Santoshi Maa 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaki asking Dhairya to fill sindoor in Santoshi’s maang. Dhairya recalls how he filled sindoor in her maang against her will and married her. He fills sindoor in her maang and recalls their moments. Dhairya apologizes to Santoshi. Seshnath records everything. Madhuri asks him to act to cry. He says I m going to do acting with this recording, once they burn Santoshi, I will go police station and say they tortured Santoshi, then we will get money. She gets glad and asks him to do his work, she will continue her acting.

They take Santoshi’s body. The bee Dimak Raj comes to Brahmadev. Brahmadev asks how did you do this bad work, answer me. The bee says forgive me, I was forced to do this work. Brahmadev asks who has forced you. The bee says Devi Paulmi. They all get shocked.

The bee says Devi Paulmi said if I don’t do this work, she will burn the Deemak trees and kill my Praja, I did this to save my Praja. Brahmadev fumes and the sky turns red. Brahmadev chants some mantras. Devi Paulmi smiles seeing Santoshi taken for final rites. She then gets shocked seeing the thundering at her lok. Her lok starts getting burnt. She says whats happening, how is this happening. She is captured. She screams. Brahmadev gets her in his place. She gets tensed seeing Santoshi Maa there.

She asks Brahmadev why is this bad behavior happening with me. Brahmadev says you have done big cheat, you changed someone’s fate, just I have right to give life and wrong, you will get punished, you will be in Nirjal area and repent. Devi Paulmi apologizes. Brahmadev creates the Nirjal area and she gets shocked. Devi Paulmi is sent there. She apologizes and says I will not do this again, forgive me Brahmadev. She is pulled by that black cloud.

Santoshi’s body is kept in woods. Seshnath cries aloud. Pandit makes Dhairya do the last rituals. Santoshi Maa and Narad ask Brahmadev to calm down his anger. Saraswati Maa too requests him. The black cloud goes. Brahmadev calms down and sky gets clear. Santoshi Maa says thanks Brahmadev, but we have another problem infront of us right now. She shows Dhairya giving fire to Santoshi’s body.

She says when truth is infront of you, do justice with my devotee Santoshi. Brahmadev says I regret, but I can’t help you, once person leaves soul, he can’t be given life again. She says I m sorry, but your written fate won’t be justified, humans get life and death according to the written fate by you, if Santoshi dies, humans will lose trust on you. He says how is this possible, Dimakh Raj has ruined everything, I can’t do anything.

Narad says sorry, but there has to be some solution for this problem. Brahmadev asks Yamraj to protect Santoshi’s dead body for sometime. Yamraj obeys his command and gets some light in his hand. He throws the Agni light to Sanoshi’s body. Dhairya gives fire to the woods. The woods burn. Santoshi opens her eyes and gets up. Santoshi Maa and Narad smile. Dhairya, Kaka, Seshnath and everyone get shocked.

Seshnath shouts ghost. Kaka and Pratap ask him to shut up. Kaka asks everyone to blow off fire. The people try to blow off fire. Dhairya throws the woods and gets Santoshi out by lifting her. Seshnath faints. Dhairya smiles seeing her. Kaka asks Santoshi are you fine. Dhairya asks the same, and says I m so happy you are alive. He hugs Santoshi. Everyone praise Santoshi Maa.

Gaumata says its good Santoshi is alive. Santoshi Maa thanks Brahmadev for giving life to Santoshi. Narad says humans will have more devotion for you Mata. She says I did what Lord does with devotee. Gaumata says truth won and the one who did mistake is bearing punishment. Santoshi Maa says I know Brahmadev you got problem because of her. Brahmadev says you said right, I m her grandfather, but also the creator of the world. She says this time Devi Paulmi did such thing, that I can’t ask you to forgive her, do what you find right, now allow me to leave.

Madhu asks Santoshi to throw Santoshi’s things, she was an abshagun. Kaki says these are Santoshi’s memories, how can you throw this. Madhu says keep memories in heart. The dog barks. Madhu asks why is dog barking. Kaki asks Pushpa to stop. Madhu says it will happen what I want, now your Santoshi is dead, everything will be life before.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank God. Atleast i got now full updated story. Santoshi got alive. Thats good.


    There is always precap amena… plz do update it also as you have not updating precap since many days..

    Precap – Pushpa comes running back and say ghost ghost santoshi. And evreyone enters with confused santoshi look like she lost her memory.

  3. Awesome episode I request you to update early in tellyupdates..we are able to see all the written stories of all the shows immediately .But santoshi maa updates are delaying to update..

  4. Hi,

    Does anyone get the impression Santoshi has come back alive, but does not seem the same person? Just by her facial expressions when Dhairyia hugs her, she looks angry. I am wondering if she will behave different, like opposite to what she was before? Like a different person. On precap, when she stood at entrance of house, she looked stern.
    Hopefully the truth will come out that Madhvi hired hit man to take out Santoshi!
    Santoshi Uncle and Aunt’s are a disgrace…their behaviour is dispicable.
    Good episode, looking forward to next one.

  5. niicee episode..

  6. Nice episode

  7. I am curious, in real life, the people who believe in Santoshi maa, do they also believe that is possible to resurrect dead people before their body burns?

  8. agree with venkat..plz updt frst na!!we cnt wait 2 read updts..

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