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Santoshi Maa 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sinduri dropping the water. Santoshi slips by it and Dhairya holds. He scolds Sinduri and asks her to clean the floor. She smiles seeing him. Kaisa yeh ishq hai……….. plays……….. He asks don’t you understand this, are you deaf, can’t you hear me. She stares at him and holds his hand. She says I did mistake, hold my nose. He gets shocked and recalls talking to Santoshi. She says I will tie a knot so that this mistake does not happen again. He recalls Santoshi’s words.

He thinks how does she know I told this to Santoshi. He asks how do you know all this. Sinduri says because you told all this to me, I was Santoshi that time. He says stop nonsense, you are hiding and listening us, then doing this drama, I will kick you out of this house, go, clean the floor.

Santoshi thinks why is Sinduri creating this rift between us. Dhairya asks Santoshi to come and talk to him. She thinks what is it. He asks don’t you remember anything. She says no. He says I told you that I will tick your nose when you do mistake, you tried to kill Madhu. Santoshi says no, I don’t remember. He asks her not to worry and relax.

He sees wound on her head and asks her to see this wound, doctor gave you electric shock, don’t you remember. She says no. He gets thinking.

Daksha and Madhuri taunt Sharmili to be scared and being after Dadi. They laugh on Sharmili. Sharmili sees a broom and scares them. She says I m inspector’s daughter, I m not scared, if you both are scared of Dhairya, keep this. They say no, we did not say anything. Sharmili goes. Madhuri boasts.

Madhu asks Pushpa not to do anyone’s work except her. Santoshi says I have sent her. Madhu says she will just do my work. Dhairya says you did not buy Pushpa, she will do everyone’s work. Madhu gets angry and goes. Dhairya asks Madhu not to care for Madhu’s words. Santoshi asks him not to argue with Madhu. Sinduri says Dhairya is right, I would have broken Madhu’s head like last time. He recalls that and leaves food, asking Santoshi to come along. Sinduri smiles.

Gaumata says Sinduri did not understand when Yamdev explained her, we have to stop her. Santoshi Maa says we can’t stop her, its not her mistake, we have to find solution of this problem. Dhairya asks Kaki how can Sinduri talk like Santoshi. Kaki says I feel this is some ghost issue, we should call some baba. He says no, I will manage. She says I will talk to Madhu and ask her to fire Sinduri to end this. He says it won’t end like this and thinks to talk to Pratap about Sinduri, as she got her home.

Santoshi makes food. Sinduri comes. Santoshi argues with her. Madhu hears them and thinks whats happening. Santoshi asks Sinduri to leave, else she won’t let her stay here. Madhu thinks Sinduri can be of use to me. She scolds Santoshi and says I will decide who will stay here, Pratap got Sinduri, talk to her well. Sinduri thinks I can use Madhu and Santoshi’s enmity. Madhu asks Sinduri to come with her. Sinduri smiles and leaves. Santoshi thinks whats happening, and my family is supporting her.

Dhairya asks Santoshi what happened, I told you, you don’t look upset. She says nothing. He asks her to say. She says I don’t like Sinduri and cries. He says I will talk to Sinduri and ask her not to trouble you smile now. He tickles her.

Daksha and Madhuri work. Sharmili sees them. Daksha taunts Sharmili for not helping them. Sharmili smiles. Its night, Guddi teases Sharmili. She asks him to stop it, and leave. He acts romantic. She asks him to go. He says I m your husband and you are acting. She says your family is acting, I won’t stay with your mum, else I will fall ill, we will get separated, don’t worry for money, I will talk to Papa, he will do business setup. He smiles. She asks him to think, it will be just them then. He says fine, I will agree, now you agree to me. They romance.

Dhairya says you are saying you are Santoshi, tell me what do you know. Sinduri says fine and tells the moments shared by them. Dhairya gets shocked and recalls that. She asks do you remember that night, when I came after bath, you were standing here, and looking at me romantically, then you came close to me and hugged me. Santoshi gets shocked and asks are you not ashamed to say this, I know Dhairya did not do this, don’t worry Dhairya.

Dhairya asks Sinduri to leave if she is done saying. Sinduri says I will go, I hope you trusted me after hearing all this. She goes. Dhairya thinks I can’t believe it, I heard about ghosts, I m seeing it now, I have to make her leave before she comes in between me and Santoshi. Santoshi asks whats happening. He says I think there is ghost in Sinduri. She asks since when do you believe this. He says there is ghost, I have seen, we should call some baba and put this ghost in you. She asks him to do what he wants, but why to put ghost in me. He laughs and says when you were ghost, you were cute, I want that cute ghost back. He kisses her and asks her to smile. Sanam re………plays………….. They smile.

Poonam tells info about Santoshi Maa.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hope sindoori does not ruin Santoshi happiness. Hope Santoshi maa bless her with protection and happiness. Really nice to see Dharyia being supportive towards Santosh. Madhu is looking to cause problems again, why does she feel she has to order everyone around in the house? She shows not respects to her Mother/Father in law and orders santoshi to stay in line?

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