Santoshi Maa 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi Mata asking Narad did he see Gaumata. He says no, I m seeing you worried, Gaumata will come soon, you can go to find her, this way you can see things to relax. Mata closes eyes and looks around for Gaumata. Mata says Gaumata is not in Devlok, where can she go. Mata goes and asks a butterfly did they see Gaumata. Butterfly says no. Mata asks birds. A bird says yes, we have seen Gaumata. Mata asks the trees. The tree says Gaumata came here and went that way. Mata enters the Dev vatika and looks for Gaumata. Devi Saraswati comes there and says I know you are worried, and where is Gaumata now. Mata Santoshi asks her to say. Devi Saraswati tells her that Gaumata is in Dev karavas, and your powers can’t reach there. Mata asks why, what crime Gaumata did. Devi Saraswati

says Gaumata has eaten all the flowers in Devi vatika and broke the rules, so you have to present in Devlok. Devi Paulmi smiles.

Kaka brings Santoshi at home. Vidya says its good you have sent Sanketh, he told me everything. Dadi asks Seshnath where are Janardhan and Tinnu. Seshnath thinks I made them fool and left them on the way. He asks Dadi to be quiet and let him see the house. He leaves Santoshi and Sanketh holds her. Seshnath says I have seen such house in only movies, if I get a chance to work here, it will be my lottery. Seshnath says Santoshi got much weak, she needs care. Pratap asks why did you get her here. Seshnath says Kaka got her, see her state. Santoshi says Dadi, I want to go home. Seshnath says let me talk and asks Vidya to let them stay here. Pratap asks him to stop acting and take Santoshi home. Madhu comes and asks whats happening here.

Kaka thinks I got them home, don’t know what will Madhu decide. Nupur says how can they Santoshi here. Madhu asks Pushpa to give room to Santoshi and her family, She will stay here till she gets fine. Nupur asks how is this possible. Madhu says I don’t want any suggestions. Pratap says as you wish and leaves. Sanketh takes Santoshi. Nupur asks Madhu why did she let Santoshi stay here. Madhu says I don’t want arguments. Nupur says I have no value here and goes. Ujwal goes after her.

Madhu tells Dhairya that she did this, so that Santoshi’s family does not spoil their name, we will lose name if they reach media. Dhairya says I agree. Janardhan tells guard to let them come inside. Pratap asks who are these beggars. Guard says they are Santoshi’s family. Pratap says oh my God, strange family, Santoshi got ill and invited the village. Seshnath comes and says Janardhan has come to spoil my work. Janardhan asks Seshnath why did he come here leaving him and Tinnu at hospital. Seshnath introduces them and apologizes to Pratap. He holds Pratap’s feet and says I will stay here and take care of Santoshi. Pratap says fine, leave my leg, stay here, but remember one thing, I just gave permission to you, others should be out. Seshnath says I will send them. Pratap leaves.

Everyone come in Devsabha. Narad greets all Devis and Devtas. He asks about Santoshi Maa. Santoshi Maa comes there and greets everyone. Gaumata apologizes as Mata had to come here because of her. Mata asks her not to worry. Narad says Indradev went to mountains to kill Asurs, who will take the decision now. Devi Paulmi comes and says Brahmadev will take the decision. She greets Brahmadev saying I m Indra’s Karmpatni and requests him to decide. Brahmadev says I can’t say no to you and can’t save Gaumata from being punished.

Janardhan and Tinnu meet Santoshi. Santoshi gets happy seeing Tinnu. Dadi says I will not go anywhere till Santoshi gets fine. Tinnu says I will also not go and hugs Santoshi. Seshnath thinks Pratap will make us leave if they all stay here. Kaka comes and asks Santoshi is she happy with her family. He gives her milk and says it will be time for your medicines. Seshnath says great, Santoshi has Santoshi Maa’s blessings, she has good fate to get such a good family and boss, else own brothers also don’t help each other. He asks Janardhan to go home, as he has job too, Daksha will scold me, Tinnu has school also. Dadi says but Seshnath.. Seshnath says we all know your health Amma. Dadi says you said the right thing but.. He asks all of them to go home. Santoshi says yes, you all go, Kaka is here with me. Dadi says but someone from home should be here. Seshnath says I will stay here, I can do this for her, I m alive because of her, I have to repay her favor. Santoshi agrees. Kaka says I m here, Santoshi will not need anything, you can go home. Dadi says fine, we will leave. Janardhan says Santoshi is our house Laxmi, take care. Seshnath asks them to come. Santoshi asks Dadi to take medicines on time and not worry. Dadi asks her to take care. Santoshi cries.

Riya is annoyed with Dhairya. He asks her to understand. She asks why did our trip get cancelled. He says because Santoshi fell, Madhu told this reason. Riya says your Mabhi and her reasons. Madhu looks on and thinks she tried so much, still Riya is sticking to Dhairya, I have to do something of this Riya.

Maa Santoshi says Gaumata is my sevika and its my responsibility of her crime, I will bear the punishment. Brahmadev says Devi Santoshi can’t use her powers till Dev vatika comes to its old form. Devi Paulmi smiles. Dhairya asks Santoshi what the locket of Santoshi Mata, is Mata any Devi or miracle machine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I thought dhairiya’s behaviour will change.

  2. kavya cannot you see dahria is pure evil he came from good parents but his aunt is influencing him to do wicked things to santoshi and he is abiding by what she says now my thing is with the writers again have you all seen for one serial how many wickedness is done to that poor girl santoshi, the amount of things she has to endure and all because she is a good person my my writers stop all this evil in these serials I do not like the message it is bringing across to the public, in every storyline in this serial there is only hate, abuse and revenge what does that say to the world that it is better to do wrong than good please writers tone down on your evil storylines and give us some worthy watching one please please listen to the voice of the viewers because without us there would be no serials

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