Santoshi Maa 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaka and Dhairya bringing Santoshi back. Madhu gets shocked seeing her. Kaki gets glad and hugs Santoshi, saying our daughter came back from death, thanks to Santoshi Maa, see Dhairya, the result of devotion, Santoshi made me and you fine and now she made the death lose, this is big example of devotional power. Madhu says how can this happen. Kaka asks why, you don’t know devotional power, this is victory of belief. Kaka says I will send food for Santoshi. Santoshi says this house is very beautiful. Kaka says we will talk this later, go and rest now. Kaki asks her to go upstairs to her room. Kaka says she will need time to get fine. Santoshi holds the dog. They all get shocked, seeing Santoshi with the dog. Dhairya thinks how Santoshi used to be scared of the dog before.


asks why is Santoshi so calm. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi got her life again, she will need time to understand everything, its shocking for her too. Gaumata asks where is Devi Paulmi. Three Devis appear. Santoshi Maa greets them. Devi Parvati congratulates Santoshi Maa, and says everyone is talking about devotion diya not blown off. Devi Saraswati tells Gaumata to see where is Devi Paulmi now. They see Devi Paulmi wandering in the deserts. Devi Paulmi sees some water far away. She gets tired and sits. Devi Saraswati says bad deeds results in bad. Devi Laxmi says the one who controlled rain and water, she is helpless today to get a drop of water, that’s why its said, what you sow is what you reap.

Santoshi says I don’t know who are you all and why did you get me here. They all get shocked. Kaka says we are your family, you are unwell, take rest, you will remember everything. Dhairya says I will not leave that doctor, how could he be irresponsible. Kaka says she is fine and with us. Madhu says I feel she is a ghost. Kaka asks can’t you see its Santoshi.

Madhu says she is like a ghost, did you not see how she controlled the dog. Santoshi asks you think I m ghost and scolds Madhu. Pratap asks what are you doing. Santoshi says don’t look at me like this, I don’t remember anything. Kaka asks don’t you really remember anything. She says yes. He says we should give time to Santoshi. She says I remember some thing. Kaka asks her not to put pressure on mind, I will do introduction, I m your Sasur, Vidya is your saas. He introduces everyone. She says Dhairya is her husband. She says I don’t remember, but he is very handsome. Dhairya smiles. She says he is good, and Kaka you are also lovely. She pulls Kaka’s cheeks. Dhairya thinks what happened to Santoshi. She smiles and thinks I don’t remember anything, but husband is very good.

Dadi asks why is Seshnath fainting. Seshnath tells them that Santoshi is alive. He tells them what happened. They all get shocked. Dadi gets glad. Janardhan says Santoshi is not a ghost. Dadi says its good news that Santoshi is alive. She asks Janardhan to take her to Santoshi. Daksha says no one will go to that ghost. She burns red chillies to get rid of spirit. Dadi says we should be happy for Santoshi. Daksha says she is not alive, she became a ghost, don’t know what will she do now. Sharmili tells Guddu that we will make Santoshi our friend.

Santoshi looks at the grand house and smiles. She sees Dhairya coming, and hits him with a rose. She smiles seeing him. She asks where is he going. He says I m going for work. She pushes him on the sofa and romances. Music plays……….. She asks will you tease any girl outside. He asks are you okay, what are you saying. She says you are my husband and winks. She goes to kiss him. He gets away and says I know we are husband and wife, but there should be some shame. She says leave the shame. He says wait, I know you are not in your senses, I have to go out, I will meet you later. She smiles. He goes. She asks Pushpa to get tea for her, and scolds her. Kaka asks Santoshi what are you doing. Santoshi says Pushpa is maid and not listening to me. Kaka asks Pushpa to get tea for her. He asks Santoshi to come and talk to him. She refuses. He insists.

Santoshi Maa looks on. Yamraj asks why did she call her. She asks about Santoshi’s behavior is against her nature. Gaumata says its since her life came back. Santoshi Maa says sorry, did you do any mistake. He says your doubt is right, Santoshi’s behavior changed, as she has someone else’s soul in her, not her soul. Santoshi Maa gets shocked.

Santoshi Maa asks what are you saying Yamraj and gets worried for Santoshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks very much amena for the update. Plz update it upto 10pm. As other serials get updated on time. But this one is delayed. Hope you will understand the curiosity of a serial fan.

    1. Yes you are right, santoshi’s updates is always the last one. thanks

  2. Hi summer u were correct yesterday for santoshis behaviour ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Hi Renu,

      How are you? Yes, thank you. It is going to get interesting as Santoshi is a different person. Very good so far.

  3. This serial is getting interesting day by day!!

  4. nice episode…
    completely new santoshi …
    since bramhdev asked ymdev to protect her body , santoshi soul would be somewhere else and yet to be come…some another soul iz der.
    still liking her boldness but she is little rude…
    love the way she scolds madhu …

  5. Beautiful serial

  6. Yar m not able to see live serial now a days. U guys telling interesting it. I m keen to see live this serial either on youtube or on tv.

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