls Dhairya and says I know you are worried, I m with you, just bear it for some time, you know these small people believe rituals a lot, its matter of one thing, adjust anyhow. She ends call. Daksha thinks she won’t leave Dhairya so easily, we have to impress you. Madhu says Dhaurya will stay there tonight. Nupur says what, poor

Dhairya, so sad. Vidya asks where is Dhairya. Nupur says Dhairya will stay at maid’s house. Vidya says you all got mad, I will not let that girl become my bahu, never.

Santoshi sits in her room. Bittoo and everyone push Dhairya inside Santoshi’s room. Dhairya asks whats this, open the door. Bittoo says now we will open door in morning. Daksha says less people get chance to celebrate suhaag raat in inlaws, you got a chance, use this chance. They laugh.

Dhairya sits there. Santoshi says its strange right, you might have not imagined this in dream, even I did not think of this, but maybe elders are right, no one can change fate, you did big favor on me by accepting me. She gives him milk glass. He throws it and says accept, my foot, you thought I will forget Riya and celebrate suhaag raat with you, a maid, I hate o touch you, come, I will show you your place. He drags her and shows her face in mirror. He says its sin for me to touch you, you broke my marriage, that’s why I settled scores, else your enmity was also my helplessness, I will use this chance and ruin your life. She gets shocked.

He says touching you is like touching dirty mud, you should know your place. He scolds her angrily. He asks her to sit at corner. She says talk slowly, anyone will hear. He says I don’t care if anyone hears me, sit there and don’t move, if you sit in darkness, I won’t see your face and won’t get anger. She cries. He goes to sleep. Santoshi silently weeps.

Daksha is stitching some clothes. Bittoo says you make me work somewhere too, I will also get a rich guy. Daksha says yes, but how will I get Santoshi’s fate for you, her parents died in childhood and see she became a queen now. Bittoo says I think Santoshi’s fate shined as she keeps Santoshi Maa’s fasts, I will also keep fasts. Daksha says you got mad. Bittoo thinks whats wrong to keep fasts. Guddu tells Seshnath that we would have got fun if we had a car. Seshnath says we need to work hard for it. Guddu says I will work hard and steal a car. Seshnath says you are foolish. Guddu asks what did I say. Seshnath says I became relative now, then I will become manager and then get job for you, they are money treasure, have some patience. Guddu thinks when will that happen.

Its morning, Santoshi wakes up by door knocking sound and sees Dhairya sleeping. She cleans the milk fallen on the floor and arranges things. She opens the door. Bittoo says you got late in opening the door, how was the night, did Dhairya trouble you a lot, say something. She sees Dhairya sleeping. Santoshi says let him sleep. Bittoo asks Dhairya to wake up. She says I think he is very tired and shouts in his ear. He gets up and she falls.

She says I think you were lost in Santoshi’s dreams. Dhairya says the day she comes in my dream, I will leave sleeping, give me car keys now, I have to go home, I can’t stay here. Bittoo says I m joking. Santoshi asks Bittoo to give the keys. Madhuri and Daksha come with breakfast. They tease Santoshi and Dhairya.

Dadi asks them not to get after Dhairya. She asks Dhairya to get ready for rituals. Dhairya says give me keys, I want to go home. Daksha says he is tired, take Santoshi and till then we will take care of him. She asks him to have samosas. Dhairya says I don’t want to eat, give me car keys. Santoshi says Dhairya does not eat this in breakfast. Dadi asks Santoshi not to worry and come. They leave.

Dhairya says I want to go home. Bittoo says please come with us. Daksha gets Madhu’s call. She says its last rasam, Dhairya is not agreeing, you said you accepted Santoshi, Dhairya is behaving strange. Madhu says they will make Dhairya mad. Dhairya says I don’t want to talk, I will get ready. Daksha tells Madhu that Dhairya agreed hearing your name. Madhu thinks Santoshi has to pay for this with interest.

Santoshi’s bidaai happens. She cries and leaves with Dhairya in his car. Dhairya stops the car and scolds Santoshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Firstly its not santoshi’s fault…that coward dhairiya went on singing revenge,revenge,revenge and all these foolish works. How idiotic. This doesn’t happen in reality cummon…

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