Santoshi Maa 16th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Paulmi in Janardhan making Santoshi helpless to marry the three guys. Seshnath comes there and tells them that Dadi fainted hearing Santoshi is not marrying, and she is rushed to hospital, her operation costs 4 lakhs. Bua says I m ready to pay 4 lakhs if Santoshi agrees to marry the three guys. Devil Paulmi gets glad and Janardhan’s eyes get red. Janardhan goes to Bua and asks her to help him in saving his mother, and keeps his Padgi in her feet, asking her to save their respect.

Santoshi cries and holds his pagdi. She asks Janardhan what is he doing. He says you left no option for us. Daksha says there is one option now, that Santoshi agrees for marriage. Janardhan says we can’t force Santoshi. Santoshi thinks to sacrifice herself, and prays that she dies

before her doli leaves. Santoshi calls Agnidev and asks him how can he let this sin happen, what can be more worse than this. She asks him to say is this happening right. Agnidev says he can’t let this happen.

Santoshi goes to the mandap and sits. Santoshi says she will marry and not let anything happen to Dadi. Daksha gets glad. Tinu looks on and runs. Dadi stops Tinu and he tells her that he was finding her. He cries and says they are making Santoshi marry three guys. Dadi asks her to open the door fast, they have to stop this marriage. Tinu takes stone to break lock and his hand gets hurt. He cries and throws the stone. He tells Dadi that lock is not breaking. Dadi says stop crying, we will do something. Santoshi thinks she can’t live this life where she has to stay as wife with three men, she will give up her life, but she can’t keep this marriage. Narad says its helpless situation, till devotee calls for help. Mata can’t help.

Dadi prays to Maa and asks Maa to help Santoshi. Mata Santoshi smiles. Madad karo santoshi mata……………plays……….. Santoshi cries. She takes the rounds with the grooms. Agnidev comes there and stares at the marriage. The havan kund fire gets high and the ghatbandhan burns. They all get shocked. Daksha and Madhvi scream. Janardhan asks them to move away. The guests hear them screaming and go there to see. The ghatbandhan breaks.

Mata asks Kandin/Gaumata to go on earth and protect Santoshi. Kandin comes on earth. Dadi prays to Gaumata and asks to open the door. Kandin opens the door. Daid gets glad and thanks Gaumata. Mata smiles. Bua and everyone see the guests coming and get tensed. Santoshi gets glad seeing Dadi fine.

Devi Paulmi says if Devi Santoshi creates hurdles in everything, what will I do. Dadi beats Daksha and Madhvi. Santoshi Mata says she will clear all hurdles. Bua comes to Daksha and asks her to return the money.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice. I like this serial. I hope it has a perfect story and not unnecessary addition later!!

  2. Same here. I dnt comment but love reading it!

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