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Santoshi Maa 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya saying this can’t happen. He asks Santoshi to say this video is a lie. Kaka says see… Dhairya asks Kaka not to talk today. He says I want to hear truth from Santoshi. Madhu says truth is infront of you. Sinduri says its clear today. Dhairya says no one will tell anything. Pratap thinks Santoshi say truth, atleast make our life easy. Dhairya shouts and asks Santoshi to say this is lie. He makes her swear on him. He says if Sinduri is wrong, I will not leave her.

Santoshi says Sinduri is saying truth. Dhairya gets shocked. Sinduri says so the truth has come out. Pratap thinks thank Lord, no one can make Sinduri leave from here now. Dhairya asks Santoshi how could she break his trust, I did not like Sinduri before, I trusted Santoshi, how did Papa break my

trust, I was a fool, I will not waste a tear for this girl. Santoshi says I accept I did mistake. He says stay away, I won’t let your shadow fall on me, you made fun of my relation, I can’t trust anyone because of you, I don’t want to see your face. He scolds Santoshi a lot and ends all ties with her. Pratap, Madhu, Ujwal and Sinduri smile. Dhairya goes. Santoshi cries and hugs Kaka.

The Devs in the sabha tell how Indra was made a bird, he has come back today. Brahmadev asks all of them to be quiet and Devi Santoshi tell everything in detail. Santoshi Maa tells everything. She says Swarnrekha insulted Devlok’s customs and did wrong with Indra, she should be punished. Brahmadev says you are saying right, they have to get punishment, Devi Swarnrekha did work, which is very much wrong. Indra says sorry Brahmadev, but don’t punish Swarnrekha. They all gte surprised.

Daksha and everyone sign on the papers. Guddu and Sharmili get disguise and fool family. Dadi says I will not fall in greed, I will not sign. They all try to convince her. Guddi tells Sharmili that just Santoshi has to sign now. Dhairya recalls Santoshi and cries. He drinks wine. Santoshi cries thinking of him. He says Santoshi got Maa and Papa on her side, she did not do this right. Kaka says its our mistake, we have shown cheat path to the girl who always walked on right path. Madhu thinks now its easy to make Dhairya her servant again, I will end Santoshi’s sindoor relation forever. Santoshi says I can’t let my sindoor get erased, I will apologize to Dhairya. Dhairya says I have much respect to Santoshi, its hard to forgive her now. Sinduri thinks now Dhairya will be mine. Santoshi says nothing remained in our relation because of my lie, I should have not left right path.

Dhairya gets drunk and comes to room. She asks him to believe him. He asks why, you broke my trust. She says I did mistake, just forgive me. He asks her to get out. She drops him from drinking. He throws her clothes. He gets the ring and says you know I got this thinking we will make a new start, but you broke our relation. He throws the ring and says don’t touch it, you have no right, get lost. She cries.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Can someone tell me what’s going on, what did Santoshi lie about?

    1. Santoshi chose the wrong path in order to win her husband’s trust. She lied the promises made by sinduri(in santoshi’s form) to dhairya which sinduri said to do on nagpanchami day. When santoshi came back in real form she didn’t know what was happened with her and sinduri (in her real form) on other hand had told that she would prove that she is the real santoshi and challenged santoshi that she will prove it on Nagpanchami day. So santoshi with the help from kaki made sinduri unconscious to reveal the promises made to dhairya which she would do on Nagpanchami day. Santoshi heard all promises made by sinduri and lied on Nagpanchami day to win her husband’s trust and being real santoshi.

  2. Ohh I get it now, Thankyou so much Sanket

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