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Santoshi Maa 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Seshnath asking the villagers to wait outside. He asks Madhu to say now. Madhu says I was saying Dhairya agreed to make Santoshi his wife. Santoshi’s family gets glad. Dadi says I knew Santoshi Maa will not let wish bad for Santoshi, truth always wins. Daksha says we have become Samdhan now. Daksha and Madhuri go to hug Madhu and Nupur. Madhu and Nupur makes faces, while Daksha and Madhuri hug them.

Pratap stops Seshnath from hugging him, and just shakes hands. Seshnath says Dhairya is our son in law now. He takes off his bad sight and gives money to Pushpa. He says its just 10rs, keep it. He asks Dadi, Daksha and Madhuri to come now, let Dhairya rest, we have to do marriage arrangements as well. Madhu asks them to take Santoshi for pagphere ritual. Daksha says sure,

but you are not joking right. Madhu says if you don’t believe, I will send Dhairya with you, he will get Santoshi home after pagphere ritual. Seshnath requests Madhu that they will get late if they go by bus, if you arrange a car, we will reach soon.

Madhu asks watchman to arrange cars for Santoshi’s relatives. Seshnath asks him to get big car. Madhu says I have thought of reception after few days. Kaka is glad. Madhu asks Dhairya to come and get ready. Kaka finds Santoshi worried and says you should be happy, Dhairya accepted you, he realized his mistake. Santoshi says yes, but we are different, how will I keep this relation. Kaka says you have belief, I know you will manage, husband and wife’s relation has ups and down.

Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa to do something, as the people are trying to do bad with Santoshi. Santoshi Maa asks Gaumata to see a fish stuck in plant. She frees the fish and says like a fish finds way in deep water, same way, a person who is true finds his way, Brahmadev has joined both ways, it can be something good behind this. Gaumata says your words have satisfaction. Santoshi Maa blesses her.

Seshnath tells Dhairya that I know you does not like anyone driving, you drive your car. Madhuri and Daksha made Santoshi sit in Dhairya’s car, and get seated in their car. Seshnath asks villagers to come after them. Seshnath argues when a man asks for money for bus ticket. He asks Madhu to arrange bus for villagers. Madhu asks Pushpa to give payment to bus man. Daksha asks Dadi to come in other car.

They all leave. Madhu says horrible…. Dhairya and Santoshi are on the way. Daksha and Madhuri smile seeing the car seats and ask for AC. He starts AC. Daksha says he is good hearted that’s why he accepted Santoshi so soon. She asks him to talk to them. Dhairya says poison is filled in his life and jerks the car. Santoshi falls over him. Madhuri asks him to drive slowly. Santoshi sees her pallu stuck under his hand and takes it. Madhuri says such chances will come again and again. They all reach Santoshi’s home.

Seshnath says I will do some arrangements, Dhairya came to our house for first time. Dadi asks him to first get Dhairya. She asks Daksha and Madhuri to get Santoshi out of the car. Seshnath welcomes Dhairya. They make Dhairya sit and do pagphere rituals. Daksha and Madhuri wash Dhairya’s feet and say son in law is like Lord’s second avatar. Bittoo teases Dhairya. She takes selfie with him. Tinnu asks Dhairya to play with him. Dhairya says I m not interested. Dadi asks girls to stop joking, now they have to do Santoshi’s bidaai. Santoshi looks on. Bittoo takes Dhairya’s car keys and shows the keys to everyone. She says Dhairya can’t go without this. She takes even his shoes. Dhairya thinks I can’t stay here for a min. Santoshi worries and prays to Santoshi Maa.

Everyone push Dhairya inside the room. Dhairya sees Santoshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this serial is also a whole lot of shit the writers just destroying all the good serials now after going through all this torture with dahyaira why marry off santoshi to him the other guy was a much better suitor for her and he is humble like santoshi too not like that full of himself dahyaira he deserves the other girl he was with anyway we expected this shit from the writers when will they ever stop and think before they write LOL

  2. I just love dhairya and santosi hope dhairya will soon fall in luv with santosi

  3. Dude…hilarious…these things did happen when i use to go to the villages with my parents. Well one thing is for sure…these ppl r very very greedy.

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