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Santoshi Maa 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi telling Kaki that Amma always helps me. Kaki welcomes Santoshi Maa and Gaumata. Santoshi Maa says when I heard Santoshi’s pregnancy news, I came to bless her. Dhairya touches her feet and greets. She says I got something for Santoshi. He says we don’t want, we have everything. Santoshi says when elders give anything, we should accept. He agrees. Gaumata gets the plants. He says this plant is fruitful, this one is of thorns. Santoshi Maa says remember one thing, never sow thorns in family. Devi Paulmi says Devi Santoshi, you can show right path to Dhairya, he will walk on my path.

Dhairya and Santoshi plant the fruit plant. He returns the thorn plant. Santoshi Maa says I will take this, remember sweet talk is like kesar, which spreads color, bitter talk

is bad and spoils everything, I will go now. Santoshi and Dhairya take her blessings. Santoshi Maa goes with Gaumata. He asks what did she try to explain me. Santoshu asks him to think on own and goes. He says Santoshi did not say, I understand everything.

Kaka asks Santoshi why is she upset. She says Dhairya changed a lot, I think what all Madhu did with us, he will repeat it with Madhu, he is becoming like before. Kaka asks her to smile and not worry. She smiles.

Sharmili does puja. Madhuri and Daksh start acting of illness to take money from Sharmili. Sharmili asks them to tell Dadi and get money for treatment. She goes. Madhu cuts vegetables and does not see vegetables right. She cuts chillies and touches her eyes. Her eyes burn. She screams. Santoshi asks her to wash eyes, I will manage cooking. She sends Madhu.

All devis do the puja. Narad asks where is Santoshi Maa. Devi Laxmi says we did not inform her, as her nature is opposite of her. Devi Paulmi smiles. Devi Parvati says when Brahmadev made the universe, he has set bad and good qualities, and Santoshi Maa is made of good qualities. Devi Paulmi says she is your granddaughter, as you are saying this, Brahmadev gave me powers too. Narad says fight between Devis is not good, focus on Deepdaan right now.

Madhu applies ice to eyes. Dhairya gets angry seeing her and shouts who is making lunch if you are here. He goes and sees Santoshi cooking. She gets shocked. He asks whats happening, Madhu is resting there. Santoshi says no, she was cooking. Madhu cries. Dhairya scolds Madhu. Santoshi says I was just helping her. He gets angry and ties cloth to Madhu’s eyes, asking her to cut 5kg onions now. Santoshi says even I can’t cut 5 kg onions like this. He calls Pushpa. She gets onions. Madhu says chilli went in my eyes while cooking, forgive me. Ankur comes there and gets shocked seeing Madhu.

Santoshi thinks Dhairya will trouble Madhu, and Ankur too. She signs Ankur to go. Dhairya asks Ankur what did he get. Ankur says vegs. Dhairya says great. Devi Paulmi is glad seeing Dhairya’s doings. She says Madhu is bearing this because of her past mistakes. Dhairya throws the onions on the floor. He asks Madhu to cut onions. Santoshi thinks why is Dhairya becoming heartless. She says how can anyone cut onions by closed eyes, she will get glad. He says Madhu will get habitual. Madhu cries. Ankur asks her to be careful. She gets hurt and screams. Her finger gets cut. Santoshi asks Dhairya to just stop it now. He leaves. Santoshi asks Pushpa to get aid fast. Madhu cries. Santoshi thinks till when will Dhairya take revenge, Maa give him sense. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi and Santoshi Maa have to bear this pain now.

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