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The Episode starts with Devi Paulmi seeing Narad. She asks you here. He says forgive me, I was passing you and thught to meet you. She asks how did you dare to come in my Kaksh without my permission you will be punished. He says its wrong. She makes him a bee and puts him inside the bottle. She laughs and says this is punishment for coming in my Kaksh, even such thing will happen with Santoshi, entire devlok will be under mw now.

Trishna thanks Dhairya. He says I have to attend a call and asks Bubbly to show room to Trishna. He says I gave you money to vacate Verma’s plot, you are goon, kill his son, Verma will agree then. Santoshi hears him and gets shocked. Dhairya ends call seeing her. She asks how can he do this. He holds her neck and says I can even kill you for my business. Bubbly

and Trishna get shocked seeing this. Dhairya says I m leaving you as you are pregnant, get lost. Santoshi goes.

He asks Bubbly to go. He asks Trishna to come. He explains her and says my wife is stupid. Trishna says I don’t care for her, I m concerned for Verma’s son, I wanted business partner like you, who is hungry for success, everything is fair in love and war. He says you are like me, I was scared you will say to my business proposal. She says I liked your working style, I have another business proposal, I bought orphanage disputed land, if you can vacate it, we can make a mall and get profit. He agrees. Devi Paulmi says great Trishna, if there is any hurdle in your way, just clear it.

Santoshi Maa says when Narad tells me some proof, I will go to Brahmadev. Gaumata asks why did Narad not come. Santoshi Maa says he will come, I m sure he will get proof soon. Dhairya asks Trishna about the problem. She says I feel your thoughts and old school thoughts clash in your house, I don’t see ambition in any of them, success is zero, I wanted you to stay away from them, I want to say your old parents stay with you, if they stay away, their old values will also get away. He agrees.

Kaka and Kaki talk about Trishna. Dhairya comes to them and asks Kaki to go Haridwar, he has done all arrangements. Kaki gets glad and blesses him. Kaka says I will pack bags. Dhairya says but you are not going, just Maa is going alone, I bought house there, Maa can stay there well. Kaki asks how will I stay alone. He says I will drop you, Papa will stay here for work. He goes.

Kaka worries and tells Santoshi that Dhairya is sending Kaki on tirat yatra alone. She says don’t know what will he do. She tells about Verma’s son. Kaka gets shocked. She says no use to explain him. He says if he is not agreeing, then we can’t sit like this, its about his life, we have to think something, I will everything to Verma. She says yes, but I will go there. She goes. Sharmili comes and asks where did Santoshi go.

Devi Paulmi says Santoshi can just try, Dhairya will ruin her try. Santoshi meets Verma and says your son’s life is in risk, take care of him. He gets shocked and asks who will kill him. Santoshi takes rickshaw. Dhairya comes there angrily. He recalls Sharmili informing him that Santoshi went out for some work, tell me about Guddu, where is he. Dhairya ends call.

Trishna tells Dhairya that if situation is like this, I will not do business and not stay you, the man who can’t handle wife, can’t handle business. Dhairya hurts Santoshi and asks where did you go. She does not say. She says I went to temple. Dhairya gets angry and makes her sit in car. Santoshi Maa says we have to find out Trishna. Dhairya gets Santoshi home. Sharmili worries and thinks Kaka and Kaki went out, who will save Sharmili, what to do, if I say something, he will not tell me about Guddu. Dhairya scolds Santoshi.

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    This serial is becoming boring. It is the same every episode, Santoshi is shouted at and bullied by her husband. The large number of Gods are beyond belief. Let us look at some of them. The head God (the guy with 3 heads) is as stupid as they come. Then take his off spring the evil Paulomi Maa and then that irritating sage, it is enough to drive a sane person bonkers.

    1. leisa s morris

      Being D head God he is very clueless to wat is happennin around him. Paulimi can do watever she likes and nobody has a prblem with it. If this is how God’s r no wonder human beings lives r so messed up. She says dairya called for her but he didnt she sent blach smoke to control him yet D head God couldnt even c dat. Rubbish!

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