Santoshi Maa 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi telling Dadi about Dhairya’s state. Dadi asks her to pray and have courage. Santoshi prays for Dhairya. Brahmadev tells Narad that we will celebrate Shivratri after many years, this time Mahadev will be with us. Devi Paulmi calls Daasi and sends the organisms on her. Daasi screams and falls down unconscious. Devi Paulmi laughs. She says my creation is extraordinary, this poison will show effect, even Mahadev can’t know this, once he gets trapped in my web, I will free him from the web and get his trust, then none will doubt on me, Devi Santoshi and her devotees will get ruined.

Santoshi prays. Kaka comes home. She asks about Dhairya. He tells what doctor said, Dhairya’s disease is not identifiable. She says I will meet Dhairya. He says no, we should

think of Dhairya, no use to go there. Devi Paulmi says no use to meet, Dhairya will get fine when I want. Kaka says Dhairya is having difficulty to breath. She says I know what’s happening, I know the solution, someone wants me and Dhairya to stay away, this won’t happen, like Divyasutra affected Kamini, it will affect Dhairya also, make him wear it. He asks what about Trishna, she keeps an eye on me. She asks him not to worry.

Devi Paulmi says if Santoshi gets that divyasutra, my work will increase, I have to stop her. Santoshi and Kaka come to Dhairya’s room and sees the pillow gone. They look for pillow. Servant takes the pillow. Devi Paulmi laughs. Gaumata says servant is going to ruin the thread, Santoshi won’t know about the divyasutra. Servant is hypnotized by Devi Paulmi. Servant stands on the balcony and is about to jump. He holds the pillow. Devi Paulmi says ruin that pillow soon. Santoshi Maa smiles.

Gaumata says I know why you are tension free, human’s heart will change by coming in contact with the thread. Devi Paulmi smiles. Servant jumps down. Santoshi and Kaka hear sound and go to see. Devi Paulmi says this human is foolish. Gaumata says your Leela is unique, its best way to make Santoshi know truth. Everyone see servant injured. Servant says I m thinking why did I jump. Santoshi asks where were you taking pillow. Servant says I don’t know why was I throwing it far, I did not think I will fall down. Santoshi gets the divyasutra in pillow. Kaka thanks Santoshi Maa.

She says we have to make Trishna leave hospital, else she will not let us tie thread to Dhairya. He says its not easy. She says see what I do. She takes milk for Kamini and says Trishna is in hospital since yesterday, she should come home and rest, you go hospital and send her home to rest. Kamini says you are so good Santoshi, I will go tomorrow and send her home.

Its morning, Daksha and Madhuri announce about Seshnath’s Samadhi. People look on. Shivratri arrangements are made in Devlok. Brahmadev says ask Kamdev to come on time. He says I have to check the place where all the devgans will celebrate this festival, but I have to go to other loks to give invitations, Narad I give this work to you, assure there is no hurdle. Narad says don’t worry, it will happen as you want. Brahmadev says you have to do this work fast. Narad leaves.

People come to meet Seshnath and take blessings. Dadi looks on. Daksha says one who gives chadava and does puja, Lord will bless him. People give chadava. Madhuri does rituals. Trishna comes home. Kamini says I was coming to you, Santoshi said you did not take rest, she is so good, you take rest, I will go to hospital to be with Dhairya. Trishna thinks Santoshi is affecting mom, its matter of 6 months now. Kamini gives her prasad. Trishna thinks Santoshi wants to control me by his prasad.

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